RESCHEDULED to bank holiday Monday due to abysmal weather!!!!!! London DSLR meetup on the South Bank. Learn how to shoot timelapse and HDR timelapse

EDIT: This is frustrating. The weather is simply going to be terrible tonight, if it doesn’t rain (which it probably will) we will have 35MPH winds. I have made the decision to cancel and reschedule for Bank Holiday Monday instead. Same time, same place. Hopefully better weather and of course with it being a bank holiday hopefully more people can come! The weather looks much calmer for Monday! This is come rain or shine. If it rains we drink in the BFI bar where we will also go afterwards!

Hi everyone. I haven’t done a London meet up for a while. The last one was fun, this time I want it to be creative as well as go out for drinks after.

This is my vague plan. We meet at 6pm on May 26th just to the right of the London Eye, look for the cameras. You don’t have to shoot timelapse but bring your camera, tripod and remote if you can. Security guards are an issue but as we are not there for a professional reason I think a load of us turning up with cameras will be fine! Worse comes to worse we film the whole kerfuffle or we move over a bit further!!

I will show people who need to be shown how to do timelapse and I will guide people through how to do HDR bracketing timelapses too. This is free, done for fun!

If interested let me know below. If it rains then….erm…it probably won’t happen. So keep your fingers crossed. We will know the day before! That’s English weather for you!


        1. I just called Pentax and they said the HDR can merge in camera. I also told them about Philip Bloom and how good you are and said they need to send you some cameras. So you might get some Pentax cameras. Keep your figures cross!

          Mode selection: Single, Continuous (Hi, Lo), Self-Timer (12s, 2s), Remote (0s, 3s, continuous), Auto Bracketing (standard, timer, remote), MLU (standard, remote), HDR Capture (+3, 0, -3 with 5 blend settings and pixel alignment), Multi-Exposure (2-9 shots), Interval (999 shots, 1 sec to 24 hrs, time delay available) Continuous FPS – Continuous Hi: 7.0 FPS (22 JPG, 8 RAW) – Continuous Lo: 2.0 FPS (unlimited JPG, 12 RAW) Self-timer: Yes (12s, 2s) Remote control: Yes, infrared (0s, 3s, continuous), cable switch

  1. Hi Philip, recently i have purchased rc6 remote control for 5d mark2, now it is a good time to have timer remote control, which model do you recommend?

    will be there!

  2. Really interested in this! It’s great timing as I have a shoot down in London that week, as I am based in Manchester! Look forward to it.

  3. Shall definitely be there Phillip, it’s my last day of university this year on the 26th so it will be a lovely way to finish the day. Will be my first London meetup! Looking forward to it!

  4. I would love to come along to this. I’m a long time follower of your videos so getting a few tips while meeting some people and shooting would be fantastic! I am definitely in!

    Will pop this in the diary and look forward to it!

  5. I’ll be there too. As you quite rightly say though, security can be a bit ‘funny’ on that patch. I’ve been moved on a few times, the reason ” We don’t allow tripods mate” ?

  6. Sounds fantastic and like a great opportunity.. would love to be there, will have to see closer to the day, but very much hoping to be there.. will be a real gift to meet you and learn some top tips, awesome!! many thanks!! 🙂

  7. Hi Philip. I’d love to come along if you have space, the weather is OK and I can get down from Warwick in time. Hmmmm a lot of ifs there! Fingers crossed. Hoping for some expert guidance and inspiration! Ben

  8. I may come down if I get the time and forecast looks good!! – quite a long trip from the Suffolk area…
    Will let you know sir. 🙂

  9. Is it possible to come only as a spectator?
    I neither have an HDSLR camera yet nor an intervallometert to shoot timelaspe but i’m interestead on both so i’d like to come along and learn something.

  10. Hi Philip…great idea! I’ll be there and will bring some of my Uni students with me too.

    Cheers for offer.

    I’ll also be seeing you in Lisbon soon so be good to meet up before then.


  11. Hi Phillip

    I look forward to joining you next week.
    Funnily enough I`ve down in that area a couple of times recently doing some timelapse`s, it will be great to learn some more and to meet you and everyone there too!

    See you next week.


  12. Big fan and regular reader of your blog.

    I’m new to London (1 month) and would love to come to this. I don’t own an intervalometer but would like to learn the time lapse process and meet some people.

    Does anyone know someone out here whom rents their personal gear? I have Monday off and I’m looking to rent a basic shoulder rig for a day of wandering the city and maybe an intervalometer for the meet-up.

    1. Buy a cheapo Intervalometer of Amazon or Ebay. Look in some camera shops. They might be a bit more expensive. Maybe around £15 max!

  13. Is everything still looking good for tomorrow? Will everyone be in the, near enough, the same place? I might be running 45 mins late. Rich

  14. Hi Philip,

    I’d love to come along on Monday if possible. Been meaning to try out timelapse recording for ages so this will be a great excuse!

    Best Wishes


  15. 200 quid from travel and hotel down the drain:(. Had to travel 3 hours, been in the rain since 10am all by myself 🙁 . Got no money left for Monday 🙁 leaving to go back to Australia soon to live 🙁 will I ever meet mr bloom?
    Ah well, got 6 timelapses knocked out in-between rainstorms 🙂

  16. Hi there, damn i´m stuck here in germany! 🙁 Oh wait.. mayby i get a plane to London at monday. Oh my god, timelaps with Philip Bloom… This i cant miss.

    Very good idea Philip. There will be a bunch of people there haha

  17. Damn and blast! I can’t make it 🙁 I’m soooo disappointed I can’t go, but I did go to the previous London meetup in Piccadilly Circus and had an amazing time. You get to meet the man himself… Mr Bloom and some great people. If your an avid fan of DSLR’s or just starting off, then GO! as it’s not to be missed. TRUST ME!

  18. Will have to skip out on this one as the BFI always kills my pocket and I’ve been shooting the Eye area a lot as of late so a tad sick of it now.

    Could always come join me Leicester Square, Zoo bar is £1.85 a pint from 5-8 😉

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