WINNERS ANNOUNCED!! Movember 2018 fundraiser/ huge camera gear prize draw!

EDIT: The prize draw has happened. CLICK HERE to download the winners list. If you would like the watch the live draw here it is below. It is in two parts as the live went down.

Winners will also be notified by email on Monday.

It’s that time of year again where men grow moustaches (or try to) to (as well as women of course!) fundraise all in aid of for men’s health.

Every November for the past 11 years I have grown a moustache in aid of the global men’s health charity fundraiser Movember. The aim of Movember is to raise money (and awareness) to beat Prostate Cancer, Testicular cancer and men’s mental health issues.

Prostate cancer is the most common form of cancer in men and is treatable if caught early, which is part of why this is done –  to remind people how important it is to get checked, especially if you have family members who have had it. My grandfather died from prostate cancer, and my Uncle was tested not long after to find that he had it, but because he caught it early he is fine THANKFULLY! I am also now of the age where I have to get regular testing.

This annual fundraising serves to help raise money to tackle these diseases and to remind men TO GET CHECKED, and of course for the loved ones of these men to remind them too!

Over these ten years together we have raised over £215,000!

What I do each year is organise a prize draw giveaway which is full of filmmaking swag, in the past we have had drones, gimbals, cameras, lenses, software, sliders and so much more! If you donate £15 or more to my campaign and then send me the receipt, you get entered into the prize draw. The more donations you make, the greater chance you have of winning! You can enter from anywhere in the world. When you go to the page, just go to the donate section. You don’t join the team, as that is something different.

Here are the instructions to enter the prize draw.


1: Simply go to this link which takes you directly to the donation page

2: This will ask you to put in your donation amount and personal details.

3: Make sure the amount is at least £15 (roughly $20 but do check the exchange rate as it is all a bit crazy right now and the total for the minimum is in pounds). You can donate more of course, but £15 is the minimum to qualify entry into the prize draw. PLEASE REMEMBER MINIMUM MUST BE £15 OR YOU CANNOT BE ENTERED INTO THE PRIZE DRAW.

4: You can enter as many times as you want, and as long as each donation is at least £15, you will get another entry for the prize draw. Just make sure you forward me your receipt to  Once you get the auto responder (which asks if you attached receipt) then your receipt has been received. You do not need to send it again.

5: It is open to anyone in the world, not restricted to the UK. If it is asking you for a UK postcode, you have clicked on the wrong link at the start. You have selected to join my team, which you don’t do to donate. Click here to go straight to the donation page.

6: Entry closes on the 10th December at 10pm GMT. This is the official end of fundraising for Movember 2018

7: One prize per ticket.

8: Any import/ duty taxes are the sole responsibility of prize winners. If you win something you don’t want, please email asap to let us know, and we will do a re-draw at a later date.

9: The exact prize draw date will be announced soon but will be around mid December.

10. You are donating directly to an organisation representing the charities – nothing goes to me. This is not a lottery, this is not gambling. You are being thanked by me for helping raise money for Movember by your receipt being entered into a prize draw for all the gear that many companies have donated.

This Years Prizes SO FAR…there will be loads more to add in the coming days !

(If you want to donate a prize please email Sarah at THANK YOU!



It may be December but you can still donate/enter and of course do this as many times as possible! To mark this I have some new prizes to add!

First up is the amazing SYRP motorised slider kit; the magic carpet long and Genie worth about $1500!!

Thanks Syrp!


Huge thanks to Andrew Chan who has once again donated to the prize draw! You can win one on TEN ND Filters of a strength of your choice. I have the set and they are amazing, cutting back light from 1 to 10 stops! Thanks Andrew!




The Z-Cam E2 with the Small HD OLED Focus

Thank you to Small HD for once again donating an amazing prize. This year it is the beautiful Focus OLED monitor Cine kit. Thanks guys!


Once again Peak Design have donated to the campaign and this is a special prize! Their brand new Travel backpack which is superb. I checked it out at Photokina and loved the modularity of it! Thanks Luke and the team!!

Rhino are once again donating to the Movember fundraiser with their brand new ARC II Robotic Camera Assistant. It’s an incredible 4 Axis robotic head worth $960! Thanks Kyle from Rhino!


New to this year’s campaign is Pentax UK, the makes of my favourite camera ever, the medium format Pentax 645z.

They have generously donated the excellent K-70 DSLR with the 18-55 kit lens with £729! Thanks Pentax!


New to the fundraising this year is the amazing Z-Cam with their stunning new cinema camera the E-2. Capable of shooting 4K up to 120fps and HD at 240fps. Same sensor as the GH5s and Terra 4K. It features a Micro Four Thirds active mount. Check out the camera here

This is the E2 rigged up…you will of course just get the camera not all my add ons! 🙂


Those lovely people at Atomos have donated their flagship on camera recorder, the Shogun Inferno. Capable of recording (if your camera is compatible) raw, ProRes and ProRes raw! Its worth £1350!

Thanks guys!!


This is BIG! Movcam have donated for so many years and once again they are being amazingly generous! We have 3, yes THREE, single Axis wireless control systems worth £2500 EACH!



The amazing Miller tripods have been donating for years and this year they have amazingly donated their new CX2 head with Solo alloy legs. This head is amazing as it can balance zero to 8 kgs. I don’t know any heads that can do zero. This is a perfect head for people who use really light camera to big rigs under 8kg. It’s a hell of a prize and costs £1250! Thanks Mike and everyone at Miller!



The amazing people at Sigma UK have donated the amazing 50mm F1.4 ART with a lens mount of your choice (as long as they make it!)

This lens is gorgeous and I use it a lot. Thanks to Jennifer and the team at Sigma UK for being so generous again!

*if the winner resides outside of the UK postage will need to be paid to your home country. If you reside in the UK it will be sent directly to you from Sigma UK. 


Once again the lovely people at Compagnon have donated towards my Movember campaign. I love their bags and use them all the time. They have donated one of my favourites “The little messenger” in a leather of your choice. It’s worth €309! Thanks guys!


Here is another amazing prize! Those talented 360 people have donated their latest and greatest small 360 camera! The £400+ ONE X which I have just reviewed (Check it out here!)



The fantastic people at Zhiyun have donated 2 wonderful prizes to this year’s prize haul! We have the amazing Crane Plus for mirrorless cameras and the Smooth 4 for phones! I have the Crane Plus and it’s terrific and really light! Thanks Zhiyun!


The lovely people at DJI have donated their excellent new Osmo Mobile 2! I have one of these and they are superb. Thanks guys!


Loads of amazing goodies from frequent donators to my Movember campaign, X-Rite! Check out what’s on offer this time!

We have the enormous Color Check XL worth $495, the video color checker worth $129 and the color checker passport worth $149. All amazing prizes! Thanks X-RITE!!


New to my Movember are Gudsen Moza who have generously donated their fantastic brand new MOZA Air 2 3 Axis gimbal and their new mobile phone gimbal the Mini Mi. Thanks so you!!


F&V have again donated to the prize draw after their previous generous donations and they have given us this amazing light!

F&V K4000S Power Bi-Color LED Panel Light (worth €549.00)

Multiple times brighter than the originalThe K4000S Power Bi-Color LED Panel Light takes brightness to a new level and is about 3x as powerful as the original K4000S Lumic, with the KS-1 Intensifier even 4x as bright.

Here is another fantastic light to win; the Astora PS 1300D Daylight Power-Spot LED panel light (worth $779.00)

Ultra-bright, up to 16629 lux@1m

Powered by normal V-Mount batteries

TLCI up to 98, CRI up to 97

Fan-less, silent operation

Wireless control built-in

Rugged, yet lightweight metal housing

MUSIC BEDmusicbed


Amazing prizes from Musicbed! From their new subscription system the following is up for grabs:

1 Creator / YouTube Membership (up to 1mil subs) + $500 Account Balance
3 Creator / YouTube Memberships (up to 1 mil subs)



The lovely people at Came TV are being super generous again this year! We have loads of their new lights coming to a total of about $3000!!

RGBDT 2ft Tube
Daylight Foldable 120 watt ring light 
RGBDT 75watt panel light
F-55S portable Spot light
RGBDT Panel lights 20w



Those lovely people at MZED who commissioned my Cinematic Masterclass are offering up FIVE 12 month MZED Pro Memberships bundles that include my Cinematic Masterclass AND the new Mastering Color class worth $399 each!!




Film Convert, the powerful film emulation software is back again, with a donation of 4 bundles worth $219 each!! Thanks guys!



Zacuto are giving away the impressive VCT Pro Baseplate worth $650!



Those lovely people at RØDE are donating FIVE of their fantastic new VideoMic Pro+Microphones each worth £260!!



Once again Eddie from Vid Atlantic has donated to this important fundraiser. I think he must have donated to every single one!

They are offering 3 sets of 2 filters of their choice from their Anamorphic line worth $540 in total!

Vid-Atlantic CineMorph (Anamorphic Looks) Filters – Using compatible lenses, the CineMorph filters create an anamorphic look quickly and easily without all the hassles of a real anamorphic lens. It mimics the stylish & cinematic look of anamorphic-cinemascope lenses, such as flares, streaks, and stretched waterfall bokeh; our most favorite characteristic! Now being used on major film and television projects. Available at various retailers as well.


Huge thanks to Michelle and Sandra from Instamic who are donating two of the fantastic little Instamic Pro with $139!


The amazing people at Aputure are donating amazing stuff again this year!

Up for grabs is the Lightstorm 120d worth $650

Plus their Light Dome II and Amaran MX


Big thanks to Medialight for donating TEN of their Elcipse lighting systems for computer monitors! 


We have 5 of the new multi cases from Iographer. Thanks again guys!
More prizes are added daily so please check back!!







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