Magic Bullet Looks 2 + Suite 11 released! (20% off all Magic Bullet products, code here!!)

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Ethics Statement: Red Giant Software are an affiliate of, but like all my affiliates their products are top notch. There are not many affiliates on for that reason. I only partner with companies who make the best stuff!

I just watched this really clever, funny and fantastically made short film by Seth Worley and Aharon Rabinowitz. All effects done within the new Magic Bullet Suite 11 which I have not got yet. There is loads of new software including a new version of Magic Bullet Looks! It also includes Magic bullet Cosmo which is like digital make up!

Click on any of the images to go the RedGiant site to order it.

With regards to film, it’s very well written and brilliantly executed. Each genre it homages is shot in that style, not just a filter applied. Beautifully shot and well acted with it’s tongue very firmly in it’s cheek! Please please please make sure you watch past the end credits!!

Director: Seth Worley

Executive Producer: Aharon Rabinowitz

“Plot Device,” a nine minute short film directed by Seth Worley, and executive produced by Red Giant’s own Aharon Rabinowitz. Aharon and Seth co-wrote the film, working together in close collaboration throughout the project. Plot Device was created to demonstrate first hand the high caliber work that can be created when using Magic Bullet Suite 11, even on a limited budget.

Check out the very interesting BTS HERE.



  1. Hey Philip, I was asking myself today about old films and zooms. Recently I got my Canon t2i and I was asking my self what lenses can i use to have that zoom in style like tarantino, anderson, etc. Thank you.

  2. absolutely phenomenal piece! for any budget filmmakers out there i highly recommend watching the behind the scenes footage as well! as the producer says at the end of it, the behind the scenes ‘they set out to make two films, the one you just saw and the bts’

    what really got me was the lead actor composing the music as well! and he’s only 18!…

  3. This movie rocked

    my favourite line

    “i think i am going to say i love you”

    “i dont understand what that means”


    “thank god!”

    bgnd soundtrack = HILARIOUS

    funny thing is – i really liked JUNO – but this was a great pisstake nonetheless !

  4. Simply amazing film…but is there anyone else out there that thinks that the looks used would never be seen in a feature film or television show as they were used here?

  5. Very nice! I’ve also watched the “Behind Scenes” and I agree with them – pulling something that looks big off with a low or no budget is far more exciting than what big studios do with all the “help” they’ve got. Nevertheless I still wish to work on big projects in the future. Can’t wait to get myself MB v2 because Cosmo is real nice.

    Tudor M.

    PS. Great Work on everything Phillip! Salutes from Romania.

    1. Quote”Very nice! I’ve also watched the “Behind Scenes” and I agree with them – pulling something that looks big off with a low or no budget is far more exciting than what big studios do with all the “help” they’ve got.”

      I dont think it matters HOW one achieves a great look. be that big budget or low budget. Looks matter.

      That said, Magic Bullet Looks has some nice features for people who are not really knowing what to vision for when grading footage. The looks of this demo-movie, in my eyes was highly video and did not at all convince me to purchase version 2.

      Had I been a first customer, I had not been convinced at all.

  6. Very nice movie.
    I was a bit disappointed that Magic Bullet is no longer compatible with Sony Vegas. But then again, this may be due to Sony, not Red Giant.

  7. wait till I show some of my clients “cosmo”…I sense that I’ll be doing alot more HD DSLR interviews in the future thanks to that little peice of software 🙂

    “make me look 10 years younger” they say 🙂

  8. Philip…have you had a chance to play with the new suite? Actually this question could be for anyone…but has anyone had trouble with the new video out feature in Magic Bullet Looks? I have an open ticket with Red Giant but they seem stumped on this issue as well. Could be my computer settings though.

  9. Fun movie, a little cheesy but that was intended. Btw- your article states “all effects done with MBS11” which is not correct. All the color grading perhaps, but explosions/flares/light effects used several other effects not included in MBS- like Knoll and Trapcode.

  10. I just purchased the Looks 2 update since I was running 1.2 on FCP7. Bummer….once it’s imported in the timeline everything is jagged and looks super interlaced. I too got back to Red Giant and they’re looking into it. In the meantime I went back to Looks 1.2. I hope they find the problem. I hope it’s not because I still work in SD. Hope to switch to HD soon. I’ll let you know when they find the solution.

    If any of you bought the update and got a similar problem let me know.

    Best regards

    Luc Fontaine

  11. Phil,

    Do you know if they will begin to work with the FCPX api’s?

    Integration with the new FCP would be really nice since I think it already supports many DSLR codecs and is in the process of XML export.

    Just asking because you seem to be tight with the MB people!

    Thanks Phil,


  12. I just visited the Red Giant website. I wanted to find out which of their products are compatible with Sony Vegas Movie Studio. They have a compatibility-feature, but first it wouldn’t even load. Then out of nothing, a page loaded stating that Vegas 7/8 is supported, but nothing about 10/11. Does that make sense?

    In my opinion, the website has become bloated and difficult to navigate. In my mother tongue, there is a saying ‘you can’t see the forest through the trees’, which is right on, here.

    1. I think I’m going nuts! I download trail version MB Looks AVX plugin for AVID a fortnight ago and I loved it. Went to buy the full version yesterday and suddenly there’s no AVID compatible version available at all. Have I taken a stupid pill and am I looking in the wrong place or have RG pulled their AVID version?


  13. anyone else having Lion and MB looks issues?

    besides the edit button thing?

    my project in FCP7 graded with MBL doesn’t export the effects etc when exporting to QTime…. also after it renders, some of the gradings (effects) don’t appear…

    any ideas?


  14. Been waiting for the right time to purchase this and so glad I did. Not only is it a wonderful tool, but I was surprised to discover that the Bloom20 code worked to save me 20% off the entire suite, not just Magic Bullet Looks. Thank you PB

  15. I was in contact with Red Giant when the new compatibility with 64-bit/CS5.5 was announced, and I can confirm that it is Red Giant rather than Sony who are responsible for there being no Sony Vegas compatibility… and no plans for it either.
    ‘Not enough of a market’ I was told.
    Big shame, Vegas is one of the industry’s ‘dirty little secrets’ – there are still many things so easy to do in Vegas that are difficult if not impossible to achieve in FCP or Premier – so fast to get things done too.
    But plug-in compatibility is sorely lacking in Vegas.
    You can use the previous MB in 32-bit versions of Vegas 9 and 10, but not 64-bit versions.

  16. Do any of you here use Magic Bullet for strictly home videos, vacations, etc. I’m intrigued by the MB capabilities, but am not sure if it’s an overkill for just personal, non business use. I’ve been doing videos with ordinary camcorders for a while (VHS, DV, HDV) and have just recently started using 5D II. Using 5D II has really opened my eyes and stirred up my creative instincts. I’m pondering on whether the next step is Magic Bullet. I guess my biggest concern is that after some initial oooh and aaah, would I realize that I’m merely doing family videos and MB is overkill. I use CS5 Premiere and After Effects. Any non-business/family users out here with advice. Thanks.

  17. Hi Philip thank you, I just bought my copy using the coupon code ;-))

    now im using it into final cut 7 ….but im experiening some issue :
    when i apply looks into some clips (its gives me some bands and orizzontal stripes , even if itry to de-enterlace the clip it wont come out …)
    anyone can help??

    thank you

    1. I had the same problem and wrote to Red Giant. They provided me with a patch. The just released update should fix it. Mine is working fine now.

      If you still have problem just go on their website and get in touch with them. I was amazed at how fast they got back to me and kept me posted while they were trying to get it fixed. This is some of the best tech support I ever had. Thumbs up to them.

      Best regards

      Luc Fontaine

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