Away for a week to celebrate becoming an old man…

My view at the Ammos hotel!!!
7 bracket GH2 Chania sunset

Just  quick note to say I won’t be doing much on the blog for the next week as I am away on the Island of Crete to see in my, Jesus..40th bloody birthday on Friday with my family. How the hell did that happen!? It feels like only yesterday I was 18!! I clearly remember being a teenager when my dad turned 40 and I though my god that’s old!! Oh well…I still have the maturity of a 14 year old! 🙂

Anyway I am on holiday and the internet here sucks too so I can’t really watch anything on line. I can’t even send any emails as they seem to be doing some sort of port blocking malarky which is screwing up mailboxes. i can receive fine just not reply! Don’t get what is going on there…need IT support please! 🙂 So apologies if I don’t reply to your emails, I will do my best to catch up when I get home! I will still be tweeting a fair bit though, especially of photos I take.

So I will be back in England soon and be back with a raft of new blog posts including a review of the Canon XF100/ 105 and XA10 and a look at Nikon DSLRS, oh and of course some nice images from this beautiful Island!

If you want to buy me a birthday present 🙂 I couldn’t think of anything better than if you donated something to Cancer Research UK, a charity very close to my heart. Thanks!

Below is a poster to a documentary I DPd last year. I am really happy with it. It will be doing the festival circuit first….more on that soon…

Anyway…take a look at what 40 years does to a man!









39 with Movember 'tache!



  1. Best wishes for your upcoming 40th Birthday PB!
    Have an Awesome time in Crete with the family.
    And wishing you many many more years of filmmaking and photography! 🙂

  2. Happy Birthday from Greece. Is there something that links you with Crete or Greece? 🙂
    Nice place to become old…Crete is the place with Methuselah people…it is the climate, the olive oil and the wine that helps…:D

  3. Funny, always figured you for a taurus, they are the coolest people afterall.

    just remember this: it has been scientifically proven that men get the life they want at 45 in which we probably end up with 3D you can touch?!?!

    As for the photo’s… hmm not sure going from a Ron Howard look to a Ron Jeremy is exactly what you would want in a film career… 😛

  4. Happy Birthday Phil ! Wish you and all us will have at least other 40 years of great video contributions and magnificent inspirations you shared with us, all your fans. Happy Birthday from Italy !

  5. Ammos is a great resort and Crete a beautiful island (good choices!!). I’m sure you’re going to enjoy your time there! Great food too!

    I’ll be heading back to Greece in a couple of weeks leaving rainy NY (at last). Looking forward to chill in the Ionian islands (Ithaca, Zante).

    Once again, happy birthday, I wish you the very best!

  6. Happy Birthday PB

    Greek Yogurt and Honey. mmmmmmmmm

    I haven’t been there in 20 years. If you make a video about that place I will probably have one of those happy/crying experiences.

    Also be careful about drinking the RAKI. Sip it, don’t toss it. It’s the Crete version of Moonshine. They make it from old tires. hahaha

  7. Happy Birthday Philip! Mine’s May 18th. Wanted a Canon XF100 for my birthday, but I’m going to wait for your review. Thanks!

  8. Happy Birthday, Philip! I know this sounds corny, but its cool that you are so close to your family. I hope I am when I’m 40! (not that 40 is that old).

    Thanks for all you do for us!

  9. Happy birth and prosperous times Phil!!

    The amount of creative and inspiring work you have made over the years in addition to dedicating so much time sharing your knowledge and helping educate others is a legacy you should be proud of, keep on doing what you do!

    Looking forward to the future!


  10. I turned 41 in April, still feel like i’m 14. Happy Birthday Philip you are a true inspiration and don’t forget you’re only as young as you feel.

    Here’s to many many more awesome timelapses.

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