Infrared Mavic 2 Pro

Deliberately reversed to add an additional layer of strangeness…the colours were not achieved in post. This was filmed with a modified to infrared full spectrum DJI Mavic 2 Pro by Kolari Vision. IR Chrome filter fitted over the lens to selectively filtrate the regular colour spectrum. This filter emulates Aerochrome film.

You can get your current Mavic 2 Pro modded by them or buy one already done through them. You will need the filters and especially the “hot mirror IR” one so you can also shoot with normal colours.

DJI Mavic 2 Pro Drone Camera Full-Spectrum Conversion Service

I will be uploading an in-depth video all about this as well as showcasing all the different looks that are possible as well as the technical part so you understand what is actually going on here as soon as possible.

“Can’t you just do it in post?” Well no you cannot. You CAN get a half-decent effect but it will never look the same.

To understand more now head over to my blog post about infrared filming that i did for my Las Vegas In Infrared video:

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