IBC 2011: Fun video coverage of the highlights of the show for CVP TV


Me? An on-camera presenter with a face perfect for radio?  Can’t you find someone better looking?! Oh well, I suppose I have done on camera reviews a fair bit, I also did a lot for CVP a while back (just search CVP in the search box!). I recently agreed to start doing them again, which is great news as it will help me get me hands on loads of gear without having to buy it all!

CVP boss Phil Baxter foolishly asked me to front their coverage of IBC 2011 for CVP TV. Big mistake 🙂 Little did he know he was in for a lot of smut and innuendo. Sorry, I am English. It’s how we are made!

That’s my good friend Phil Myers doing the more techy stuff in there. Gotta get me that shirt for my moire tests!!

FYI this was shot on the new Panny HPX 250.

Do check out my written reviews of other stuff I saw that is not in this coverage, but enjoy this video. It’s fun and shows some nice cool toys!!



  1. yeah, looks great. You’re a great presenter Philip, very good at talking to cameras. Dont think this was auto cue, but if it was you cant see it. Great, and some very cool toys too 🙂 you should be on the telly.

  2. Fantastic video. I get the gist of the whole show floor (the interesting bits, at least) in just 10 minutes, that’s really priceless. Great job on the video.
    Thanks for sharing, Philip!

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