NAB 2013…where you can here me talk, what’s happening and my new timelapse film!



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It’s NAB time again. The big show in Las Vegas where sometimes exciting new gear is announced and sometimes not! You just never know. Blackmagic surprised us last year with their camera. We had a glimpse of the new Movi handheld gyro stabiliser a few days ago that I can’t wait to check out there. Honestly I don’t know what to expect or see.


MōVI BTS from Vincent Laforet on Vimeo.

I will be keeping this post updated when I see or hear about something new, but I won’t be providing full news coverage. There are loads of sites like and who will be doing a fine job on that!

Whilst at NAB I will be doing 4 shortish talks and 1 live broadcast. All the talks are free and on some interesting topics! Here is the timetable (am not sure where the locations of these actually are yet, but I am sure you can find them!)

Monday 1pm KESSLER/ ZACUTO booth: Keeping the passion alive…how to stay creative and not fall out of love with filming.

Monday 5pm KESSLER/ ZACUTO booth: A general Q&A session where I will answer all the questions I can in the allotted time! A chance to get advice, ask those burning questions and much more!

Tuesday 1:30PM Live online at the TERADEK booth: You can watch that online here and here. I will be talking about new tech and will be discussing with my good friend Dan Chung.

Tuesday 5PM MILLER TRIPODS stand: “How to make it overnight!” A tongue in cheek title for a talk Q&A about how I got to where I am today and how what I did can help you!

WEDNESDAY 1pm KESSLER/ ZACUTO booth: A general Q&A session where I will answer all the questions I can in the allotted time! A chance to get advice, ask those burning questions and much more!

So lots of nice talks. and if you see me do say hello…I don’t bite! 🙂

Whilst here I am also doing an epic timelapse/ real time film for The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. It’s got a high concept and I hope it works. It involves 7 DSLRs shooting timelapse and a Canon 1DC shooting 4K video. The film will be 4K, but I can’t say any more that that. You can catch a sneak glimpse of the set up below and some frames from my 7 day master frame shot on the Nikon D800! Also a little frame from the 1DC that I captured today which makes me chuckle!

USA Las Vegas mini video blog: The Timelapse from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.

Here is the first Vegas Timelpase I did two years ago at the MGM signature balcony








  1. Hi Phillip, any chance that your other talks (i.e not just the one at the TERADEK booth) will be recorded, I’m sure there’s plenty of people, myself included who would like to watch them. Cheers, and have fun in Las Vegas.

  2. Hi Philip,

    thanks for everything you do for us in the first place! 🙂

    Also because of you I bought a 5D Mark II a longer time ago and now I own the BMCC.

    Lately, I shot the skyline of Miami at sunset with my BMCC. I have set the exposure of the camera during the day and then I was waiting till the lights of the buildings went up and sun went down. But unfortunatelly, when I set the exposure properly during the day, than at night it becomes very dark and you can hardly see the skyline (maybe only some lights), and if I set the exposure right for the night, than during the day its overexposured. So my question would be, if you do some color grading or just if you could tell me how to shoot a timelapse right if the light changes dramatically like in your timelaps. Because it seems to me, that your buildings are always very well seen only the skies changes and lights and shadows. How do you shoot it, please? What is the trick? Sorry for my English, I hope I explained it well.


    1. Philip did a post a while back on shooting time lapse.
      Generally its better to shoot a time lapse with stills and then join these together in post you get greater control over your image and you can control your shutter speed, this allows you to “drag” the shutter (i.e longer exposure) and aesthetically blur motion in people, traffic etc. You might be better off using your 5DmkII if you still have it. Read Phillips post as i learnt a lot from it, there is also a wealth of information only a Google away (not that you should ever leave this site 🙂 ). For shooting day to night scenes where the light changes drastically you will want your camera in Aperture priority mode, however, you will have to spend some time in post with specialist software to deflicker the footage. Like i say read up and then give it a go. Have fun.

  3. Hi Philip, excited to see your new timelapse film. I’m wondering what you’re using to deflicker the 4K day to night timelapses shot in Av. I think CHV will only work on 1080p.

  4. I see you are using a D800. I am thinking of moving up to that from a D7000. Been doing a lot of timelapse stuff lately and would like to step up the video part as well. What are your thoughts on the D800 after using it some more?

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