Recording of live presentation for MacVideo.TV “The right camera for the right job…” BOTH PARTS NOW LIVE!


Last week I did a live presentation at the Royal Society of Medicine for MacVideo.TV entitled “The right camera for the right job…”

It’s a big question…What camera should I buy? Well it depends on what your budget is, what you are shooting and of course many more things…I try to answer as many of these questions as possible in the presentation as well as show some footage from the F3, AF100, Canons, Epic and Sony NEX5N.

Click the image below to watch part 1. Click the second image to watch part 2!







  1. I really love that the pro’s are addressing matters like this. I am in the process of getting my next camera and this is helping quite a bit. I used a 7D for a year in film school and it helped me get noticed when people saw what it could do compared to my schools outdated cameras. This year I used a 5DmkII for some short films and my first real job for the UFC. Now before I enter grad school I want another camera and understanding which one is right for what I plan on doing is key. Sure I can rent a camera here or there but owning one knowing it is there for the job at hand really speaks volumes. I can’t wait for the next one as the AF100 (as well as FS100 and what Canon announces in November) is on my list of potential cameras.

    Seriously, thank you for posting this. I have learned a lot more from you guys then some of my professors.

  2. Thanks Philip! What’s the little camera you used for your Chicago shoot? I watched the video, but you never actually named it. Thanks again very much!

  3. Philip, for cameras of today that offer the sharpest image in 1080p will those cameras upscale better then other cameras with software images? It’s one of the reason why I went with the GH2 that I just bought two weeks ago.

    Rumor has it that Epson is working on the CMOS sensor with Panasonic and Panasonic is going to release the GH3 with the launch 3D 4k HDTV sets in September of 2012.

    The only things that come to mind about the GH3 that they might add in 48p or maybe 2k and maybe 4k is the stars line up just right.

  4. Hello Philip,

    Thanks so much, very informative. I’m wondering what’s the make and model of the the small camera that you used for the Chicago camera shop shoot?

    Thanks again,


      1. Thanks for the quick response, Philip.

        I just watched “Booths and Bodies”…it feels much shorter than nine minutes to me…I wouldn’t touch a frame…and once again, I’m so impressed with how you are able to show up with your gear and in a very short time build a trust with your subject, totally putting them at ease in order to capture and share their essence with us.

        Oh yeah, it looks fantastic as well…Bravo!

        San Diego, CA

  5. Hi Phillip,

    Thanks for posting this very informative presentation. One question, you commented that the FS100 has a better image, but the AF100 is a much better camera. I own the FS100, but have used both and love the image you can create using either one. What, to you, distinguishes the FS100’s image quality (other than the larger sensor & larger in-camera data rate ie 28 mbs) vs the AF100 and why do you consider the AF100 a better camera? I greatly prefer the form factor and decreased sensor crop of the FS100. Although, I do find the 3X redundancy in a lot of the buttons and menus on it to be a bit (how did you put?)”fiddly”.


  6. If anyone wants to buy some Olympus lens now might be a good time to buy.

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  7. I really enjoyed this presentation. It was nice and informative and has informed on a new camera I just bought… Sony Nex7… 🙂 I think you are really good at giving presentations… you aren’t boring or bland. Thanks for posting this!!!

  8. Really enjoyed this…great insight.

    I just had a question about 180 degree shutter and the epic. Since the resolution is crazy high, are you able to use variable ND’s to dial in your shutter? If so, which ones are you using and do they soften the image at all?


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