The Return Of The Movember Men’s Health Fundraiser/ Gear Giveaway! HUGE NEW PRIZES ADDED!

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EDIT: 10th December 2020

Movember îs over and you’ve raised a fantastic total of £17,938 bringing the total raise since I started doing this in 2008 to well over £250,000 which is amazing. Thank you everyone for your generosity!!

The job of going through more than 1400 emails with receipts to make sure there aren’t duplicates is going to take some time. I cannot do the prize draw until then of course, it will be this month but I can’t give a date yet. When I have a date I will announce it here, on my blog and on YouTube.


I had to take last year off for personal reasons which was a tough decision to make after doing this fundraiser since 2008. Whilst things are much worse this year for numerous reasons that I have somewhat foolishly talked about on social media, I felt that I needed to do something positive, not just for this incredibly important cause, but for myself. So the fundraiser/ prize draw is back!

If you’ve never heard of Movember then let me explain. It is a charity that was set up to initially raise awareness and money for prostate cancer research and treatment. It now includes testicular cancer and mental health, something that is very apt right now for me.

Prostate cancer took the life of my Grandfather and almost took the life of my Uncle. Because his dad died from it he got tested as he was over 45  and it showed he had early signs of it. That was 20 years ago. He wouldn’t be here today if he hadn’t gotten tested. This cancer is very treatable if caught early!

That is little me bottom left with my Papie just behind me and my uncle Alain standing next to him

Men, and creative women, around the world grow moustaches to raise awareness of the cause and ask for donations to their individual fundraising campaigns.

Here are some of my previous moustaches:

The way I have been doing it is to ask camera gear manufacturers to donate something for the prize draw. This list of prizes usually becomes pretty amazing, in the past there have been cameras like the Sony A7S II, drones, lenses, lights…the list goes on. As I am just starting the campaign the list is very short but it will grow, hopefully daily.

My last Movember campaign in 2018 raised an amazing £23,965.40 which brought the total amount since I started in 2008 to £236,157! 

It would be amazing to break a quarter of a million pounds this year! 

Let me explain how it works for you

If you donate £10/ $15 or more to my campaign and then send me the receipt, you get entered into the prize draw. The more donations you make, the greater chance you have of winning!

So here are the instructions in nice simple steps to enter the prize draw.


1: Simply go to this link which takes you directly to the donation page

2: This will ask you to put in your donation amount and personal details.

3: Make sure the amount is at least £10 (roughly $15 or whatever the exchange rate is, just please make sure it at least is £10. You can donate more of course, but £10 is the minimum to qualify entry into the prize draw. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT AS I CANNOT ENTER YOU INTO THE PRIZE DRAW OTHERWISE. 

4: You can enter as many times as you want, and as long as each donation is at least £10, you will get another entry for the prize draw. Once you have donated you will get emailed a receipt, please forward that to me at  Once you get the auto responder (which asks if you have attached the receipt) then your receipt has been received. You do not need to send it again, in fact please don’t as it adds a fair bit of work removing all the duplicate emails at the end of the campaign.  If you have emailed it to that address I will get it. You don’t need to email me to check.

5: It is open to anyone in the world, not restricted to the UK. If it is asking you for a UK postcode, you have clicked on the wrong link at the start. You have selected to join my team, which you don’t do to donate. This is the donate link. 

6: You can enter immediately, you don’t need to wait until November 1st. Entry closes on the 7th December at 23.59 GMT.

7: One prize per ticket.

8: Any import/ duty taxes are the sole responsibility of prize winners. If you win something you don’t want, please email asap to let us know, and we will do a re-draw at a later date.

9: The exact prize draw date will be announced around mid December.

10. You are donating directly to an organisation representing the charities – nothing goes to me. This is not a lottery, this is not gambling. You are being thanked by me for helping raise money for Movember by your receipt being entered into a prize draw for all the gear that many companies have donated.


This year will also bring back the film competition.  What you need to do is make a film that features moustaches in any way. No longer than 60 seconds. Any genre.

You still need to donate the same amount but you also get two chances to win, once in the prize draw and once in the film competition. All entries need to be in by the 4th December 2359 GMT.  You just need to make sure you send me your link, Vimeo or YouTube, to your film when you send me your receipt. Please make sure you make it clear in the subject you are entering the film competition!

Here are the prizes for the film competition:

Winning prize

Huge thanks to Aputure for donating this super prize!  It’s their  LS-1c 2-light kit worth $1649!! 

The first prize winner will also receive a $100 gift card from B&H photo!


Runner up prize

Second place gets the fantastic Cinematch and Film Convert Nitrate Plugins worth a total of $460!

You will of course know of Film Convert but Cinematch is new and is used to match your cameras up to make colour grading easy!

Second runner up prize

The last film competition prize is a years license of the amazing MZed Pro, which of course I have two excellent courses on. There’s over 200 hours of amazing educational content there and it’s worth $299!!


If you represent a company who would like to add a prize to the prize draw the please email myself or Sarah at

There will be loads of prizes still to come!!

We’ve had some incredible new prizes added! First up is the grand prize from Rhino!!

Huge thanks to Kyle for donating the best motorised slider system on the planet!  Their ultimate slider bundle is my Movember fundraiser grand prize and it’s worth a whopping $3550!!

This is what you get:

  • Rhino Slider Pro 42”
  • Rhino Arc II
  • Rhino Focus
  • Rhino Motor – High Torque
  • Rhino Motor – High Speed
  • Carbon 24” Rails
  • Slider Hard Shell Case


Once again the amazing B&H Photo video of New York are part of the Movember fundraiser! As well as their film competition prize they are two further $100 gift cards up for grabs!

The guys from New Zealand have been a part of my Movember fundraiser for as long as they’ve been around! As well as one of the film competition prizes there is another bundle of the fantastic Cinematch and Film Convert Nitrate Plugins worth a total of $460!

You will of course know of Film Convert but Cinematch is new and is used to match your cameras up to make colour grading easy! Thanks guys!


Frank and the lovely team at Zhiyun have once again joined forces with me on the Movember campaign! This year they are offering the very latest of their fantastic gimbals, the Crane 2S. This beast is feature packed and can take a huge range of cameras. I am hoping to do a video about it soon! It’s worth £600 and could be yours if you enter!

Cameras are NOT included! Sorry!

For you mobile phone addicts they are also giving away their Smooth X gimbal. This is another feature packed little powerhouse!


Thanks again to Insta360 for being a part of this! This year they have donated their brand new Insta360 One X2. I’ve got it and it’s fantastic. This is worth £430!


This next one is biggie! Kinson from Z Cam has generously donated their superb E2-M4 4K 120fps cinema camera worth £2000! If that doesn’t entice you to enter I don’t know what will!

You know what would go perfectly with this camera? How about the amazing new DJI RS2 Pro combo worth over £800?

Huge thanks to DJI for this superb prize! I have this and it’s amazing!


The wonderful people at SmallHD have donated two amazing prizes!

First there is their new Indie 7.  A fantastic monitor that can have an optional camera control module for RED cameras including the Komodo! This is worth $800!!

Their second prize is what is literally my favourite monitor ever! The 702 Touch. So much so that I made a video about it which you can see below! This is worth $1300!

Next up are the amazing Polar Pro. Makers of some of the best filters I have ever used. My last video was partly about their new variable ND filters but also their new special diffusion versions called “Mist”. I am making follow up video which compares their new variable ND filters to other brands. That is coming very soon. You can watch the first video below!

They have generously donated a set of two filters of your choice. They can be either both of the different strength PMVND signature editions or both Mist version or a combination of the two. The winner chooses the filter diameter they want too! This is worth a whopping $450! So a big thanks to Rockwell and the team at Polar Pro!


Zacuto have donated every single Movember fundraiser and this year they are again being amazingly generous with a $750 voucher so you can choose what you want. Perhaps put it towards their amazing EVFs? They really are the best I have used!

This is me with my FX9 and Zacuto Kameleon Pro EVF!

Next up is another regular part of the Movember fundraiser! MZed have the best filmmaking training out there, after all they have my two courses! My “Cinematic Masterclass” and “Filmmaking for photographers”

Their annual MZed Pro memberships gives you access to EVERYTHING, that is over 200 hours of incredible courses that cover a wide range of filmmaking topics. Check them out here!

They have generously donated FOUR  memberships (on top of the one for the film competition) , each worth almost $300! Thanks Scott! 🙂

Every year RØDE have been part of my Movember campaign and once again they are taking part with 8 FANTASTIC PRIZES!!



First up is the Video Mic NTG, which without question is the best on camera mic I have used. It sounds fantastic, has things like a safety channel at a lower volume and works across USB C into your computer and mobile devices. They have FOUR of these as prizes!


There are also FOUR sets of their fantastic Wireless Go microphones. I love these and use them all the time. If you want to know more about them check out my review below!

The wonderful Came-TV are on board again with a HUGE amount of prizes!! Thanks so much Frank for this amazing haul!

This first prize is a brand new 3 pack of RGB lights travel lights worth $1000! I just got mine yesterday and I am super impressed.



Also up fro grabs is a 3 piece set of their really excellent and improved Q-55 Bolton 55w Fresnel daylight LED lights worth $800!

How about a wireless follow focus system worth $248??

or their terrific SDI/ HDMI video transmission set with $578??

Work on a set with a crew? These wireless headsets are the perfect way to keep in contact. Worth $498!!

PFY (also known as Pilotfly) are new to my campaign and they have generously donated the below prizes!

First up are two of their new portable RGB lights. The Matrix and Matrix Mini. Both of them are superb, I’ve had them for a few weeks and they are a pleasure to use with a lovely quality of light.

Also up for grabs is their new “Eagle Eye” HDM wireless transmitter that sends the image to your phone or tablet. I’ve not used this yet but it looks fantastic. I really like small wireless transmitters with built in batteries, this one can be used on 4 devices simultaneously!

They’ve also kindly put their new on camera mic into the prize pot. This is TINY as looks like a great blogging mic!


My friends at straight 8 have donated an entry to their 2021 competition ( and a roll of super 8 film to shoot your entry on. straight 8 is a filmmaking competition where entrants make a short film on one three minute roll of super 8 film. All of your editing must be done in camera. There is no post-production, no grading and no second takes. It’s a brilliant exercise and one of the hardest (and most rewarding) ways to make a film, trust me, I’ve done it!

You’ll shoot your film, send straight 8 your completed but unprocessed roll of film by feb 8th 2021, and your soundtrack shortly after. The first time you’ll see your work – if it’s selected – is at its premiere. Terrifying!!’


Here is something a bit different from gear but just as essential for any creative! I live on coffee when I am editing and the lovely Wilshaw Supply Co have donated a prize consisting of  four bags of speciality roasted coffee, as well as an AeroPress or V60 portable coffee brewer so you can make delicious fresh coffee wherever you are! I want this myself!


Huge thanks to Alice of YC onion for donating these prizes! It’s so great to be right at the end of the campaign but still getting people wanting to help! 🙂

We have three prizes from them!

Hot Dog Motorized Slider 3.0, Chocolate Slider Pro and Energy Tube light. Thanks Alice!




Last but not least, Musicbed are with us again with two annual memberships worth either $240 if you pay monthly or $160 if you pay annually 🙂

They are a fantastic service that I’ve been using since they started back in 1943! Thanks Laura and the team over there in Texas!
Please enter the prize draw by donating. You get a chance to win some amazing gear/ training AND help a hugely important cause.

Thank you!



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