Movember 2016 charity fundraiser prize draw and film competition!! Including win a brand new DJI Phantom 4 Pro!

Full list of winners here:

If you have won you will be notified by email in the next couple of weeks!!

Winner of the film competition is…


Thanks to everyone involved! Together we raised an amazing £29,000!!

Every November for the past 9 years I have grown a moustache in aid of the global men’s health charity fundraiser Movember. The aim of Movember is to raise money (and awareness) to beat Prostate Cancer, Testicular cancer and men’s mental health issues. Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men and is treatable if caught early, which is part of why this is done –  to remind people how important it is to get checked, especially if you have family members who have had it. My grandfather died from prostate cancer, and my Uncle was tested not long after to find that he had it, but because he caught it early he is fine THANKFULLY!

Over the years my campaigns have raised around £170,000, which is amazing. £110,000 of that was in just the past two years! The way I have helped make those figures possible is by organising a prize draw giveaway, thanks to some amazing companies who have donated these prizes. If you donate £15 or more to my campaign and then send me the receipt, you get entered into the prize draw. The more donations you make, the greater chance you have of winning! You can enter from anywhere in the world. When you go to the page, you go to the donate section. You don’t join the team, as that is something different. There is also a film competition (more details below).


Here are the instructions to enter the prize draw:




1: Simply go to this link which takes you directly to the donation page

2: This will ask you to put in your donation amount and personal details.

3: Make sure the amount is at least £15 (roughly $20, but do check the exchange rate as it is all a bit crazy right now and the total for the minimum is in pounds). You can donate more of course, but £15 is the minimum to qualify entry into the prize draw. PLEASE REMEMBER MINIMUM MUST BE £15 OR YOU CANNOT BE ENTERED INTO THE PRIZE DRAW.

4: You can enter as many times as you want, and as long as each donation is at least £15, you will get another entry for the prize draw. Just make sure you forward me your receipt to  Once you get the auto responder (which asks if you attached receipt) then your receipt has been received. You do not need to send it again.

5: It is open to anyone in the world, not restricted to the UK. If it is asking you for a UK postcode, you have clicked on the wrong link at the start. You have selected to join my team, which you don’t do to donate. Click here to go straight to the donation page.

6: Entry closes on the 8th December at 10pm GMT. This is the official end of fundraising for Movember 2015

7: One prize per ticket.

8: Any import/ duty taxes are the sole responsibility of prize winners. If you win something you don’t want, please email asap to let us know, and we will do a re-draw at a later date.

9: The exact prize draw date will be announced soon but will be in December.

10. You are donating directly to an organisation representing the charities – nothing goes to me. This is not a lottery, this is not gambling. You are being thanked by me for helping raise money for Movember by your receipt being entered into a prize draw for all the gear that many companies have donated.


This is a bit of fun and is in addition to the prize draw. There will be separate prizes to be announced shortly. Being a creative, I think having something like this as part of the push to raise money makes a lot of sense. The concept is simple “Recreate a scene from a well-known movie but moustachio it up…how you do that and what you do is up to you. Subtle, in your face…its your choice!



Aviator have donated their great looking new The Aviator Camera Gear Rocket Travel Slider Base Kit.

The Rocket Base Kit weighs just 3 ½ lbs. (supporting loads up to 45 lbs!) and compacts down into a deluxe padded case about the size of a shoe box. It easily supports high-end pro cameras like the Epic, Sony F55, HDSLR’s, Blackmagic Cinema Camera and more. Even a fully-rigged Aviator Travel Jib.


Thanks to Aputure for this fabulous LED light with a breathtaking CRI rating of 98. This is worth $500!!


The great team at PremiumBeat are donating a set of their special Movember  gift boxes complete with:

  • PremiumBeat and RocketStock Credit Vouchers
  • PremiumBeat USB loaded with free SFX and AE templates
  • PremiumBeat T-Shirt
  • PremiumBeat Mug
  • Custom Field Notes Notebook

Entries need to be made specifically for the competition and say so in the Vimeo description. 

You then need to add it to this group on Vimeo!! 

All films need to be uploaded by the 1st December by 1 minute to midnight GMT (I am sure you can work out what that is for you!) It’s open globally, and there is no age limit. One thing you have to do is to donate £15 or more, like the prize draw, but when you forward the receipt as detailed above put “FILM COMPETITION ENTRY” in the email title. You will then be entered into the prize draw AND the film completion (as long as you submit your film of course!) only when I have the receipt will I allow your video to be visible in the Vimeo group. 

Donate here

This Years Prizes SO FAR

(If you want to donate a prize please contact

To find out more about the companies or the prizes donated, please click on the images.



The just announced DJI Phantom 4 Pro is up for grabs. This looks INCREDIBLE! Gone is the tiny sensor replaced by a 20mp 1″ sensor, increased dynamic range and much improved details PLUS 4K 60P recording and a much improved bitrate codec of 100mbps in H264 and H265! 5 direction obstacle avoidance! Mechanical shutter! Thanks DJI for this fabulous prize!! I want one!!


Those wonderful people at Letus have donated one of my favourite ever gimbals! The amazing Helix Jr Magnesium worth  $1300! I love this gimbal and used it on some episodes of Season 2 of The Wonder List and on the BBC 1 Mo Farah documentary as seen below!


My favourite slider by far is the Rhino EVO and Kyle from Rhino has donated one with their motion control system! Thanks Kyle!


Enormous thanks to Ted Sim for sorting this out. Not only have they given a prize for the film competition but these other amazing lights are up for grabs!!

The COB 120D

Tbe Amazran AL-M9

and my favourite of their lights the LS1s! Thanks guys!!

B & H

B & H are here again, and they’re donating a marvellous $500 gift card to this years cause.


Welcome to the campaign Neil and the team at Filmic Pro who are donating 12 complimentary copies of the FiLMiC Pro Camera Kit
for iOS, a bundle of both the FiLMiC Pro video camera app and their Remote control app for FiLMiC Pro as well.

FiLMiC Pro and FiLMiC Remote make up the FiLMiC Pro Camera Kit, the groundbreaking combination of the world’s best video camera app paired with a lightning fast, wireless control unit running on a complimentary iOS device. FiLMiC is the gold standard for news, documentary or narrative production. Since it’s inception FiLMiC has pioneered more advances in mobile video than all other video apps combined and we are proud to introduce with our upcoming v.6 the world’s first LOG supported iPhone video camera app.


FILMSTRO have joined the cause and are donating 5 annual for-profit licenses. You’ll have unlimited access to the Filmstro music library and the innovative Filmstro software that allows you to adapt and re-compose Filmstro music to fit your edits perfectly. Thank you to the incredible Zac and crew at FILMSTRO


F-STOP have returned and this year they have kindly donated 3 separate prizes. These guys make incredible bags, with tons of great features.
First up there’s the Guru UL camera pack, consisting of 1 Guru UL, a Medium Shallow ICU and small rain cover.

Next is the  Kashmir UL camera pack. With this pack you get the Kashmir UL, a Medium Shallow ICU and small rain cover.

Finally and not least there’s the Loka UL camera pack, featuring a Loka UL bag, a Medium Shallow ICU and small rain cover.

That’s a stunning set of prizes, thanks to Daniela and the team.


The new Charters Pole is one brilliant piece of camera gear. It may look like a boom pole but it isn’t. Collapsed it is 80cm long but extended it is 4.35m and extremely rigid! Stick a DJI Osmo on the end and it is ideal for getting drone-a-like shots in places you cant fly! I have a video coming soon showing the possibilities. I love this! Check it out on the website here!

They are also donating one of their terrific variable NDs, the solar eclipse!


The makers of fine camera bags have donated a passport holder and chain. Thank you!


came-tv-logoThe wonderful people at Came TV are donating my favourite one handed (but can also be two handed!) 3 axis gimbal for smaller cameras like mirrorless etc. The OPTIMUS! (doesn’t include the GH4)


and not just that but they are also donating their new F-55 Boltzen Fresnel LED light (I have just gotten one of these and its excellent)


Thanks Frank and the team!


ProMediaGear return this year hove donated 2 very versatile prizes. The VRC1K Adjustable C-Cage with Handle Kit and the VRH21 VIDEO CAGE W/ PBX3 UNIVERSAL ARCA PLATE. Thanks to Tom and all the gang at ProMediaGear.


SLR Magic are back again this year and they’ve donated their brilliant 0.4-1.8 Variable ND MK II in 52mm, 62mm, 77mm and 82mm sizes. Thanks to Andrew and the team.




Zacuto are giving away an incredible $1,000 certificate this year.





Shane Hurlbut is donating a years subscription to his inner circle. Thank you Anne and Shane. There is also a Cinematic Storytelling Workshop that they are conducting on November 11 – 13.  Get the full details here:


Thank to F&V for their continued support. Once again they’ve answered the call and are giving away aZ400S Soft Premium Kit which features:

  • 1 x UltraColor Z400s Soft Bi-Colour Panel
  • 1 x V-Mount AC Adapter
  • 1 x KS-1 Softbox and Intensifier
  • 1 x Pro Case for 1×1 Panels




Adobe are back and this year are giving away a years subscription to the creative cloud.



Welcome Switcher Studio to the team this year who are giving a 6 month subscription to their Switcher Studio iOS app.

Switcher Studio is a mobile production suite that allows content creators to use an iPhone or iPad as a portable video mixer. Share your events and engage your audience using the power of video without spending thousands of dollars on expensive cameras and gear. All you need is Switcher Studio and an iPhone or iPad – record the video output to your primary device and stream live video anywhere with an internet connection.




Sony have kindly donated a HDR-MV1 recorder.


With its professional-quality sound, high-definition video and seamless web compatibility, our Music Video Recorder is designed specifically for musicians to share their talent.



Film Riot are back and this time the Team at Triune Films have donated their brand new Horror LUT’s pack, the Cinematics LUT’s pack and the COMPLETE FILMMAKER BUNDLE 2.0.

The Complete Filmmaker Bundle 2.0 combines all of Triune’s Best Digital Assets in One!

The bundle includes:

  • NEW! Triune Scores: Trailer Pack Vol1
  • Fire Assets
  • Lord of War SFX Bundle
  • Hollywood Guns SFX
  • Cinema Toast Crunch Vol1 Scores Pack
  • Complete Fighting SFX Pack
  • Film Riot’s Lower Thirds Pack
  • Aspect Ratio & Tutorial
  • Film Riot’s Color Pre-Set & Tutorial





PEAK DESIGN have again signed up and this year are giving away one of their 20L Everyday Back Packs. Thanks to Luke and everyone at Peak Design for their continued support.





MOVCAM return and once again have been incredibly generous by donating a 3-Axis Wireless lens control system,( worth $ 7800 USD ) as a prize. Incredible. Thank you Lucy and the team.


REMOVU are back for their second year and have kindly donated their brilliant looking S1 Gimbal and 2 of their REMOVU Poles.


World’s first rainproof 3-axis gimbal made for GoPro® cameras, equipped with a wireless remote control.



FILMSUPPLY are back this year and are giving away $1000 of licensing.

With thousands of stunning clips from the world’s best filmmakers, Filmsupply is revolutionizing stock footage



RODE have once again answered the call and  they’ve donated 3 x Stereo VideoMic pros and 3 x News Shooter Kits. Thank you RODE.



Zylight return and have donated their NewZ Led Light. Thanks to Ben and all the team at Zylight

The Newz is the next generation camera-top light with attributes not found on lights at twice the price. This palm-sized powerhouse is set up for simplicity while delivering everything you expect from a Zylight instrument. The Newz gives you the flexibility of fully dimmable, variable white color temperatures from 3200-5600K. Go from indoors to outdoors with just the turn of a dial.




SMALL HD this year are donating a 701Lite monitor with these accessories:

  • DCA5 LP-E6 to D-Tap power adapter.
  • Sunhood
  • Screen protector
  • Neoprene sleeve

The Total retail value for this pack is $968.96 Thanks to Chris and the team at SMALL HD for your continued support.



Regular supporters Think Tank Photo are back again, so a huge thank you to Brian and the team for the donation of their Beautiful Retrospective 30 Leather bag.



MUSICBED are giving away $1000 of licensing. Thanks to all the team at MUSICBED for their continued support.



Zach Lipovsky has once again kindly donated 5 full copies of his Shot Lister App. This App just gets better and better every year and has some truly amazing features, which is why it constantly gets into the top rated film makers essential Apps.




anndd….. as if that wasn’t enough from Zach, he’s also donating 5 x 5 bundles of his new filmmaking tool called Script Speaker which converts script PDFs to mp3 files so you can listen to your scripts just like a podcast.



Eddie of Vid Atlantic has donated a full set of their brilliant Anamorphic filters. The winner can choose any 3 filters to best match their camera/lens setup.



konova-03Welcome back Konova, who are donating the superb K7 80cm Slider. This is their top range slider that can be kitted out with so many options, like motion control, time lapse motors, pan adjusters even become part of a Jib to really build up on the creative possibilities.  There’s a Big sales event on where you will be able to see . Thanks to Peter and everyone at Konova for their support again this year.






Once again we have the  Camalapse team on board and they’ve donated 5 camalapse 4’s and 5 of their new product, the camalapse mobile.

The Camalapse can help create 360° panning time-lapse videos or steady panoramic images with most digital cameras, action sport cameras and smart phones. The camalapse 4 is the most versatile, supporting a tripod mount on bottom and can hold most cameras under 3 lbs. The camalapse mobile is their latest offering, which has an integrated smartphone mount, making it easy for on the fly timelapses.




image-php_It’s Miller time and they’re back again this year so our greatest thanks to Mike and the team. They’re donating an amazing CAT 3001 Air Solo Tripod system.




Film Convert, the powerful film emulation software is back again, with a donation of 4 copies to the cause.

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