Listen to my Larry Jordan Interview here

Larry is THE final cut guru. His DVDs are bibles and he is an industry legend.

His Final Cut 5 dvd taught me so much and I cannot recommend them enough. It’s like having a personal tutor. Even though I feel like an advanced FCP editor I am going to buy his latest DVD to fix my bad habits.

This is the podcast of the live broadcast from the 14th Feb.

I haven’t listened to it as I cannot stand the sound of my own voice, so let me know if I come across as a muppet!



  1. Hey philip, just “met” you through the interview I listened to in Larry’s “Edit well” electronic magazine. You DO NOT come across as a muppet 🙂 It brought me to your website and I saw the clips on the religions series you did and felt complelled to commend your work. Great idea and great pictures. I’m on your side of the pond though farther south (Rome).
    Best of luck!

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