Photos from first ever London DSLR timelapse meet up! Post your footage here!

Photo by James Miller

It’s 0411 and I really should be asleep. But I just wanted to publish these photos and let everyone who came down to the first ever London DSLR timelapse meet up that we held under the railway bridge on the South Bank as it was raining. Because we were all huddled under the bridge I have named it the “hobo DSLR meet up”!

It was re-scheduled after terrible rain last week and today was not much better but we pressed on and found a dry spot. Over 100 people turned up which was terrific and I showed as many people who asked how to do timelapse and specifically how to do HDR timelapse.

Security did turn up and they didn’t know what to do with us! They can cope just fine with 1 or 2 people to move on but a flash mob of 100 people with tripods left them a bit out of their depth! I spoke to them and said we were not here professionally just for fun. Security guy said he was concerned about all the “stands” and then kind of disappeared!

If you came along post your footage in this vimeo group then I will embed it here!

Here on flickr are the photos of some of people who came along, I didn’t get a chance to shoot everyone, using my lovely Fuji X100 and below that is a still frame from my HDR tone mapped timelapse using my Nikon D3S and Sigma 14mm!

You can see the slideshow photos bigger on my Flickr page and also download them there too!


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Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.
Photos by Pete Smith


Here are some of the results!!

London HDR Timelapse from Phil Arntz on Vimeo.


  1. This is slightly related to this event, but is it likely in the near future that you will be/consider doing a similar event in Richmond Park? I would really like to do a timelapse overlooking the Thames from Petersham, and unfortunately I missed out on yesterday evenings gathering.

  2. Hi Philip. It is me – that baldy looking bloke on the top picture. I have more hair than that – have you airbrushed it?! Thank you very much for showing me how to do HDR timelapse. I found your advice exceptionally helpful and pertinent. I am a software designer/developer. Let me know if I can return the favour. Cheers.

  3. Nice event, Philip could some day can you do a small tutorial on how to set a camera to do a day to night timelapse for all the people that can’t go to your meetings. your folowers will apreciate that.


  4. Hi.
    Looked like a good turnout.
    Could anyone comment on the choice of intervalometers out there?
    I’ve been looking at either the Canon TC80N3 or the Pearstone Wireless Shutterboss…
    Any advice from anyone??

  5. Many thanks Philip for the day, even if it was a wet one. Nice that you enjoy your X100, which I enjoy bringing with me each time I go out.

    Glad to meet you guys. Hope to see you again!

  6. Brilliant little event thanks for setting it up Philip and taking the time to teach us something new. Here is the short little film I made, jolts and all.

    I haven’t even properly registered the software yet but I certainly will in the future – really pleased I came and met some inspiring film makers.

  7. Thanks for all the help Philip. Sorry if i became a little irritating with ridiculous questions (i’ll blame that on the BFI pints!). I have successfully mastered key framing (ken burns) though so thank you and cheers for showing me HDR and how to do it. I hope you do another meet up in London soon..


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