Live podcast this Sunday with me and

So here I am sitting in yet another hotel room, this time in Porto Portugal. Thankfully the internet is not as pants as most hotel internet is (at the moment but that could change!). Why is this good? Well Karen Abad and Cristina Valdivieso have dirt on me and have blackmailed me into doing their podcast on Sunday night! Damn Las Vegas…NAB 2012 warning…always remember there are cameras EVERYWHERE!

All joking aside I can’t wait to do the podcast. Both Karen and Cristina are AWESOME (I understand Americans say that a lot? Personally I would go with smashing!) and it should be an insightful and interesting conversion…So at 5pm USA Eastern, that’s 10pm Portugal/ London time I will be exposing myself to them live on air, metaphorically speaking I must add (much to everyone’s relief!) to answer all their probing questions and hopefully yours!

So click on the image below and I hope to see you all there!


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