Winners of Movember Prize Draw and Film Competition!

EDIT 16th December: The live draw is finally done! Sorry for the delay. Below are the winners of both the prize draw and the film competition.

All winners will be notified by email ASAP…There are 100 winners so it will take time. If you have not received an email by Tuesday please get in touch with me via my email! I am worried about in ending up in spam so please keep an eye out!

You have until the 6th of January to claim your prize otherwise it goes into a redraw. If you have won something and you have no need of it please say so and it too can be redrawn. 

Below is the live draw as it took place today broken up into 5 parts.

Part 1

Watch live video from Bloom is LIVE! on

Part 2

Watch live video from Bloom is LIVE! on

Part 3

Watch live video from Bloom is LIVE! on

Part 4

Watch live video from Bloom is LIVE! on

Part 5

Watch live video from Bloom is LIVE! on


SEE all entries for both here!


KAT DIETL wins Event Speakers and RODE NTG 3

Spades & Hearts – a battle against cancer (short version) from Katharina Dietl on Vimeo.

STUART WHALLEY wins Miller Compas 12 for Engine Room

The Engine Room-A Movember Short from stuart whalley on Vimeo.

Close but not winner, so good though! Well done!

Planet of the Ticks from A DunnePitcher on Vimeo.


Nick Birnbaum wins Kessler Shuttle Pod mini and full Oracle Kit!

Oh Mustache, You’re My Friend from Nick Birnbaum on Vimeo.

Fantastic films that came close!

Movember | No exceptions from Mark Waters on Vimeo.

The League of Extraordinary Moustaches – Episode 1 from The League of Mos on Vimeo.


A Precious MO-ment from Ben Stamper Pictures on Vimeo.

Salt Rub from Mike Stocks on Vimeo.

WINNERS OF PRIZE DRAW (numbers are for my reference only)

Sony NX30  – 538 Paul Roderick Gregory

SLR Magic lens – 387 Timothy Coleman

Redrock Cage – 655 Christopher Faria      

Production Premium CS6 – 688 Jeremy Choy

Davinci Resolve/ Ultrastudio Express – 1061 Philip Green

Zacuto $1000 Voucher – 1531 Tobias Frenzel

Shape $1000 Voucher – 1460 Kevin Kirchman

Music Bed $500 – 325 Benjamin Sengsouvanh

Music Bed $500 – 772 Jorn Lyder Hansen

Hire a camera RX100 – 286 Ettienne Van Rensburg   

GOPro3 – 797 Ben Jacobson     

Think Tank 4 site – 698 Michael Krawczyk,

Kessler Bloom Dolly – 554 Michael Mitnik

Rode Stereo Video Mic – 602 David Atkins

Rode Stereo Video Mic – 54 Adrien Le Lorier

Rode Video Mic Pro – 1444 Enzo Cameron

Rode Video Mic Pro – 654 John Coyne (6th november)

Letus Follow Focus – 716 Petri Teittinen

Letus Matte Box – 979 Phil Sobolev, Hawaii

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 1394 Fabian Speth

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 1145 Isaac Barker

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 1114 Brendan Coutts

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 1257 Tim Boydell

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 410 Jonathan Everitt

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 1220 Rosie Collins

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 110 David Garcia

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 1215 Mario Toscani

EDIT WITH LIGHT  – 1256 Andrew Trigg

EDIT WITH LIGHT – 1060 Lisa Fletcher

Jag35 shoulder Rig – 1190 Peter Morrell

Small HD DP4 – 1086 Karl Bovenizer

 Red Giant Magic Bullet Suite – 1125 Nathalie Sejean

Pluraleyes 3 – 1322 Mike Sutton

 Imagineer Systems Mocha – 1077 Jeremy Jacob

G-tech 2TB G drive – 169 Colton Kilgore

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 946 Morgan Fullam

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 192 Lino Palena

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 729 Jeremy Pommier

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 59 Fabian Rahm

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 1409 Matthew Roebig

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 905 Robert Sideserf,

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 325 Benjamin Sengsouvanh

MOTION VFX MFLARE-  1492 Ivon Bartok

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 81 Nathan Haustein

MOTION VFX MFLARE – 1463 Rebekka Krise

 Cinetics Cinesquid – 1406 Justin Edelman

Cinetics Cineskates – 1231 Jordan Williams

B&H $100 GIFT –  766 Adam Zvanovec

Aputure USB follow focus – 342 Lilla Di Biase

One on one with me (2 days) – 1468 Michael Marshall

Atomos Ninja 2 – 468 Ethan MacCumber

Atomos Samurai – 1000 Martin Teteris

UK light Kino Flo Celeb 200 – 86 Nicola Cocco

DELLA LUCE – 859 Mitch Heil 

DELLA LUCE – 1492 Ivon Bartok

DELLA LUCE – 1368 Andrew McCreeth

DELLA LUCE – 359 Paul Zetter

DELLA LUCE – 513 Mikkel Arnfred

DELLA LUCE –  777 Blair Millar

DELLA LUCE – 576 Neil Hartop

DELLA LUCE – 156 Owen Scurfield

DELLA LUCE – 286 Ettienne Van Rensburg

DELLA LUCE – 1304 Taylor Hawkins

F-Stop $500 – 963 Viven Monod

F-Stop $500 – 1200 Benjamin Bettenhausen

F-Stop $500 – 927 Chris Lambert

Vid Atlantic set – 706 Danie Pretorius

V Bag Bloom Edition – 876 Des Harris

V Bag Bloom Edition – 22 Dillon Adams

V Bag Bloom Edition – 960 Alexis Bourdages-Chabot

Resolve Training w/ ollie kenchington – 1439 Michiel Van De Zandt

3 Nasty Clamps – 1173 Sam Pritchard

3 Nasty Clamps –  52 Riccardo Covino

3 Nasty Clamps –  1180 Ben Ehrlich

Rental of Red Monochrome UK only –  1326 Maarten Toner

Hard Boiled Blu Ray –  972 Matthew Mayotte

Capture – 1204 James White,

Capture – 795 Andres Chiriboga

Capture – 1426 William Erasmus

Capture – 342 Lilla Di Biase

Capture –  1510 Matt Doyn-Ditmas

Switronix light with battery pack – 1435 Havard Ferstad


WIDE OPEN CAMERA ZIP GEARS – 256 Deitrich Ludwig

WIDE OPEN CAMERA ZIP GEARS –  1088 Michael Garber

WIDE OPEN CAMERA ZIP GEARS –  1295 Sarah Ball, Tyne and Wear

WIDE OPEN CAMERA ZIP GEARS – 1122 Scott Wellington

Phil Arntz View Factor BlackMagic cage – 906 Chris Gill, must pay shipping from amsterdam

Dougmon and Slingmon rigs – 1050 Marc Jennings

F&V 1×1 – 1193 Sergio Barbosa

F&V BI Colour LED Z180s – 579 John Sushams

F&V HDR300 light – 459 Filip Opazo

ProAV 7”Swit – 697 Brian Wilson

SONY Hx20 camera Michael Burgos

Vimeo pro adriel de la torre

Vimeo pro jeff davies

Vimeo pro ashtrax productions

Vimeo pro  tim ciasto

Vimeo pro matteo (lino) palena

Vimeo pro zach wilson

Vimeo pro fredrik magnusson

Vimeo pro bark spijkervert

Vimeo pro bryan scott

EDIT: The live announcement of winners for both the film competition and prize draw has been delayed due to very sad personal reasons. I have had to cut short my much needed first holiday in 2 years…as soon as I can confirm the date I will announce it here. If you want you can still donate to the draw. You may as well! x

EDIT 2: I an now in Sydney for the above reasons. I will be doing the live draw (upload speed permitting) at 9AM Sunday 16th of December which is 10PM Saturday the 15th of December GMT, 11PM central European time, which is 5pm Saturday the 15th of December EST in the US…etc

Thank you SO much for you generosity. Together we have raised close to to $60,000 which is incredible, almost twice what we raised last year.

Why not now? Well the internet in the hotel in Austin, Texas (Boo Omni!) is awful. Also I need this to be a weekend for obvious reasons. So Saturday the 8th it is. I will actually be taking my first proper holiday in 18 months in Hawaii at the time. I will be in Maui and will finding the best internet I can for that day. You can view the live draw in the window below or go to my JUSTIN.TV page here where you can take part in the chat. The event will last around 60 minutes to 90 minutes as there are a LOT of prizes to announce.

I apologise for the delay but as I mentioned in the post below this was always going to be an issue the an 80mb/s line at home in London that would be ideal , but am not home  right now and I didn’t want to wait until then.

Because of this delay you can still donate money to be in with more chances of winning. Is this unfair letting people enter past the 30th November cut off? Not really, the odds won’t change much and the most important thing is we can raise even more money for the charity and that is a great thing. Details for donating and entering are below.

You can watch the entrants for the film competition here. No more entries are allowed but these are great! Two filmmakers will win, one for each category, one for the awareness film and one for the Mo’ film. The prizes are oneMiller Compass 20 tripod with Event Speakers or the Kessler Crane Shuttle Pod Mini. Which category wins which prize will be announced at the same time. Both prizes are amazing.

There will be a recording of the live announcements of course and a list of winners posted shortly after. You will also be emailed directly. Do remember though there will be a very long list of winners and it’s just me doing this so I will email and get list done as soon as I possibly can! 🙂

Watch live video from philipbloom on

Papie: A personal story that affects us all from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Movember Video Blog 1 from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.

Movember Video Blog 2: The search for the Mo’ from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.

Movember sick bed video blog 3! Just a week to go!! from Philip Bloom extras on Vimeo.


ETHICS STATEMENT: I will give any company a plug on this page if it it means we can raise as much money as possible for this charity. It’s incredibly generous of all the companies involved to donate for this, and giving them a plug and a big thanks is the least I can do!!


This year I have gone back to the first year’s format in some ways, though retaining the giveaway from last year. I want lots of creative films made that are all about MOs to be made …films raise awareness, whether they are fun or serious. There will be two prizes given for these films. A prize for best “Mo” Film and a prize for best “Awareness” type film highlighting Prostate and Testicular cancer.

This is for the film competition.

To enter or donate you don’t need to join my team….please only join if you are going to actively raise money yourself or grown a mo and actively raise money 🙂 So all you need to do to get into the prize draw donate at least $25 (£16)…preferably MORE please to the movember fund by clicking HERE and Email this address with the receipt.

You can enter as many times as you want but each need the donation.There are two categories with a prize for the best from each. The winners will be decided by a jury to be announced later. By paying your donation/ entry fee you will also automatically be entered into the prize draw. So your chances are doubled! 

All entries need to be in for the film competition by NOVEMBER the 20TH You have until 23:59 AMERICAN SAMOAN time, that gives you the most time possible! 🙂 11 hours behind GMT.) so we can judge in time to coincide with the prize draw!! You can enter the film competitions as many times as you want, of course you need to donate each time too!



This film is made to draw attention to the seriousness of prostate cancer and/ or testicular cancer. What you focus on is entirely up to you. Perhaps it’s a survivors story? Perhaps it’s how the disease affected a family. Something that brings the seriousness of this disease…we may be raising money in a fun way but this is terrible problem


A film that celebrates the moustache in any way you feel fit!


Keep the films short and tight. The Mo’ film 2 minutes please. The awareness film can run for 4 minutes.  Films made for Movember 2012 only please. No old stuff…no challenge in that!

Currently the prizes for the  best films include a Kessler Crane Shuttle Pod Mini with motor/ Oracle Kit, a miller compass 12 tripod, Event 20/ 20 speakers, Rode NTG-3…More will be added and this is separate to the prize draw. To be in with a chance of winning one of these great prizes you must enter a film…a donation will just get you into the prize draw!



There will also be a massive prize draw.To enter you simply need to donate $25 to either mEmail this address with your receipt (it’s confidential) then I will enter you into the draw. Remember, it must be $25 or more to qualify (around £16). Any smaller donations are of course gratefully welcomed!! Anyone from anywhere in the world can enter this draw and you can “buy” a place in the draw as many times as you want!PLEASE REMEMBER TO EMAIL ME THE RECEIPT OTHERWISE YOU WON’T GO INTO THE PRIZE DRAW!You have until 23:59 on the 30th of November AMERICAN SAMOAN time, that gives you the most time possible! 🙂 11 hours behind GMT. With regards as to how the draw works: if you win a big prize you cannot win another big prize, but you can still win one of the smaller prizes like the light leaks. Likewise, if you win a smaller prize you can still win one of the bigger prizes!!There will be some cracking prizes from my ever growing list of amazing companies helping out! So far we have these AMAZING prizes!! If you have a great prize to donate then get in touch…you can never have enough prizes!!
It keeps on getting better…two more great companies have donated two more great prizes for the giveaway!If any prizes are unclaimed or unwanted after a week I will do a live redraw. I hope to do the live draw as early in December as possible but it depends on the internet. I will be in Austin for Masters in Motion…so date of exact live draw will be announced asap. It all comes down to the speed of the internet. It may be on the 1st but it may be a week later…Hotel internet SUCKS!!

 Sony Europe have INCREDIBLY donated what is quite possibly the best palm sized pro camcorder on the market, the HXR- NX30.

The “balanced optical steady shot” is quite possibly the most astonishing in camera image stabilisation I have seen. It also is of course full HD, proper connections and a built in light AND projector to view rushes! Nuts! It’s worth $1900 so is one of the absolute top prizes in the giveaway! Hopefully Canon and Nikon will follow suit 🙂


Those lovely people at SLR Magic are giving away a whopper of a prize which I will put into the PRIZE DRAW. The HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 lens worth $3,000! They are also throwing in an ND 8 Filter for it too! This can be used (with an adaptor) on a RED, an Alexa, an F3, an FS100, an AF100/ GH camera and of course a Leica…it’s an M mount so it can’t be used on a camera with a mirror but for all others…enjoy!!
SLR Magic HyperPrime CINE 50mm T0.95 M mount.The First and Fastest Lens for mFT, E-mount, and M mountWith a maximum aperture of F0.95, the SLR Magic Hyperprime is the fastest lens designed for Micro Four Thirds, E-mount, and M mount cameras.At open aperture, the lens renders pictures and video with extreme shallow depth of field for a dreamy and unique aesthetic.
Redrock micro have joined in again for another fundraiser with a terrific cage called the Ultracage valued at $595!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
The all new ultraCage DSLR and ultraBase: the essential accessory for your video DSLR camera. Beautifully crafted, form fitting, the ultraCage and ultraBase deliver maximum stability with minimum weight, and open up a world of accessories and add-ons to create exactly the rig you need. Use your ultraCage standalone or as part of one of our award-winning DSLR rig Bundles. Transform your DSLR camera into a video production powerhouse.
Those software whizzes at ADOBE have incredibly donated CS6 Production Premium. Worth a whopping $1600! This one of the most valuable items in the prize draw….get donated and enter to win a chance to get this!!!! This is their second year taking part…thanks Adobe!!!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
Introducing Creative Suite 6.
Adobe® Creative Suite® 6 software delivers a whole new experience for digital media creation, enabling you to work lightning fast and reach audiences wherever they may be. Now, for the first time, CS applications are also available through Adobe Creative Cloud™, giving you the flexibility to download and install them at any time. Plus, access additional applications, publishing services, and new products and features as they are released.
Those lovely Australian lot Blackmagic Design have donated a full version of Davinci Resolve and an Ultrastudio Express worith $1500! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
DaVinci Resolve is the world’s most advanced color grading system and with DaVinci you get the system that’s used on more feature films and television programming worldwide. DaVinci Resolve is the difference that makes high-end work so breathtaking! Invented in partnership with Hollywood studios for high-end feature film work, DaVinci Resolve is also perfect for episodic television production, commercials, independent films, music videos and more!
The Blackmagic-Design UltraStudio Express is a capture and playback device that connects to a camera on one end and to a computer on the other. It captures saved footage or a live feed from the camera and passes it to the computer in formats ready to be edited. It can also up/down/cross convert the resolution of the footage as the footage is being passed to the computer. The third function of the Express is HDMI monitoring — you can connect a top-quality HDMI monitor and monitor the footage you captured in the best resolution possible so to perform color correction in minute precision.
We have a $1000 voucher from Zacuto who have again joined in this amazing fundraiser! Cheers you Chicago lot!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
For one of the winners of the film competition Miller Tripods in Australia have donated a Compass 12 tripod…a brilliant tripod worth not far off $2000!!! Thanks guys!!
The Miller Solo DV 2-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod with Compass 12 Fluid Head.A selectable counterbalance system is provided for payloads between 4.4 and 22.04 lb (2 and 10 kg). Along with a 60mm sliding camera plate, the tripod features a leg angle lock for 8-63” (20.32-160 cm) and 75mm ball leveling, which help in maintaining a high level of precision. The spike / rubber feet support helps keep the legs of the tripod steady.
A sexy rig of your choice from those cheeky French Canadians at Shape to the value of $1000. This is one of the prizes for the FILM COMPETITION!
SHAPE is happy to introduce the BlackMagic series, designed for 3 different camera uses.
The excellent people at my music site of choice, have generously donated two $500 licenses! Thanks guys!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
The Music Bed licenses relevant music for your media projects. You can use our music in slideshows, promo videos, educational videos, corporate productions, trade show media, and more! Some of the people that can use our music include:Wedding PhotographersProduction CompaniesPortrait PhotographersFreelance VideographersWedding VideographersNon-Profit OrganizationsMinistries & Churches
A Sony RX100 (simply the best compact on the market!) from my good friend Guy Thatcher at…the second year running Guy has helped out…thanks Guy! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
Exquisite image quality and high-end handling are available for the first time in a truly compact camera. The Cyber-shot® RX100 features a massive 1″ sensor and large-aperture F1.8 lens with integrated control ring for intuitive access to settings. Combined with supreme ISO sensitivity, you’ll enjoy richly-detailed results with remarkably low noise even in challenging lighting conditions.
A brand new GoPro HERO3! ! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
GoPro cameras are used by more professional athletes, sports filmmakers and core enthusiasts than any other camera in the world.
Those smashing chaps at Think Tank have donated one of my favourite bags ever. the PRIZE DRAW.
The airport 4-site. It’s a cabin baggage approved 4 wheel bag that can take stacks of gear and is so easy to push due to it’s 4 wheels.I use this all the time. At photokina it went everywhere with me and i used it as an old man walking stick to prop me up when I needed it! Thanks Think Tank! This is for
One of the prizes for the film competition is a Kessler Crane Shuttle Pod Mini with Motor Kit/ Oracle Controller worth around $2000! They will also be donating a pocket dolly for the draw! Second year running and HUGE generosity!
The amazing Shuttle Pod mini and Oracle Motor Kit
For the draw of course we have a new Black Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly of the size you prefer, mini, traveller or standard (I recommend traveller!!)
Another film prize….Those incredibly generous people at EVENT ROD and Microphones Electronics in Australia have donated loads of stuff!  A set of EVENT 20/20 BAS monitors worth around $1600 and an NTG-3 shotgun mic for the other winner of the best film prize and two Stereo Video Mic Pros and two Video Mic Pros for the draw. Second year of hugely generous prizes. Thanks Rode and Event

The deep deep deep Event 20/20 monitors

The new Stereo VideoMic Pro provides a high quality stereo option for videographers, and is ideal for recording music, and the atmospheric ambience essential in building a realistic audio scene.
The RØDE VideoMic Pro is a true shotgun microphone designed for use with camcorders, DSLR cameras and portable audio recorders as a source of primary and reference audio.
My great friends at Letus have donated the HUGELY generous prizes of a Follow Focus and a Matte Box…Each worth around $900! I will split these up into two prizes!! Thanks Hien! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
Follow Focus
Matt Box
The wonderful Edit With Light have donated ten copies of their 4k Light Leak bundles, each worth $100!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
My great friends at Jag35 have again helped out this year with the excellent Shoulder Rig Pro worth $1100!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
Small HD have very generously donated a DP4 EVF! Thanks Guys!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
Another returning company are RedGiant Software who have generously donated the full Magic Bullet Suite worth $800! They have also donated a copy of the excellent new Pluralyes version 3!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
A new company who have generously joined is Imagineer Systems with their Planar tracking software for Mac, Windows or Linux worth $1500!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
G-Tech have generously donated a 2 TB G-drive! Thanks Guys!!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
Motion VFX have donated 10 Mflare licenses each worth $119!!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
The excellent Cinesquid and Cineskates could be coming your way thanks to Cinetics who have generously joined in!! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
The Willy Wonka of camera gear B&H Photo Video have donated a $100 gift voucher! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
One of the nicest USB follow focus systems I have used could be on your way to you…the Aputure V-control USB follow focus! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
One of the nicest USB follow focus systems I have used could be on your way to you…the Aputure V-control USB follow focus! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
I will be donating a one day “one or one” teaching which is worth £1250 (travel expenses/ flights/ accommodation not included but I will feed and water you!) in London! This is for the PRIZE DRAW.
There will be loads more prizes to be announced. If you are interested in donating a prize for this fundraising draw, please get in touch with me by emailing this address! The more prizes we can get the bigger the draw will be and the more money we will raise!!

Two more fabulous prices from the super people at ATOMOS!  The smashing Samurai and Ninja 2 recorder. How bloody awesome is that? Both of these are for the prize draw as individual prizes!


Just had a massive prize donated to the cause by Ashley from UK light. He has incredible donated a Kino-Flo Celeb kit. This is Kino-Flo’s brand new LED lighting system and it’s beautiful. I want one! You get: KIT-C2-230U Celeb 200 DMX Center Mount Kit, 230U (Includes Center Mount Fixture, Gel Frame, Louver 90°, Baby Receiver (16mm), Flight Case) worth around $4000. This is the top prize in the draw alongside the SLR magic lens. Pretty incredible generosity. Thanks Ashley!!



Loads more prizes have been added! The clothing choice of the discerning filmmaker Della Luca have generously donated ten t-shirts of your choice. These are not main prizes but bonus prizes so if you win one you can still win a biggie too! I LOVE these shirts and have just bought a stack more…I do love my t shirts and these are super well made with some cracking designs that are not too geeky…although a couple are 😉 Thanks Matt Jepssen and the crew there! 


For the prize draw we have yet more kit! The incredibly generous people at F-Stop bags have donated $1500 worth of their exceptional bags. Broken into 3 x $500 vouchers. The choice is yours. I have one of their backpacks with their innovative ICUSs and they are superb! Thanks guys!


Are you into anamorphic? Then those brilliant whizzes at Vid-Atlantic have donated 4 of their amazing filters! Thanks so much guys! Again these are bonus prizes for the draw!

1 x 58mm CineMorph Filter ($119 value)
1 x 58mm Flare/Streak filter ($99 value)
My second signature product launches in a few days. It’s a vacuum bag and is simply incredible. I will be talking about how amazing it is in a few days but it basically can position your camera rock solid in themost ludicrous of places. I love this. We have 3 of these beauties to give away! Worth around $300 each!!
Ollie Kenchington from Bristol way is offering one on one training in Resolve. As one of the prizes is resolve this could be a sweet one two. Although this is of great value if you win this you are still eligible for other prizes simply because the winner may not be able to take this prize up in which case in will go into the re-draw a week later 

In December I will be speaking at Masters in Motion for the second year running. A mixture of incredible talks and hands on 3 day workshop with speakers including myself, Vincent LaForet, Shane Hurlbut, Alex Buono and many more. This really is an incredible event and Cristina and Jon have generously donated a ticket for the event worth $850. This doesn’t include transport or accommodation. Read more about the event here! If you cannot make this then please can you pass this onto someone else! 🙂 This is part of the prize draw. 

Matt from Nasty Clamps has also generously added to the prize draw with a bunch of “Nasty Clamps”. Excellent grip tools! I use these a lot. We will have “Three Pack of Nasty Clamps” and “The Big Ol’ Nasty Pack”. These are not main prizes and you will still be in the draw for the big ones. THANKS MATT!!!

Fancy the brand spanking new RED Monochrome Epic for a shoot? Those lovely people from Kippertie in the UK are offering one day’s hire free of charge with your choice of PL, Canon or Nikon mount, LCD, Side SSD, 2 mags, side handle and a transcode of your material to your chose format! Hire is UK only and subject to availabilty and KipperTie’s standard hire T&C’s. This is part of the prize draw and will only be given to someone in the UK. 

Director David LG Hughes is giving away a personally signed blu ray copy of his gangster movie, shot entirely on the Canon 5Dmk2 “Hard boiled sweets”. Thanks David! This is a prize draw item and if you win this you can still be in with a chance of winning the bigger prizes!

More stuff added this time from Peak Design and their incredibly innovative Capture Camera Clip System. They have donated 5 of these worth $80 each. These will be part of the prize draw and if you win one of these you are still eligible for on of the larger prizes!!! Thanks Guys!

Another fantastic part of the prize draw is the excellent Torch LED from Switronix with battery pack! I have this light and it’s truly excellent. You can buy it from B&H here but wouldn’t it be better to just win it? Well enter $20 or more into the draw and this could be yours!!! The light costs $300 and the battery kit $80! Marvellous!!


My good friend Jared Abrams and the crew at WIDE OPEN CAMERA have donated 5 sets of their excellent zip tie gears. I use these on all my lenses. If you don’t have them then enter as you could well win 1 of 5 sets! This is part of the prize draw and if you win you will still be eligible  for the main prizes!

MORE  prizes are coming in. Phil Arnzt has generously donated a brand new View Factor Continue Cage for the blackmagic camera for the prize draw.  You have to pay shipping to the Netherlands though…This wont stop you winning something else in the prize draw. Thanks Phil!

ANOTER late addition is Dougmon have donated their innovative rig called “The Dougmon” and “The Slingmon” worth together over $750!! Thanks guys!

With only a few days to go we have more companies donating gear! Those lovely people at F&V who make smashing lights are donating THREE different types of lights! 

K4000S Bi-Color LED Studio Panel 1×1 is an amazing €500 LED light panel…I have seen the quality of light and it’s really is amazing!
Z180S Bi-color LED Light Panel. I have some of these and I always travel with them. Great handy little lights and as they cost €410 an amazing price…the new soft diffuser is gorgeous
HDR-300 with light Stand Mount. I haven’t seen this but it looks smashing as is worth almost €200!!

With just 3 and a bit days to go another giveaway prize has been added. in the UK have generously donated a 7″ SWIT HDMI monitor. Thanks so much guys!!


  1. Hey I noticed that to join your team, you have to state a place where you live in the UK. I know most people could just enter something random, but I wanted to enter in a US location so I could donate in USD, enter in a valid address, etc (and still remain a member of the Philip Bloom team).

    I contacted the Movember guys and they said that I or you or somebody needs to set up a US team and will group them in a network together so everyone can participate under one umbrella.

    Is that something y’all are into? Could help increase exposure and persuade “on the fencers” over here in the US.

    Just a thought.

  2. Woo excellent. Have wanted to do it for ages but either forgot or last year was photographing a friend’s wedding in Kenya. Already registered, thankfully in London, will join the team.

    I think I might look like a douche – never grown a tache!
    Preferred options so far are either the neat trim Poirot or the full bushy Magnum PI.

    Friend of mine makes moustache wax if anybody needs 🙂

    My uncle has Prostate cancer. Unfortunately getting worse and compounded by having throat cancer too 🙁

    1. Wasn’t going to enter the film competition as I’ve not done anything like that – only basic time-lapse (I’m primarily a photographer) – but am now very tempted. My wax making friend would be a great subject (and he’s helped out with the London Movember events).

      Dilemma now is that I have very little kit other than my D800, could do with some extra bits. But this is a competition to win kit…. ha!
      May buy a mic/sound recorder.

  3. Hello Philip,

    This might be a very stupid question (so apologies if it actually is), but is there a “deadline” before which you should submit your video or donation in order to participate in the competition/prize raffle?

    Thanks in advance and great initiative btw 🙂

  4. Hey, Great competition, hopefully will be able to submit something – just wondering what the deadlines are for prize draw / film entry? Apologies if the answer is in the blog, I tried reading it a couple of times but couldn’t spot em.

  5. I think I have my idea set for the film. Now I just need to make it happen. Keep your fingers crossed that it comes together.

    My Uncle Bobby is also combatting prostate cancer. So while these prizes are awesome, there is something deeper to work for.

    You are quite the class act to do something like this. Not to mention sharing your knowledge with use on film related posts.

    All the best,

  6. My brother in law is recovering from prostate cancer. I believe it can be treated if detected early on, so get yourself checked regularly, gents!

    btw I thought your mini docs on Ponte and Redwaan in South Africa were brilliant, Philip. I look forward to the Durban issue. You inspire us in many ways!


  7. Hi Philip,

    This fundraising is a freat thing!

    Where are more informations about the competition?

    Concerning the prizes: There will be 2 winners in the contest…but who else will get the prices?

    Thx for answering (:

  8. Just made my donation. I have never been affected by prostate or testicular cancer, but i have lost loved ones to cancer, and i know that knowledge is the most powerful tool we have. So i will be actively promoting your page to spread the word.

  9. Philip,

    I wasn’t able to leave a comment on the “mo space,” but just wanted to say thank you for all that you are doing for the industry. You are such an inspiration for everyone, not just filmmakers to do good in this world. I wish you the best in gaining as much money and awareness as possible for such a worthy cause.



  10. Hi Philip,

    I’ve read your site with interest for some time, and it’s got a lot of useful content – thanks for sharing your experience!

    Regarding prostate cancer, it’s clearly important to give men the best available evidence. Part of that includes the benefits and risks associated with screening (getting checked when you don’t have any symptoms).

    The Cochrane Library provides an unbiased, gold standard analysis of research, and makes it available for free. This review should be read by anyone who has no symptoms, but is thinking about getting a check:

    Here are the authors’ conclusions:

    “Prostate cancer screening did not significantly decrease prostate cancer-specific mortality in a combined meta-analysis of five RCTs. Only one study (ERSPC) reported a benefit in a subgroup of men aged 55 to 69. Within this subgroup of men it was determined that 1410 men needed to be invited to screening and 48 additional men subsequently diagnosed with prostate cancer needed to receive early intervention to prevent one additional prostate cancer death at 10 years. Men should be informed of this and the demonstrated adverse effects when deciding whether or not to undertake screening for prostate cancer. Any benefits from prostate cancer screening may take up to 10 years to accrue; therefore, men who have a life expectancy less than 10 to 15 years should be informed that screening for prostate cancer is unlikely to be beneficial.”

    Prostate Cancer UK, the charity supported by Movember, has a website that effectively encourages men to have a check. Risks are mentioned, but without details. Pharmaceutical company GSK helps fund Prostate Cancer UK. My point here is that despite good intentions, the charity may not be entirely unbiased, or best-placed to advise on whether to get a check.

    Prostate cancer is a serious matter. If men have symptoms, they should get checked out. If they are at higher risk, maybe they should get checked out.

    However, if they have no symptoms, and are not at higher risk, maybe they shouldn’t. The way to decide is to be aware of the benefits and the risks of getting a check, and then to make an informed decision.

    More information here:

    (you can also read the book “Testing Treatments” for free on this website – it’s interesting – and important – general reading)

    To be clear: I’m not saying don’t get a check. I’m saying get the best available evidence, then decide.


  11. Hi Philip,
    Great raffle and competition! I would be beyond thrilled to win any of these prizes, but especially the Kessler Crane Shuttle Pod Mini with Motor Kit/ Oracle Controller! A dream piece of gear there… Drool…

    Anyways, I entered the raffle/draw already but was thinking about having some fun with “The ‘Mo”. One question I don’t see answered above is whether or not we can use popular music or does it have to be royalty free? My video is dependent on a pop song that I could never get the rights too, so I figured I would ask as it would save me a bit of trouble if the answer is no.

    Again, thanks for all you do for the community!

  12. Hippocrates Health Institute is reported of having a relatively high healing rate of various forms and stages of cancer (including stage four cancer).

    This will require to change one’s life but may be worth it …. Have a look!

      1. Sure! Despite some progress no one can claim cancer reversing rates close to 100%, so society
        definitely needs the resources to fight that disease.

        I wish a success in raising the necessary money. And thanks for all the practical/educational reviews on your site.

  13. So I’ve read through the blog post. I have raise some money in cash. Do I need to enter each drawing entry separately as $20 a piece or can I donate $60 and then send an email to count as 3 entries. Which is the preferred method for you?

    I’ll have a film by the deadline for the film competition as well.

      1. Sure thing. I’m doing what I can but it is slow going.

        I have contacted local cinemas to see if they would be interested in showing my Movember PSA before the main feature. I got a yes from one and I’m still waiting to hear back from the other.

        Thanks for everything.

  14. Hi Phillip,

    I noticed you changed the suggested amount for the draw to £16 from £14. I sent my receipt in a few weeks back and donated £15, will it still count?

    Regardless, great work with the money you have raised so far!


  15. Hi Phillip, I just noticed that the date for the film comp has been pushed forward to TODAY… I was under the impression that it was due by the end of the month and was planning to shoot this weekend. Any chance you will be accepting late entries?

    1. hi there…it was actually pushed back. it was never end of month, was 15th originally and i delayed it to 20th to give us time to watch them an judge them…i can give you a day more but no more sorry!! it’s said 20th for over a month.


  16. The film competition looks like it will be tough. So many good entries.

    Will each person/group that entered the film competition get feedback on their film whether they win or lose? Knowing what the judges liked or disliked about the film will be helpful in building skills by knowing what to improve upon.

    In the end we all win because we get to spread the message about Movember and maybe it might save someone’s life. That’s worth it.

  17. Hi Philip. I think I found a typo in the above rules. When you updated the deadline to mention Samoan time, you wrote that the films are due by November 30th. I’m pretty certain you meant the 20th, correct? Thought you might want to fix it. Thanks. Hope your ‘stache is growing in nicely.

  18. Hi Philip, There’s a typo in the 2nd sentence of the section about the prize draw. I think it originally said that donators could enter the draw if they sponsor any of your team. That’s not clear now, but it’s what I’ve been telling people.

  19. When do you think we will be receiving our prizes? Also, after sending you my contact info, I got an email from you that said that my receipt will be entered into the prize draw. That email was sent to me yesterday.

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