The Return Of The Movember Men’s Health Fundraiser/ Gear Giveaway!


LIVE DRAW! List of winners will be show here once it’s done and all written out.

Here is the full winners’ list for my Movember Men’s Health Fundraiser Prize Draw. Winners will be contacted by email shortly for shipping details.

Thanks to Barry Fahey for his help keeping track of the winners during the draw; karma thanked him with one of his entries being drawn to win a DJI Mini 2 Pro!

Thanks to everyone who entered and to the companies who donated the prizes, the total raised was just under £10,954, bringing a total since 2008 to £265,179!

Big congrats to the multiple prize winners, which shows the more times you enter, the better the odds are of you winning… obvious, really! 😃 Justin Clayton entered 33 times and won a year of Mzed Pro, Portkeys BM5 WR monitor, Film Convert Nitrate/ Cinematch combo and a RØDE Video Mic NTG!

Sorry if you didn’t win, but you did help a great cause. These fundraisers over the years and the world will one day help eradicate prostate and testicular cancer and, right now, help men with mental health issues which are incredibly important.

Thanks again, and see you in 10 months! In fact, we already have one donation of £100 for that campaign!




That is little me bottom left with my Papie just behind me and my uncle Alain standing next to him

My last Movember campaign in 2020 raised an amazing £17,938, bringing the total raised since I started doing this in 2008 to well over £254, 125.

I am a bit late starting this campaign this year, but I have faith that we can still raise a solid amount of money together!  The way I have been doing it is to ask camera gear manufacturers to donate something for the prize draw. This list of prizes usually becomes pretty great. In the past, as I am just starting the campaign, the list is short, but it will grow, I hope, hopefully daily. If you know or represent a company that would like to get involved by donating a prize, then please email me at

If you’ve never heard of Movember, then let me explain. It is a charity set up initially to raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research and treatment. It now includes testicular cancer and mental health, which is very apt for me.

Prostate cancer took the life of my Grandfather and almost took the life of my Uncle. Because his dad died from it he got tested as he was over 45, and it showed he had early signs of it. That was 20 years ago. He wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t gotten tested. This cancer is very treatable if caught early!

Men and some creative women worldwide grow moustaches to raise awareness of the cause and ask for donations to their individual fundraising campaigns.

Here are some of my previous moustaches:


Let me explain how it works for you

If you donate £10/ $15 or more to my campaign and then send me the receipt, you get entered into the prize draw. The more donations you make, the greater chance you have of winning. It’s very simple to enter, just follow these steps.

  1. Go to this link which takes you directly to the donation page
  2. This will ask you to put in your donation amount and personal details.
  3. Ensure the amount is at least £10 (roughly $13 or whatever the exchange rate is. You can donate more, of course, but £10 is the minimum to qualify for entry into the prize draw. This is very important as I cannot enter you into the prize draw otherwise. Once you have donated, you will get emailed a receipt; please forward that to me at .
  4. You can enter as many times as possible; repeat step 3. Please email each entry separately, as it makes organising entries much easier for me. Thanks!
  5. It is open to anyone worldwide, not restricted to the UK. If you are outside the UK and it asks you to search address using a UK postcode, click “enter address manually.”
  6. Entry closes on the 8th of December at 23.59 GMT.
  7. One prize per ticket.
  8. Any import/ duty taxes are the sole responsibility of the prize winners. If you win something you don’t want, please email me asap to let us know, and we will do a re-draw later.
  9. The exact live prize draw date will be announced as soon as the entries are organised. It will be before Christmas.
  10. You donate directly to an organisation representing the charities – nothing goes to me. This is not a lottery; this is not gambling, you are helping raise money for Movember by entering into a prize draw for all the gear that many companies have donated.

With just three days left until the fundraiser is closed, we have one last prize to add. Shane and Lydia Hurlbut have donated an annual all-access membership to the Filmmakers Academy worth $449.99. Thanks, guys!

Huge thanks to Aputure once again, who have donated some incredible prizes!

The Amaran 200x is a bicolour COB light worth $349

The Amaran F22c is a big prize worth $899. It’s their new RGBWW LED Flexible mat light, this looks fantastic; I wish I could enter as I would love to win this!

I do have their MT Pro-1 RGBWW tube light and it’s really good. It’s worth $199.

Their sister company Deity have donated their lovely little D4 mic D4 worth $99.

Portkeys have generously donated two of their superb BM5 WR monitors. These are packed full of features are very bright. Each cost $749. Below is the video I made for them about it earlier this year.

The fantastic MZed are donating TEN MZed Pro memberships, each worth $349. I’ve made two filmmaking courses for them which I am enormously proud of that I am very proud. In total, there are around 430 hours of amazing educational content there.


Huge thanks to SmallRig, who are new to my Movember fundraiser. They have generously donated their new RC-360B COB light worth $900! On top of that, they have donated a $500 voucher! Thanks, SmallRig! 

Once again the amazing B&H Photo video of New York is part of the Movember fundraiser! They’ve kindly donated a $100 and a $200 voucher. Thanks, B&H!

The guys from New Zealand have been a part of my Movember fundraiser for as long as they’ve been around! They’ve generously donated three bundles of the ever-amazing Film Convert Nitrate and the incredible Cinematch worth $500 each.

Thanks, guys!


Long-time supporters of my Movember campaigns is Musicbed/ Filmsupply, who have again been generous this year with two $360 credits for any of their services!

Thanks again to Insta360 for being a part of this, this year they have donated their brand new Insta360 One X3. Check out my review above; it’s my favourite video I’ve made this year.

The Insta360 X3 is worth $450!



Huge thanks to DJI for donating FOUR prizes!

First is their terrific new Action 3 camera adventure combo.

Then we have the Mavic Air 2 FLY MORE COMBO!


Then we have TWO Mini 2 drones; both come with the controller and two additional batteries. One of them also has a charging hub.

Thanks so much, DJI!

RODE has again joined my Movember campaign with three of the brand new Videomicro 2 Videomic Go II mics worth £80 each and one VideoMic NTG worth $242. Thank RODE!

Zacuto has donated to every Movember fundraiser, and this year they are again being amazingly generous with a $5oo voucher so you can choose what you want. Thanks so much, guys!

New to my Movember fundraiser is Revar Cine who is donating two of the amazing 4×5.65 diffusion filters; winners can choose between “PA Tears” and my favourite, “Scarf Dust”. Each is worth £230; I love these, the Scarf Dust I use all the time, it’s terrific. Thanks, Ryan from Revar Cine!


Once again Instamic are taking part in my campaign with their SUPERB 32-bit float Instamic Pro Plus. This is a brilliant body recorder with the huge plus of having 32-bit float recording. It’s worth $189.

Another new company to my fundraiser is Accsoon. I love their products and have been using them since 2009. They specialise in wireless transmission systems. The first prize is their brand new and brilliant Cineview Quad system worth $423. Their second prize is the SeeMo which turns your iPhone into a fully featured monitor. I made a video about that, which you can watch below.

Thanks, Accsoon!



The last amazing prize is the terrific Snap Filter bundle from Pan’s Scheme worth £215. These are for phones with MagSafe; I made a video on this too which you can also watch below.