A VERY interesting and cheap Canon EF mount for the FS100

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I rarely post about new products that I have not touched, but this looks interesting enough to share…

I love the Sony FS100 because it’s cheap and produces a great image. It did incredibly well in my recent shootout. It’s not perfect. Build quality is a wee bit plastic. Fiddly to use, horribly buttons, no NDs, no HD-SDI… But, it’s an amazing image for the price!

Using Canon glass on these cameras is a big no no though, due to the electronic aperture control of these lenses. Nikon mount lenses (which I use on the FS100) have a mechanical lever which is easy to adjust. Not for EF glass.

I have a huge amount of quality EF glass, and this has been my biggest pain because they only really work on my Canon DSLRs, RED Epic and C300. Redrock do a nice adaptor for the AF100 but no IS using them and it’s a bit clunky and doesn’t work with the 85mm F1.2…There is a workaround adaptor the F3 but it has the same issues.

Birger have been promising that one will come out since the Napoleonic wars, but no sign of it yet! 😉

MTF services should have one soon but it’s a week bit bulky and expensive.

Apart from buying a C300, this looks like the best option yet…if it works. Now I MUST stress this. I have not used it, seen it, touched it, fiddled with it, shot with it, had  a conversation with it, taken it to dinner, gone on holiday with or had my way with it yet…all this is based PURELY upon specs. On those specs and the price of $395 could it be too good to be true!?


This is what is supported!

EF and EF-S lenses

Image stabilization (IS)

Electronic manual focusing (EF 85/1.2L, discontinued non-IS white telephotos, discontinued EF28-80/2.8-4L)

EXIF (focal length, aperture, lens ID) P, A, S, M exposure modes

Contax N mount lenses modified to Canon EF by Conurus

Contax 645 NAM-1 adapter modified to Canon EF by Conurus

Sigma, Tamron and Tokina lenses in Canon EF mount

So it’s powered by the camera (HUGE plus), we get EXIF data, supports IS, and I am assuming but cannot say for certain that it supports the 85mm F1.2. No idea of build quality, but this could be a great solution for me and the countless others wanting to use the FS100 with Canon Lenses.

Of course this will work with your NEX5N and NEX7 as it’s the same E-mount

They are currently sold out but you can keep an eye out on this page for pre-orders.

Here are a couple of pieces I shot for Sony with the FS100



  1. I ordered one just before the sellout … so I’m hoping to get it in a few weeks! I have a lot of EF glass and will make sure to test them all out.
    I’ll be posting the results.
    You’re absolutely right Phillip if this really works, and at this price it would be the solution for many of us.

  2. Simple Question from my Side: Is it possible to use the the same adapter for the video and (photo) camera ? Means, if the adaptor fits on the camera it fits also on the videocamcorder (NEX FS100).
    Second (maybe stupid) question: Has anyone seen this on canon rumors? Canon EF to Spny NEX adaptor, and means this too, that the adaptor is also for a FS100 useable?



  3. PB – just watched the merry-go-round clip …. sori its not about the adaptor – but how are you able to get no gain noise in your images with the FS100 when shooting low light situations like this? Any free tips for best use of FS100 in low light?

    WE are ALL in the same boat. Canon lens investments and wanting to use on our SONY cameras.

    Faafetai tele lava.

  4. Do you create your own music sir? I ask this question because music is the element that i suffer in due to the fact that i am illiterate in music

  5. Philip, do you think that this adapter will work with the Nikon to Canon ring Confirm adapter, and all together in the nex-fs100? that way we can use Nikon VR lenses with Confirm in to our Nex-fs100

  6. hey philip,

    very interesting, thanks!
    I have the FS100 and am looking for lenses.
    The lenses will also be future proof.
    I also have a 550D for time-lapse.
    can you recommend me some lensens?

  7. GUYS…

    Gald to tell you this adapter works like a charm!, tried it on FS100, Nex7 and Nex5N, all my canon lenses work. however, on the Nex5 and Nex7, sometimes, if unmoved for a couple of minutes you have to “reset” the camera (meaning just turn it off and on again) and it works again

    quite amazing, thanks for the tip philip and see you in Key West! (already signed up)


  8. Hi Philip!

    You have reviewed both the XF300 and the FS100. I have a slew of old Nikon lenses I use on my Mark III (28mm 2.8, 35mm 1.4, 50mm 1.4, etc) as well as a L series lens. I do about 40% indie filmmaking, but making money now from commercials/etc for both internet and possibly TV production on the other 60%. Would you buy the XF300 or the FS100 if you were me to complement the Mark III with more DOF for run-and-gun operations?



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