Majorca DSLR/ AF101 masterclass films

Last month myself, Sebastian Wiegaertner and Nino Leitner held the second DSLR masterclass in Majorca. It was the first one I attended. It was a huge success. 3 days seems like a really good time to get theory done, make a film and go through post, although I am sure another day or so would have helped. There is so much to talk about but because we were all staying in the same hotel we were able to continue into the evening over drinks and when the 30 students broke up into 6 teams to make their individual films based on challenges we set them.

Day one was in depth theory, timelapse including a sunset timelapse shoot, day two was sound then shooting the films. Day three was post and editing.

Below are the 6 films from the teams, remember these were shot mostly in one afternoon (apart from one team which filmed late into the night that I supervised)

Although we have no current concrete plans for when our next 3 day workshop will be it will definitely happen sooner rather than later. In the meantime enjoy the 6 films (and my own film that I made at the end of the workshop which some of the students who didn’t go home straight away helped me with) and the very silly photos.

It was an immensely fun 3 days and I am pretty sure everyone had a terrific time and learned a lot. Great people, gorgeous place. Can’t wait to do it again!! If you are interested in attending one drop a line in the comments, we are also thinking of bringing it to North America. First up is a BTS then the films themselves!

Mallorca DSLR Video Masterclass 2011 from oweng on Vimeo.


Oh yes and you can see myself, Sebastian and Nino in August in Germany and Austria for the CamBusters tour. Details here!

EXPOSURE from Joaquim Bel on Vimeo.

Fantastic Commercial from Ian Laurie on Vimeo.

colonia de st pere – HDSLR Timelapse from chris baker on Vimeo.


Nino and Sebastian


  1. Thanks everybody for the great time. Beside our nice hosts, it was great fun with all attendees. They were so all-around: Engineers, artists, piano-playing visionaries, international, experts, nerds, …
    Greets to the guy from Block 5. “It was so far away” … in the morning.

    1. Yes it was the CamDolly which was one of the sponsors. They were so nice to give it away to one of our attendees … the guy using it in most of the shots happened to win the prize drawing for it too!

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