Make your Zacuto Z-Finder V2 anti fog with cheap upgrade

Very cool this…Zacuto have released an anti fog upgrade kit for the V2 Finder essentially making it the same as the 3x magnification V3. It consists of a rubber eye piece with the protective shield for sunlight and 3 clip on anti fog covers. You get three in case over time they get scratched so you have spares. They cost just $22 and are absolutely essential if you have a V2 as the anti-fog works a treat and I cannot shoot without it anymore. If you already have the V3 you can also use this for extra protection.

You can order it by clicking here


  1. Thanks for the tip, Philip! How about those of us who bought v2 Z-Finders a couple weeks before v3, but haven’t yet sent their unit in to Zacuto for a free “update”? I wonder if Zacuto would consider just sending this out instead (I don’t need the new baseplate, only want the antifog).

      1. I don`t think so, but I understand paul, as I also bought my Z-finder 1 week before V3. So it’s great to have this upgrade and with 3 clip of antifog ! I really love my Z-finder V2, I love to have it hanging of my neck and be able to put it in the frame at any second and also take it off if I want To.

        any way thanks for the information, and I must say I also saw this at

  2. I have the V2 and was offered to send it in for them to change the optics to the new anti-fog one. Very nice of them to offer but the problem was that I could not afford to be without my z-finder for even a week or 2!

    I guess I will buy this, seems like a good solution.

  3. Nothing is free…Well with the exception of apples free case for the 4G 😛

    But it sure would have been a better business decision to have had the anti fog upgrade kit for the V2 when they released V3, Seems to me they didn’t get the sales they were hoping for, and Now release the upgrade??

    I could have avoided the hassle of selling my v2 so I could afford the v3,
    But in any case I like the Base Plate very much so in the end no harm no foul.

    Pbloom you need to announce the Vimeo contest, there is only 2 weeks left!
    I sent you an email to your “help” mail


    1. Greg,
      To be honest these anti-fog shields were a happy accident in our trying to find a protector for the lens that many were asking for. Just for fun, I had them run it through the anti fog coating process and zingo we invented a new product. I’m happier that the V2 to V3 solution is cheaper and you don’t have to send your unit in. Enjoy.


      Just to clarify, fog coating is not as durable as a regular un-coated lens. So you can’t rub the heck out of it or you can rub off the very stuff that keeps it from fogging. That’s why I recommend the anti-fog shields for V3 users too.

  4. I’m just waiting for them to supply their UK retailers with some, I don’t fancy paying the $60 postage fee for a $22 product!! This will be a godsend though!

  5. I relatively recently purchased the V2 protection kit upgrade and was happy to find out from Zacuto that thee antifog inserts will slot right into that eyecup. Nice way to upgrade the Z2, well done.

  6. Hi Philip

    I have recently purchased a canon 5D and redrock captain stubling rig and I am having trouble trying to establish whether the zacuto z finder pro3 will work with the captain stubling rig. It looks to me like the gorilla plate will be a problem?

    If this is the case, would you recommend getting the Zacuto Jnr or is it possible to buy the Pro 3 and just remove the gorilla plate and use a adhesive mounting frame instead?

    Your assistance would be much appreciated. (zacuto sales dept. have ignored me)



    p.s. your website is most excellent as is your chat – a massive help.

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