Wow! Over $12,000 raised for NZ Quake appeal thanks to you guys!

EDIT: Thanks so much to everyone who donated money to the New Zealand Quake appeal, you raised $12,036!!

I did the draw live last night for the giveaways and here is the list…

Winner of PB Slider: Darren Yamamoto

Winners of Rode Video Mic Pro:

Joe Capra

Andrew Hida

Andrew Winchall

Eamonn McManus

Simon Beart

Jacek Selanski

Casper Micwitz

Radoslav Sharapanov

Kent Allison

Szymon Bielesz

Winner of DVD box set of Human Planet: Will Ockenden

Winner of 2 places to Canon Filmmakers Live: Jesse Springer, Bill Brock

Winner of day shooting with me: Rod Guajardo

Just because there are no more prizes please still use the links below to donate! Thanks!!


After the huge success is the last 10 Rode Video Mic Pro giveaway where you guys collectively raised over $25,000 for the Queensland Flood Appeal it makes sense to do another one this time to help the people devastated by the awful Earthquake in New Zealand recently.

Rode Microphones, the sponsors of my current Australia DSLR workshops have generously donated another 10 Video Mic Pros and Eric Kessler from has donated one of my Philip Bloom Signature Edition Pocket Dolly’s worth $1100. I will also be personally signing it when I go to Chicago next week, not sure if this makes it worth less or more!

Gert Kracht is donating a DVD box set of the BBC’s “Human Planet”

If anyone else wants to add to the prize giveaway let me know!

To be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is donate $10 or more to the Relief appeal, send me a copy of your receipt to this email address (you can blank out personal details if you want) and I will enter you into a drawer that will take place at 2000 GMT on Thursday the 3rd of March, where I will randomly select from the people who have donated via a live ustream broadcast. The Ustream and chat windows for this draw are at the bottom of this post…

You can donate via credit card here to the Red Cross or here via paypal to Rotary New Zealand

Thanks so much for your generosity!

I hope to see my American friends on my 12 date tour in the US and you can book tickets here! If you missed me in Australia I hope to be back within the year and will include Perth and especially New Zealand in the tour.

Live streaming video by Ustream


  1. Great Idea / cause Phil – Poor kiwi’s – Any competition where by entering you are helping those in need is fantastic.

    Hope they recover alright – nothing worse than totally unexpected disaster… – surprised no tech equipment can predict this stuff accurately yet- shows the power of nature.

    again great work rode / kessler for getting behind an excellent cause. Your companies stand above others.

  2. Well done phillp for coming to the help of christchurch. I wont be entering the comp so to leave the prizes to all the great people who will donate money through your site. We live only one hour from Christchurch so felt the force of the quake but had the good fortune to escape with no damage to property or life.
    But being so close to the city are so aware of help that our friends and neighbours need so badly , so again cant thank you enough for doing this for christchurch. P.S cant wait to see you in New Zealand

  3. Thanks for setting this up! I live and work in christchurch central city. Luckily I have friends and family to help me but others might not be so lucky. I was walking through the city when it happened! I can’t even begin to describe it, my brain is still messed up I just had to say a HUGE thank you for setting this up, we really appreciate it!!

  4. Hi Philip,

    Thanks for doing this. I live in Christhchurch and this earthquake has been a very trying experience. Friends have lost homes and about a 1/3 of the buildings in the central city have been destroyed. The final death toll will probably top 250.

    It is great to think that there are people out there thinking about us and doing what they can to help.

    Ieuan Attewell

  5. Philip,

    Great effort to get some help to Chch! These guys are going through a lot and every bit helps. I have family and friends that live there and thankfully they are safe but it is devastating to see this beautiful city suffer. It will take everyones help to get them back on their feet.

    A good friend a great film maker has lost his home to the quake but is he is out there getting a lot of footage and pics to the rest of the world. Please let him know we are behind him. He could use our help! He lost a lot of equipment and could use a charger or battery for a Panasonic AF100, DVX100 or HVX. I also think he lost his tripod too. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

    At the very least let him know we are supporting his efforts.

    Thanks again for putting together the fundraiser!

    Mike Gonzales

  6. Philip, kudos again on the initiative!
    I couldn’t understand a word of the webcast as audio was incredibly choppy(probably my internet connection’s fault), but still enjoyed the back-and-forth chatting…..

    P.S. still don’t understand what those numbers were – did you assign numbers to each email and then randomly generate lottery drawings?

    1. hi Eli…all my emails in my competition inbox have a number…older emails are in there too so the first email for NZ was 800 and something and the last one was the 1359 so i used to select a random number between those two numbers…

  7. That is fantastic news, raising so much to help! I’d love to see if there are some videos of the organizations helping out in the recovery? Hi Philip, by the way is there a way to contact you to thank you? I tried some of the email addresses on the site but they bounced…I’m sure that’s due to spam issues.

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