Now I See – Sony A7s HD video upscaled to 4K with Topaz Video Enhance AI


When this was filmed in 2014, it was not possible to record 4K with the Sony A7S as the Atomos Shogun wasn’t out, and the camera cannot record 4K internally. This was a shame as this video was a big reason why the camera sold so many; it demonstrated the low light power of the camera unlike anything else. The original is also my most-watched video on YouTube.

I’ve been using the incredibly impressive Topaz Video Enhance AI for around 2 years, and I use it A LOT! I have messed around with upscaling some of my old videos, but I don’t want to replace them as the original versions are a moment in time; that doesn’t stop me from re-uploading it, though!

This was processed with V3 of Topaz Video Enhance AI, which is even more powerful; I set it to 4K, selected the enhance tab and left the Proteus auto setting to do its work. What makes this so much better than before was you had to set your parameters for the whole video, but each shot is different. When in auto, it is constantly analysing each frame and applying what it thinks the frame needs. It’s very clever…it’s AI!

4:32 – Side-by-side comparison.

You can get a free demo of topaz here:
10% off Film Convert Nitrate, which I used to add additional film grain and tweak the grade:

Watch the original 1080p version here:

Watch the follow-up video made to launch the a7S III:


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