Holy CRAP!! It’s utterly ridiculous merchandise!! “Fruit of the Bloom”!!

I love my t-shirts as people know and I wanted a t-shirt that said “F**k me! Look at that Bokeh!!”…so what did I come across whilst surfing the interweb? Cafepress.com. Start your own t-shirt shop…it’s free, so I did!! This is NOT A JOKE…it’s not April the 1st. People often say make your own t-shirts. That sounded like far too much work, so this site is a godsend and I have to say I have been chuckling all night at the endless possibilities here! Check out the baby outfit at the bottom! Hilarious!

So coming up with as many classic lines and puns as possible I created some t-shirt designs, and by default the shop made them into mugs, caps, and even bloody dog coats!!! HILARIOUS!

Anyway do check out my shop for a bit of fun, I get 10% of every sale so it’s pretty cool and if you can think of any other good things to put on the shirts do let me know!!!

The cool thing is they have international shops, so just click the nearest one to you at the bottom of the shop page!


  1. Oh Phil you got to put up one of those messenger bags in a different color. I’ve been looking for a nice little messenger bag and I was going for an Ed Hardy one, but if I can get one with that darn phrase on it in like a Blue or Beige I’m so down! Good stuff man. I hope people buy a ton!


  2. Cafepress is very expensive and the quality is not great. Philip, I support this idea but you can make it better. I’d buy the Philip Bloom action figure in an instant. Let me see…. nope, not in eBay yet.

  3. Phil these shirts are awesome I am definitely going to get a couple! You have been such an inspiration to me and because of it I am really grateful. Just like you I recently picked up photography along with video and I just got done doing a couples engagements photos and have a about 3 weddings booked already for next year. I just hope the couples stay together lol ha! Your blog is awesome Ive learned so much from you. Cant wait to meet u at the meet up in Santa Monica.


    1. Hey Fawaz,

      Can I get in touch with you through email or something to talk about how you got started as a freelance photographer. Considering you recently picked it up and are already doing some weddings. I’ve been doing photography as an amateur for close to 10 years. I never feel confident enough to charge for my work or even take it more seriously and I always think that my equipment is not “PRO” enough. how do you know when you are ready I guess is the big question here? A bit of advice and direction would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

      Thank you,

  4. Sorry it is way too early here, – a few for fun.

    • ‘Photo Slave’

    • Last night I had an ‘Aberration’.

    • Iris questioned Dave about his use of Extension Tubes.

    • ‘Up the ANTI’ – Aliasing.

    • As Dave pulled on his ‘Cable Release’ Iris realized her Diaphragm was wide open.

    • You are my ‘Neutral Density’.

    • Dave got a slap from Iris for Rack Focusing’ on Jenny again.

    • The Secret of NiMH.

  5. some more suggestions:

    ‘100% Full Frame’ (for 5D mark2 users only)

    ‘Under exposed’ (if you think you deserve wider acclaim)

    ‘Over exposed’ (if you find you are turning up everywhere)

    ‘Image Stabilization: OFF’ (for when you’ve had a drink or three)

  6. who needs a red!

    excuse me miss, what depth would you like

    to jib or not to jib

    i times my lenght by 1.6x

    Oh i thinl i wil; have fun with this site great find phillip

    1. “i times my length by 1.6x”

      holy cow that was funny. I hold you personally responsible for the tea I just shot out my nose and onto my keyboard 🙂

  7. It’s AMAZING!!

    IBC is here …no comments here whatsoever….is it UK(PH) boycott(:-)) of IBC or is there “something” comming up soooooooooon??

    Jiri Vrozina/sydney

  8. I dream about the day where people will learn the difference between bokeh and shallow depth of field.

    And I’m not talking about you or your shirt, Philip.

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