Large chip camera workshop at Boston Rule on November 19th and 20th

 This will be a lot of fun…it’s not about the gear BUT it is important if you are going to start spending big bucks that you don’t screw up and buy the wrong camera. A chance to learn about all the key ones and more importantly get some hands on with them…and of course once you get your hands on them how to get the best from them!

Rule Boston Camera
395 Western Avenue
Brighton, MA  02135


$199 for One-Day Workshop
Student Rate: $100 with Current ID

Saturday, November 19, 9am to 5pm


Sunday, November 20, 9am to 5pm

Philip Bloom presents two, one-day workshops featuring:
* Lensing Options and Solutions
* High-Speed Demos (with footage)
* Storytelling via Camera Movement (with demos and footage)
Featured Cameras include the Phantom FlexARRI AlexaRED EPIC and ONE MXPanasonic AF100Sony FS100 and F3 — plus, if available, the new TS3Cine high-speed, high-resolution camera.
Email us at for more details.
Breakfast and Box Lunch provided.
Each workshop runs for one day from 9am to 5pm.

From DSLRs to Large Sensor Digital Cinema 

Featured Cameras:



Canon 5DMKII, 7D, 1D




Phantom Flex



Featured Lenses:

Cooke S4’s

Zeiss SuperSpeeds

Optimo 17-80 Zoom

Zeiss ZF.2s

Canon EOS L Series



How It All Got Started:

• 35mm lens adapters for 1/3” and 2/3″ cameras

• Offerings from Letus, Red Rock, SG Blade, etc.

• Depth of field with a shallow focus

• Review footage shot with 35mm adapters



• Canon’s 5D Mark II with large sensor, lenses, low light, compact, color rendition, quality, and more

• Review footage shot with 5D



• Audio interacting, lack of video functionality such as timecode, genlock, electronic zooms, clean feed out, HD-SDI, ergonomics, etc.





• The introduction of digital cinema cameras such as the AF100, FS100, F3, Canon EOS 300, Red Epic, Arri Alexa, F65 and more

• Review sample footage


Advantages and Conveniences:

• Arri’s Alexa and how it highlights and shoots Log-C

• Sony’s F3 and S-Log option 4:4:4

• RED’s Epic and shooting 300fps in 2k mode

• Fastec’s TS3Cine high speed camera with large sensor shooting 720fps

• And more


Field Recorder Enhancements:

• AJA’s Ki Pro Mini

• Convergent Design’s Nano Flash

• Sound Devices’ Pix 240

• Gemini and Cinedeck offer codec choices for digital cinema


4k and Beyond:

• What to expect in the future

• New standards

• Shooting events or sports with large sensor cameras

• Review footage from the Epic and Phantom Flex



Featured Gear:

Kessler Crane Equipment: Philip Bloom Pocket Dolly, Cineslider, Shuttle Pod, Pocket Jib

• How-to enhance your story, documentary, interview, etc., using movement

• Review sample footage shot with Dollies, Cranes, Time-Lapse, Reverse Counter Dolly, Pocket Dolly, etc.

• Using tools to your advantage and when not to use them!







• Hands-on review with all featured equipment

• Raffle prizes






  1. $200 for a day? Sorry Mr. Bloom, but that is getting a little more out of pocket than is justifiable. Not unlike the cost of the new round of cameras. I’ve greatly appreciated everything you’ve added to this community. Your experience and advice has greatly added to the advancement of my professional career and my knowledge. HOWEVER…I think I really respected your influence on this LOW-BUDGET, HIGH QUALITY community much more when you were there in the trenches with us. I attended your last traveling event when you were in the states…but I’m afraid your rates have priced me out of attending a “some-what” educational event.

    1. Hold your horses Nelly..I mean Adam!

      Let me explain how it works. I have nothing to do with pricing. Ever. For every single one of my workshops I charge a flat fee. Always have and always will. It’s up to the organisers how much they charge. If I do feel they are taking the piss I will tell them but I have no idea what their overheads are… If you have issue with the cost please take it up with them.

      There is a student rate of just $100 I believe so students are catered for. I have no intention of ripping people off or any of the sort, I don’t take a share in profits. Just a flat fee.

      Your desire for me to “be in the trenches with you” is to be honest a bit of a silly comment! Sorry but what exactly do you expect of me? I am not allowed to use expensive cameras? I must use DSLRs for everything ignoring the other tools out there? That’s nuts! The right camera for the right job. Did you by any chance watch my presentation about that on my blog? The right camera may be an Epic, it may be a 5D, it may even by that little NEX5N!

      I am sorry if the price is too much. Again, I recommend you contact them.



  2. Well, personally, I think 200$ is a fair amount to pay for a full day workshop, given all the information and equipment that is scheduled to be discussed. It should definitely be considered as an investment, as the information which will be shared can be used and applied by many filmmakers in many professionnal and creative contexts. I believe the price is justified if one can look at it from this perspective.

    Having said this, I would love to attend but it will be impossible for me to do so. I was therefore wondering if you Philip, and/or the organizers, had any plans to film the workshop (or maybe some parts of it), and offer it online (or even just planned to document the workshop in any way). This is definitely something I’d be willing to pay for as well.

    A sincere thanks for all the great and constantly evolving information you willingly provide online. Your passion truly transpires through your work and also through your sharing of knowledge.

    1. Rule Boston has their own video channel on Vimeo maybe they could film Philip teaching and make the video private and you can pay with Paypal and then they give you the link or the code to view it on Vimeo and let you download it to your hard drive.

      Funny thing is Rule has all these free classes and they are right down the street but I wait for them to upload them to Vimeo. There classes are gear stuff with Reps from Canon, Panasonic, Arri Alexa and many other companies showing off new toys.

  3. I don’t want to sound like a fan boy here, but one of the reasons I can afford this event is because I attended the one in Boston a couple of years ago with PB. That seminar gave me the foundation in HD DSLR film making that has established my skills and allowed me to be successful. Since then my work in video production with HD DSLRs has really taken off and given me great success, professional and financially. This seminar seems like the perfect progression in my education. $199 is a small cost to spend an entire day learning about more advanced cameras, shooting with them, and hearing from an established professional instructor with experience working with them all….plus i get breakfast and lunch!? 🙂 Its also a change to be around others in my profession, which is a great networking opportunity as well.

    This seminar offers so many rewards, at least to me, its clearly worth the cost.

    My question is, are we going to do a meet/greet/show your work event on friday like the last Boston seminar? ’cause if so, i’ll bring a cake.

    fanboy out.

  4. We are throwing a DSLR swap meet in San Francisco Dec 4th with some DSLR workshops. Here is the info:

    Half Swap Meet Half DSLR Workshops

    December 4th 2011
    Sunday 11:30 – 5pm
    At 111 Minna Gallery

    Used video & photo gear for sale including:

    *Nikon Prime Lenses
    *Canon Prime Lenses
    *Camera bodies


    1pm DSLR Video Workflow with Marlon Torres (
    2pm Color Correcting Footage In FCP with Gary Coates (
    3pm Steadycam Setup with Chris Gonzalez

    Each workshop will be followed up by Q and A session

    If you would like to sell USED gear please email and include Seller in subject line

    Cover Charge: $20
    2 FOR 1 DISCOUNT ($10 each)
    By Emailing both names and email addresses to:

    21+ up with ID
    111 Minna Gallery
    111 Minna St
    (between 2nd St & New Montgomery St)
    San Francisco, CA 94105
    Time: 11:30 – 5pm

  5. I’ve been to plenty of workshops before and I was shocked at the price for this one. No, not because it’s too expensive. The price is right! What a bargain for the wealth of information! RSVPed!

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