My Canon 5dmkII Cinematography DVD is now for sale!!

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I have been asked by a lot of people to put together a training DVD on how to use the video mode of the Canon 5dmkII. It’s been the culmination of a huge amount of work and finally it’s now available for sale!

Its REGION FREE, NTSC and ships worldwide for a flat shipping fee.

Click here to be taken to the sale page…

With regards to the pricing, this is a specialist training DVD made in very small numbers, not a mass produced Hollywood movie. A lot of work has gone into this and it really is exception value and pretty comparable price wise to similar products on the market.


        1. Richard, I’ve been working worldwide for 20 years, so I’m well aware of region codes. My point is that someone of Philip’s experience would be well aware of these issues, and handle them appropriately. Maybe I shouldn’t be posting in the wee small hours!

  1. philip im getting a 7d as your videos of the camera and my campatriot’s jason magbanua the perya video clearly shows its a well way capable camera. as u have mentioned that this dvd applies for 95% of the 7d, Will you advise me to wait for the 7d dvd you are to make or get this one already and allow myself to prepare until i get my hands on the 7d? is it possible to give me a price off as well when your 7d dvd is out? call me a cheapo. btw, this ships internationally right? im from the philippines. will the cart compute automatically for international shipping? thanks

    1. it’s a flat shipping fee no matter where you are. There will eventually be a 7d DVD coming out. But most of it applies to this product already. I will be doing a web add on for this DVD for people who purchase this who get a 7d.

  2. This looks like a terrific resource for indie shooters- thanks for putting something like this together Bloom! I have (2) 7Ds on order so I’m stoked to see that 95% these DVDs will pertain to working on that camera as well. Already ordered my copy of your new DVD this morning.


    1. No, there will be a separate DVD product at some point for the 7d, but we will make a web chapter explaining the differences between the 5dmkii and the 7d available for people who purchase the 5dmkII dvd.

  3. Thanks for the quick response.

    I don’t know if I should put my money towards this OR toward the F-Stop Academy training. When will more info on the Academy be available?

  4. Philip,
    as many others have wondered and even asked about, I’m interested in the DVD and the F Stop course. Should I just go for both, or is there a combo deal coming, or should I go for one or the other? Thanks as always, I enjoyed your last Critics with Steve, it looks like you two enjoy each other in a brother sort of way, egging each other on.
    My good Denver friend Karl was in your last WEVA vid, nice work. Looking forward to more.

  5. Hi Philip and Den,

    I got my DVD last night, thanks for the speedy shipment, going over so much stuff covering all the bases. It’s Great!

    I do have one question and it is related to exposure. I’m new at this so if the answer is simple setting please don’t beat me over the head. Here’s my question;

    When I set the camera up the way you describe (or any other way), in manual mode with the power switch all the way up, when I hit live view I get a constant exposure. The moment I start recording the exposure seems to go down or up depending on where I am the lens. I know there is an exposure lock, and I often us it.

    Can you explain why this is and how it works? Is this some type of gain? As I’m in manual the ISO, f-stop, and shutter are set why is the exposure adjusting itself if not locked ( Why doesn’t MANUAL Lock you in? ) , what is going on inside the camera and how is that possible gain affecting my outcome.

    Thanks for your help in advance and keep the DVD’s coming!



    1. Hi Philip,

      I’m using 1.1.0, yet I figured out what was wrong.

      For some reason when I registered my custom settings and picture style the live view settings were set to “exposure simulation” when I changed that to “Movie Display” the auto exposure or gain vanished.

      It’s amazing how when you register the settings, the camera picks up everything under the hood at that moment.

      Thanks for the great DVD! And bring the F-Stop Academy to New York City ASAP!


  6. Got the DVD this weekend and have been pouring over it- terrific job. Very informative and straight to the point! Really enjoyed the story of how you got interested in the 5D in the first place- seems like a lot of us have a similar story of the moment we decided that “less is more” in regards to cameras.

    You mentioned not shooting above 1600 iso on the 5D… how is the 7D stacking up in terms of lowlight? Are you still able to produce clean images going up to 1600 or do you see the need to limit the iso to around 800?

    Thanks again Bloom! Cheers-

  7. Just curious as to how much this covers about lens selection for shots, composition and some lighting tips. I’m interested in the technical aspects of the camera but I find a lot of time materials are geared toward the gear and less toward technique. I find it’s easy to use these cameras as a crutch and get way better footage than I deserve to get in a shoot because of sexy depth of field or great light sensitivity. I’d like to learn a good bit more about shot composition other than someone just saying “rule of thirds.” I use this and I do get out and shoot for practice but perfect practice makes perfect. Philip, love your work and shooting style. That’s why I ask. Thanks,

  8. Hi Philip. One question about the DVD 5D contents. You have explain the importance of using a VARI ND filte. I didn´t know that it exist. But when I start to found it on internet I only found one manufacturer, What do you recomend? This one or another?

    Thanks again.

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