New series of Canon 5dmkII tutorials

I am revamping my tutorial section to tie in with my new joint venture “F-Stop Academy” which launches soon.

With F-Stop, will be providing loads of free content like this.

First up is a series of free tutorials on using the Canon 5dmkII. Part 1 is about how to convert your native files for editing. Part 2 is about frame rate conversion. Part 3 is about synching sound. Part 4 is about export settings and will work for other formats, not just the Canon.

F-Stop Academy will go into much more detail on all of these topics, so sign up to be notified of launch.

I will be releasing these parts in sections. So first up is Part 1. I hope you find it useful.

part 1 whole2

Want to learn how to create the film look? Click below.



  1. It’s worth noting that the ProRes codec is
    showing up on the codec list in mpegstream clip as
    ProRes and ProRes (stacked)

    I have found that the topmost ProRes is HQ
    and the ProRes on bottom is non-hq.


  2. thanks for the tutorial….one thing I have downloaded mpeg stream clip but I have very little conversion options no option for pro res….is there a reason for this.

    thank you
    really appreciate all the help

  3. phil – currently using imovie/garageband to edit and sync sound until i get final cut studio 2. when importing my source 5d2 files, it transcodes them to AIC. is there any benefit to me using Mpeg Streamclip to transcode to x codec and then waiting a bit longer to import into imovie…instead if the auto one-stop imovie-AIC + Import solution?


  4. Great info, Philip. Thanks and looking forward to F-Stop launch.

    I noticed that you seem to use (and/or write about) the Canon 5dMkII more than the Panasonic GH1. I am trying to decide between the two and would love to hear your thoughts. Maybe a quick blog post?



    1. Hi scott, i have only just got my gh1. the one i had before was a loaner and i gave it back in may. I will be doing more stuff on the gh1 soon, but the 5d is a superior camera.

  5. As always, top notch, Phil.

    But, will the transcoded footage stand up to aggressive color grading, compositing and chroma keying? I’ve never seen any keying done on your films but just wondered if it was near impossible or actually very doable when transcoded to a more robust format.



  6. Hi Philip,

    I wounder how u exoprt the videos from FCP when i exoprt i dont get high quality and the blacks are crushed.

    I will be happy for any help


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