Overview of Miller Compass series of tripods

ETHICS STATEMENT: This was a paid overview of the compass line of tripods by Miller. This is not a review but a video to show the differences between the different models. I am a huge advocate of Miller tripods and have been a customer of theirs for 5 years since I bought my Solo DS20. You can read more about my ethics here.

A good tripod should be right up at the top of your list when you buy kit, along with some basic lighting and basic sound gear. Before a camera, before lenses. Why? Because these are not camera specific. They will also last you through multiple cameras. A good tripod will last a hell of a long time, that is if you spend money. I had been asked to recommend a good tripod recently for $100. I couldn’t. A good tripod, a good video tripod with a fluid head can cost you. You can spend a fortune on a tripod, but in my opinion it’s good to get one that will work with your current camera and any rentals you may use it with, thinking about future cameras too. Different payloads make a difference. The huge expensive tripods won’t balance with a DSLR for example. All the Miller ones I feature  in the video below work with DSLRs when loaded up with essentials and heavier cameras too.

I am lucky enough to own far too many tripods 🙂 …Sachtlers, Vintens, Gitzos, Cartoni, Manfrotto and 3 Miller tripods. I choose the right tripod for the job, whether it is flying away somewhere or a drive from home. I have been using Vinten Vision and Sachtler tripods all my professional life  (which are fantastic!) and still use them a fair bit, but the ones I have are not good for light cameras, they are the equivalent of the Miller Arrow series, which I don’t have any of – they are for big beast cameras and they need a decent flight case. That is when I bought my DS20 Solo which comes apart to go in my suitcase wrapped in clothes…excess baggage costs a lot and as I travel a lot, over 9 months of the year, these are the tripods I use most of the time now. I still use my DS20, but my Compass 20 is a much nicer head….anyway enough blathering…watch the video and feel free to post any tripod questions below! Here to help! 🙂

If you want to buy any Miller tripods, please support my site and use the CVP link below for Europe or the B&H for the US. I get a small percentage, and it costs you nothing. It helps me to take time off from shooting to work on my site and create lots of content! I appreciate it!

Overview of Miller Compass series of tripods from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.