Canon to announce something “historic” on November 3rd…


Well that’s as much as info as I have. I am not under an NDA with Canon or have inside info. This appeared on Engagdet not long ago…

Basically, there are two products it could be (unless it’s a new printer): a Canon 5dmkIII or more likely given the location for this launch (Hollywood), the much rumoured EF and PL camcorder with a Super 35mm sensor…that may or may not be of a 4K resolution. That is what my money is on, and talking of money I would expect it to come way under the RED Epic’s pricing…that is if it’s 4K…but 4K is the buzzword these days. We have the 5K epic, but we also have the new Sony F65 and the little JVC 4k coming out next year…It could be more an F3 style camera though with 1080p and a decent codec like the XF…but something makes me feel like it will be more than that…

My site is generally not one for rumours, but this is a concrete announcement of “something”…intriguing. But…

My biggest worry is actually this is not a product announcement at all, not even a whizz bang printer, as Andrew Gupta points out in the comments below this could be tied into Ron Howard’s “Project Imagin8ion”. An interesting project fuelled by user generated photos to create short films. With a tag line next to Ron Howard of “Where will he take the story”. It’s those words….”The story”

In which case great for Ron Howard, not so great for of all us salivating at what is clearly (from the comments below and on all the many blogs out there) something Canon need to get to market very soon!! So maybe we should lower our expectations…for now. I know it’s hard to as we all want a new Canon 5D and many of us want the EF camcorder. It isn’t helped by Canon being so vague about it all. It this really is nothing to do with cameras then Canon should squash these rumours by making it clear this is Ron Howard’s project and if it is not then say so. That way we can go back to rubbing our thighs in excitement. Be good to know either way, at least that is not giving away what it actually is!


  1. I will be eagerly awaiting this announcement, and much like yourself am hoping it is along the 4K path of an EF or PL mount camcorder. Oh and I love how you stand so firmly stand behind your grammar with the words “trust me, I’m English” you should copyright that

        1. Day and night, you mean? 2K sensor digital film cameras have different pixel counts and different aspect ratio imagers than Full-HD cameras do.

          Also, 2K native material is readily cinema-ready as per DCI 2.0 specs, whereas Full-HD is not.

          But otherwise — they are pretty much the same, Full-HD and 2K, I mean. 🙂

            1. I would doubt that, the “upgrade” would likely be done via horizontal masking and then upscaling/uprezzing. Just look at the true cinema-class cameras, such as the F35 and F65 from Sony. The sensor is of the 1.90:1 aspect ratio or thereabouts. This way, when you shoot with it in 1.33:1 or 1.66:1 or 1.78:1 or 1.85:1 AR format, all the camera needs to do is a little bit of vertical masking. And when you shoot in Scope, all the camera needs to do is horizontal masking. Simply done, really. Anamorphic lenses on camcorders and D-film cameras is not really where it’s at these days.

    1. Canon is definitely not in the “race” and not in the Super 35mm imager business. They are strictly in the 1/3-inch sensor camcorder business, and always have been. They never even moved up to 1/2-inch and 2/3-inch sensor camcorder, for cripe’s sake. To jump from a 1/3-inch imager HD camcorder (Canon XF100 and XF300 series) to a Super 35 imager 2K or especially 4K digital film camera would be a giant jump for them indeed. Frankly, I just don’t think that Canon can handle it.

      1. Duh… and what would you call the imager that is already in their DSLRs? Yes… 5K.

        The fact that they have chosen to translate the Full Frame image at acquisition on the sensor to FullHD using line skipping technology (it was never meant for cinema but for camjo’s) does not mean the company would be incapable of creating a recorder capable of writing the full frame image at high enough speeds (hopefully at least 50/60fps.

        Canon has already showcased a 4K 2/3inch prototype a year or so ago. Guess that if they want to go head to head with Sony and RED, they will come up with a 4K sensor. The recent announcement of the PL mount lenses fits perfectly into that strategy.

  2. Definitely something no one else is doing since it is “HISTORIC” it can’t be anything that we have seen before or else it wouldn’t be historic it would just be “Oh thats nice now Canon is doing it”

  3. It’s a couple days before day light savings time ends, in the USA at least. Perhaps it’s a camera with improved low light.

    Or a printer that works well in low light.

    Or an early Christmas. Much preferred.

  4. The fear is that it’s a copy machine.

    My jaw will drop if it’s “4k.” Canon is a conservative company, and intentionally years behind competitors. A year of business school in a sentence — you almost always lose money when you’re the first to market with anything.

    On the other hand — that it’s taken two to three years for the success of the 5Dm2 with “filmmakers” to penetrate corporate HQ in Tokyo is entirely believable, and this could be a response (assuming it’s not a digital theatre projector).

    My first guess would be the first “large sensor” Canon video camera using Digic V with that long hoped for interchangeable lens capability. Second guess would be a video optimized 5D Mark 3 or equivalent.

    Those are my guesses — assuming it’s not a copy machine or projector.

    1. I have nothing against Canon, mind you, I am just looking at their track record so far realistically. A bunch of 1/3-inch sensor consumer/prosumer video camcorders, and a number of flipping-mirror DSLRs, and that is, as they say, about that. I mean, with the latest model Canon video cameras (XF100 and XF300 series), you cannot even remove the glued-on lenses, for crying out loud. Just how “state of the art” is that?

        1. Philip, I am so glad there is indeed a huge market for non-removable lens prosumer cameras. In fact, the market must be shifting from interchangeable lens cameras to non-removable lens cameras. I mean, many models in the previous Canon camcorder line had removable lenses, but none of the new Canon XF-series camcorders do. I guess this way Canon can ensure that you buy their camera AND their lens. Otherwise, you could end up buying a Canon camera body — and then affix to it a third-party lens maker’s optic. I can see the logic, actually. 🙂

          1. Actually, the only Canon cameras with interchangeable lenses were the XL1/XL1s, XL2, and XL H1, which hasn’t properly been replaced in the new line. Most people doing run and gun work, events, concerts, etc. are actually better served by a fixed lens camera. And in terms of the market, compare the number of fixed lens to interchangeable lens cameras available/sold…

            1. That is a dilemma indeed, Stefan. On paper this sounds fine, but then I recall having a rather expensive glued-on lens camcorder dropped once hard, so that the lens went out of whack. Had to part with both the non-damaged camera and the damaged lens for six weeks until we got it back. If the lens was removable, we would have simply removed it and popped another lens on it.

              Having high-end consumer and prosumer/industrial video camcorders with NON-REMOVABLE lenses in the year 2010 (when Sony launched the XF100 and XF300 series) and today made everyone I know of scratch their heads. Instead of a wide angle zoom, for instance, you would need to use a 15X zoom on the XF300/305 with a snap-on wide angle adapter sitting on the front. Just how professional is that approach, I wonder?

              Yes, the renown and beloved XL-series…. It worked wonderfully well for everyone concerned for decades. That is probably why Canon decided to ax it all. As a result, Canon really does not have any professional video cameras to sell today. Too bad, really. Let’s hope for early November…. 🙂

              1. not to rain on your parade but their XF300 is selling in very larger numbers and is everywhere in production companies in Britain as it’s fully approved for HD acquisition

                Is it a great camera…no but it’s a good camera. You need to realise that large chip camcorders are not for everyone. Removable lens camcorders are not for every project.

  5. While 4K is great and all that, I would really love for Canon and Panasonic to just perfect the 1080p class of cameras. Cleaner codec, color space for one.

  6. Yeah — I think it is the “Project Imagin8ion partnership with Ron Howard.”

    Someone needs to tell Canon that now they absolutely MUST announce the 5DM3 in October — because if they don’t and the entire “indie” world gets worked up and on November 3rd Ron Howard walks out on stage — it’s going to get very ugly online.

    1. Yeah, I think Jim Jannard of Red Camera & Sunglass Company should be making this call to Canon’s top brass, or at least someone from Nikon. But this Ron Howard Project Imagination thing sounds completely plausible as an announcement from Canon. Let’s just say I would not bet two bits against it.

  7. No it is definitely “The first Full frame Digital cine camera” what form factor codecs etc it takes is unknown at this time . This would be historic ..imagine the Arri Aexa but “full frame” wow ….

    It has been suggested there may be a tie in with Ron Howards film project:
    That would be a good segway as there is a lot of talk about canon and film use and 5d mark 2…..anyway sure a dynamic time to be alive in the film industry.


    1. Mark, for starters, Canon is not really in the “film business.” Somehow I doubt they ever will be.

      Next, you must know something that nobody else knows — do you have the detailed specs for us of the new Canon super-cam, please? Do you work for Canon, perhaps?

      Nobody I know who works in the “film business” needs or wants or even fantasizes about a “full frame camera.” Why would you need that, I was just wondering? Super 35 too small for your needs?

      1. Stunko,

        Stop slapping people down please.

        it is highly unlikely for them to make a full frame video camera. there is a market for it but not a huge one. The problem is the incompatibility of current PL glass for it.

        1. “Film business” folks went over their own full-frame 35mm period in the 1950s and 60s…. it was called “VistaVision,” I believe. A format not all that popular today, last I checked. But maybe Canon is gonna be making it a comeback sensation?

          Re. the OPTICS to be used on any new breed of high-end D-film cameras such as the Sony F65 and Red Epic…. the biggest problem faced by those of us wanting the purchase or rent these newfangled Super 35mm sensor D-film cameras with PL mounts is the dire lens situation. There is precious few lens makers out there catering at this level, and what they have are routinely mundane glass at amazingly high prices. Since the East German Jena Zeiss was gobbled up by the West German Carl Zeiss, the Zeiss lens prices have shot through the roof. If you want high contrast and super sharpness, Zeiss is your ticket, however Zeiss glass has to be softened quite a bit for facial close-ups. Very little by way of zooms from Zeiss. Cooke in the U.K. had gone a bit lazy, they are doing primes only with a 6-month waiting list for orders, last I checked (at NAB 2011 time). But the famous “Cooke look” is really something else, admittedly.

          Angenieux of France is still delivering their famous zooms, but they have very few models and the spec’s are nothing to write home about. This company had relatively light weight cinematic zoom lenses with 10x and 12x zoom ranges back in the late 1950s. But the 12x Angeniux zoom of today weights in at 11 kgs = 24 lbs and measures a whopping 0.44 meters in length. Not every filmmakers’s or videographer’s cup of tea, definitely.

          So, that would basically leave the odd-ball Russian lens oddities, as well as the Fujinon and Canon cine lenses from Japan, which are basically the best values for the money in 35mm cine optics today. But altogether, with this avalanche of S35 CMOS sensor cameras coming out and becoming available, the main issue I can see is the specs, prices, and availability of the matching high-end cine optics from C. Zeiss, Cooke, Angenieux, Fujinon, and Canon. Compared to these ueber-priced cine-style lenses, the class-leading 35mm photo primes and zooms (Sigma, Tokina, Tamron, Rokinon, etc) begin to make a whole lot of sense, frankly.

          I am not sure if any of the cine-prime and cine-zoom makers mentioned above would actually bother to design new PL-mount optics should Canon release another full-frame 35mm digital camera. For the mainline cine lens makers, it’s digital Super 35 where it’s at for now.

          1. i also don´t see the chance for the fullframe-cinemacamera, but if you say “nobody needs or wants or even fantasizes about a “full frame camerano” you seem to forgot about imax. the format would be used much more in the big movies, if the cameras wouldn´t be that loud and the material wouldn´t be that expensive and limiting

  8. I can’t wait. Hopefully, my nice Canon L and Zeiss glass will soon be Moire free. Could be the 5D3, as the 5D2 was very much a revolutionary motion picture camera.

      1. When that digital photo camera takes motion pictures, and does it in a way that is revolutionary (much as the 5Dmkii did), in a manner that attracts the attention of the motion picture industry in a big way, then yes. Yes it is.

        1. there is not a single camera in history, that influenced more filmmakers. the first camera with visuals of cinema for a price for everyone. it will bring a visual qualityboost yet unknown, because beginners had the chance to learn their basics with that cinemastylecamera. codec, moire and other issues don´t have a matter here.

          at the latest, you will feel the impact when they get your job.

  9. I wasn’t expecting the rumoured camcorder to be 4K resolution… If it is, with XF Codec… It would blow the market share of the Red Scarlet (since it is rumoured to be in the same price range of the EF Mount version).
    It would be a choice of samller chip at 3K but with RAW codec VS big chip at 4K with lower-but-great-4:2:2 codec !

    … Are you going to join this event Philip ?

  10. The rumor mill is grinding and specs guessing is fun 😉
    Many sources “say” that an updated 5D-ish DSLR with better Video mode is coming with 4:2:2 50MBit MPEG2 Codec (50MBit) like in the XF series with some software moire filter and the the to-good-to-be-real Large-Sensor EF-Mount Camcorder with 4K ? and 50MBit codec ? … I think thats were rumor starts and reality ends. Maybe it’s a FullHD with 50MBit MPEG2 or it’s a 2K/4K with 100MBit, but at a price point of $15000 ? … we’ll see – most likely it’s something inbetween 😉

  11. Maybe historic means that Canon have decided not to lag 3 years behind everyone else. Historic may also mean it’s just unique and not something we can use – as yet. Holographic imaging?
    An announcement in Hollywood probably means that it’s going to be something unique that will eat Alexa’s lunch and send the RED engineers back to the drawing board.
    Unrealistically, I’m not a hollywood film maker so I’m hoping for something like the FS100 with an ND filter wheel, Canon EF lens mount and a 4:2:2 – 10bit Intra-frame codec under $10K. Realistically and sadly, I’m not holding my breath for something so satisfyingly simple. As we’ve been learning, marketing will always find a way to cripple a good camera.

  12. It’s about time. Canon has been sitting on the sidelines waiting to pounce while Panasonic and Sony released worthy, rather than earth shattering, afordable large sensor cameras.

    In January I wrote a blog about how we might be tantalisingly close to the ‘perfect’ video camera and what specs it might have:‘perfect’-video-camera-is-tantalisingly-close/

    Canon started the big sensor revolution with the 5D – maybe now they’re going to finish it!

  13. I hate to point it out but that ‘logo’ they have used for the save the date flyer uses the same colour range as the Canon Pixma printer logos and promo stuff. I want it to be video related as much as the rest of you but Im now worried its going to be a printer!

  14. Actually … this could equally be just an announcement about a merger between the camera & video arms of Canon (or something of that nature), who up until now have been operating as separate entities. Much to the chagrin of 5Dmk2 film makers.

    ‘An historic announcement’ sounds a bit too grand for a mere product launch. Although hopefully there is a product involved … just in time for Xmas 🙂

  15. Its a 35mm sensor installed via your ear canal with a f1.2 retina lens inserted into your optical (eye) socket. Its solar powered but can also convert bananas into energy. You simply have to ‘think and blink’ to take a photo. You’ll be able to use all your existing ef mount lenses via a ‘nifty’ pair of glasses 🙂

  16. 4k printer? lol

    Im def interested to see what it might be? Ive anyone is interested canon rumours has published what the specs are for the 5d mark III, though its not official mind you…

    5D Mark III

    Pro grade AF (not 7D like)
    2 stops better ISO than 5D mk II
    Digic V
    6 fps
    New video codec, not Raw. MPEG 4:2:2, new video functions such as tracking focus in video mode
    Compact body with improved weather sealed
    Same introduction price as the predecessor

  17. its gotta be something on the lines of the FS100, AF100, or RED. Its in hollywood of all places. I would be the first to sell my 7D if it was a 5D MKIII or even a 7D II. But I don’t think we will get that for another year or so. If it is a camera on the lines of the FS100, or AF100 I hope the price is affordable.

    Funny thing is, I was only 1 paycheck away from getting the FS100 or AF100 and have been researching which would benefit me the most. Now this monkey wrench lol…gotta admit its all exciting

  18. Canon is bringing up a new line of Calculators that have a 3D display. simple as that. Hipster children all across the mid-west of America will be so in. Either that or Canon stole Ashton Kutcher from Nikon and he is gonna start smiling and snapping videos at parties all over the world.

  19. I’m betting on the video camera. Rumor at Cinegear in Hollywood back in June had Canon pulling back it’s video camera launch due to the Japan tsunami. Although, the 5DMrk3 should also be coming out soon too 🙂

  20. Hey YUUK,

    yeah skin tone on dslr is awful, that must be the crappy codec.

    Im really interested to see how much different the 4:2:2 is compared to 5d which is 4:2:0 (I think thats right) and more importantly than anything, how much latitude there is in the new camera.

  21. Hmmm. Im sure he would also say skin tone is better on RED, 35MM etc.

    either way I personally dont like the milky look, but dont get me wring still love my dslr (it has got me loads of work)

    Anywhoos, Ive never seen such an excited punch of people before!

    I was going to buy the new VAF-5D2 this week then I seen this. Its such a shame the VAF-5D2 didnt come out like two years ago.

    Im unsure about this announcement in november but I feel the 5d3 is getting close so I’ll start saving my pennies for the 5d3 and if by some miracle its a camera that shoots raw at the 5d price range…well Ill just start saving faster!

    Also I think people should care more about latitude than 4k images by the way…

      1. Yeah, this does not sound like a simple product announcement, as there is nothing special, let alone historic about those, after all. Without new products, a company will soon go under, thus their need to release new products.

        It’s most likely a company merger, or a divisional merger perhaps. But it could be the announcement of a stark new product category for Canon, and since this will take place in Hollyweird, it would probably have to be a digital film camera along the lines of a Sony F65 CineAlta, or at least a Red Epic.

      2. At the headline ends with “WHERE WILL HE TAKE THE STORY?”

        That graphic you posted reads “THE STORY BEGINS.”

        Ron Howard is going to walk out on stage on November 3rd, and the “historic” thing relates to some kind of international collaboration among “artists.”

        Someone needs to take a wizz on this bonfire — the best hopes of the dreamers will get burned. And, of course, poor Ron Howard won’t understand why the entire audience is staring at him with hatred.

        1. Shape of things to comne, Andrew? Heck, Nikon has got Mr. Ashton Kutcher as their sexy spokesperson, so Canon is now stepping up to the ante with Mr. Howard and his daughter, hmmmm? Maybe not quite so sexy, eh? 🙂

  22. Philip,
    In order to foresee what Canon has planned for us, we need to look at the big picture:
    First, companies such as Onkyo, Pioneer and Denon have released new receivers with 3840 x 2160 capability, usually referred to as QuadHD or 4K x 2K.

    Next, new TVs are coming out in early 2012 with the same resolution capability, such as the Toshiba ZL2. Passive 3D is also going to be huge.

    It makes perfect sense that Canon would release a camera that records at 3840 x 2160. I expect color sampling of 4:2:2 (10 bit), and frame-rates ranging from 23.976 all the way to 150fps (range includes both US and EU frame rates).

    The codec is an unknown. I don’t think it’s going to be RAW, but more likely ProRes 4:2:2, with an option to record 4:4:4 to an external recorder if really needed.

    I also expect the camera to do without an Anti-aliasing filter, and handle Moire issued with an internal DSP (like Leica M9 does with its stills).

    We also need to consider the upcoming RED Scarlet, a DSMC with a fixed zoom lens. So Canon might go that route as well. Perhaps something along the lines of x8 zoom, 28mm – 224mm, f/2.8-f/4.0.

    The sensor could be APS-C size or S35, but with newer technology.

    Finally, I expect the recording media to be 1.8″ SSDs. They’re small and wicked fast.

  23. I also have another assumption:
    They might offer a camera with roughly the same specs as I mentioned above, but with 2 sensors and twin lens – for true 3D capability.

    That would probably require a glasses-free 3D monitor and/or EVF.

    1. Why would a 3D camera in November 2011 be announced by Canon as something “historic?” Especially when it seems like everybody else and their brothers are already having 3D cameras and camcorders out there? I was under the impression that 3D is presently struggling, and if enough consumers will smell the 3D turd, it will go “out of fashion” rather quickly.

    1. This technology (instant AF in video mode) already exists on the Sony side with their amazing SLT Alpha 33/35/55/65/77 HDSLRs. With these cameras, you can utilize the VF as well for focusing, etc.

      1. Yeah, it’s amazing that it actually works thanks to the usage of phase detect AF module. On the other hand, what’s the sacrifice you have to make?
        Total loss of control. No aperture and no shutter speed. A few min. of Sony HDSLR samples showing off fast AF in video mode is nothing but major headache. Nasty flickers combined with constant and too fast AF hunting with ugly lens breathing.
        If you call that amazing, you’re amazing, sir.

    1. Stunko certainly has been busy here. But his last comment which I did not publish went too far by personally insulting an industry professional. I am all for opinions, but there are lines that cannot be crossed on my blog. As you said Nathan….for that, he needs his own blog. That is what they are for!

  24. It’s probably going to be Ron Howard coming out and saying his next project is going to be made with Canon’s new camera. That would be somewhat historic and good PR for Canon. I’m sure it’s tied into the Ron Howard 8 project somehow.

  25. Some fuel to the fire: The “historic” Canon announcement will be taking place at Paramount Studios. The Sundance winner “Like Crazy” that was shot entirely on the 7d was acquired for $4mil by Paramount. When is it hitting theaters? The Friday before the announcement.

    Oh the speculation is fun, isn’t it?

    1. you are a wise soothsayer Jiri, i must see your runes some time!

      Seriously let us just wait and see…don’t forget the XF305 is $7500 so you REALLY think the pricing will be that low? It will also by a Super 35 sized sensor rather than APS-C for certain IF it actually does come out here.

  26. Is Canon the new Red when it comes to vague, oftentimes wholly useless “announcements.” Heck, Red has been making them ever since the company was funded in 1999 — that would be TWELVE LOOOOONG YEARS of announcements from them, folks. Brrrrr…..

    Meanwhile, we will have two new cameras soon for real, if all goes well. One from the reputable, time-tested Sony. Their F65 CineAlta-cam is promised for actual, de-factor deliveries starting in January 2011.

    The other “new” camera is from Red. So far, I understand they were giving away some pre-preproduction copies of it to a number of “name” filmmakers to generate the needed free publicity. But it is far from certain than your average “little person” will be able to lay his/her hands on an actually purchased Red Epic any sooner than on an F65.

    Anyhow, most of us little folks don’t really want to change history, nor expect a for-profit corporation do this feat for us. We would be quite happy if said corporation could give as a readily usable, cutting-edge spec’d camera or two each year.

    1. Ok Frank. I need to correct you here quite strongly. As you seem to be running with some quite bad information.

      Paragraph three is actually quite funny. I love how you see the Red system and how much better Sony F65 for the little person. First off, how many little people exactly are going to buy or even want an F65? Secondly the RED EPIC M, which in its package form costs around $6 more than the X is available now and has been for 2 months so anyone can get the, Even little people.Red never “gave away” pre-productions copies to anyone. Every Red EPIC M owner bought their camera. I count myself in that. So please enough of the Red bashing. Bashing anything is not needed.

  27. I know exactly what it is… It is the first affordable robot camera assistant. Capable of creating SDE in less than 10 minutes and never missing a shot. It can come custom built with your favorite camera already attached to it and it is upgradeable allowing you to put new cameras that come out on it. It can even shoot with up to 5 cameras and comes in tuxedo black and can mega zoom white. It only weighs 150lbs and moves around like a human but faster! It also comes in any language you want. Unfortunately it doesn’t come in both PAL and NTSC you have to pick one.

  28. My guess is that they will be announcing a pro level digital cinema codec of their own design and an accompanying product: a removable lense video camera with an EF mount, XLR audio connectors, SDI out and multiple storage options. Perhaps new EF mount digital cinema orientated lenses as well. In essence, their response to F3.

    1. There is no pricing and they will not announce it until it is ready for sale apparently. If Canon do bring out something cheap and amazing then it could impact the new planned Scarlet much like the 5D did to the original

      1. The scarlet will be amazing though. I guess if its under 10 grand I would have to really consider it.

        Though Im a bit unsure of owning anything with a fixed lens though.

        Were all going to be so annoyed if its a printer after all this!

        or worse its a 3d camera, argh,

        I will have nightmares about 3d printers now till november….

        1. you really want a 2/3? camera these days. i wish they would bring out the Epic-S but that seems to have vanished.

          I never thought I would ever be able to afford an EPIC M but i had a good year and my dream came true. But it’s way out of price range for most

          1. Yeah I know what you mean, considering the price range they were originally going with…

            Ive shot so much on RED MX over the last year and had a chance recently to shoot with the ALEXA that I just love the idea of a RAW format camera, but your probably right about owning a 2/3 chip camera these days.

            Maybe a f3 with the c-log makes more of a logical choice at that price point.

            Im hoping for a very busy year next year so I will take my first real plunge into a pro camera this time next year, I think the F3 is top of my list, but if the Epic s was 10 grand then it would of been number one, but as you said, they dont talk about that one anymore!

            lets see what this announcement is in November to see if I it might be another consideration.

          2. Actually… I am interested into the SCarlet camera (so… 2/3″)… But for personnal porjects with non professionnal friends (with love to make amateur movies)… It’s just the dream toy of someone that sees being a pro as a good occasion to make his non-pro projects look better… And because I’m a geek (and quite a Red fanboy, OK I admite it).

            Anyway it is not just because it is announced to be at a cheap price. I actually love the fact that 2/3″ is near 16mm film. When I watched the Walking Dead TV show, I was thinking “it’s not as good as the comic books but god dammit those pictures look freaking nice !).

            Plus, here in France, 16mm still has a market so…

            But if Epic-S was out, or if I could afford an X… ^^

          3. Hey Philip, when did you buy an Epic? Is only yours or did you bought in a partnership with Eric Kessler? Why didn`t you write a blog about that? (or am I missing something here?) I`ve read your review about the Epic when you you used it to shot “great Wooden Boats” (but that Epic was not yours wright?) But I would love to read your toughts on your own Epic, and how does it feel to own an Epic? Congratulations by the way! I myself hope I can buy an Epic X by the end of the year!

  29. A Super 35mm camera would be the equivalent to the frame size of a Canon 7D (APS-C), right?

    Seems like that would work out to a 4K imager if they are to bump the megapixels from 21 to 24…

    Their current breed of DSLRs was unable to record more than 7fps due to the mirror going up and down, but with a mirrorless camera this would be a whole new ballgame. I so hope that Canon will give us a solution to continue working with their EF-glass (which is where my real investment went into). I expect my bodies to last 2-3 years, but the glass should still be around for another 8-10.

    Personally, I think it says a lot that Sony borrowed the second prototype of the EF mount from MTF Services to showcase with the FS100 and F3 at IBC. Although I like the idea, I think the downside is that you can’t use it for run-n-gun style shooting – where to put the box when you’re operating on anything else than a tripod?

  30. After reading this article:

    I don’t believe the announcement has anything to do with Ron Howard’s short film. “The film goes into production in September and will premiere later this year in New York City, where the winners will be invited to a red carpet event and have the opportunity to meet Ron Howard.”

    Also anyone notice the Canon 24-70 f/2.8L is backordered everywhere?

    1. a new lens would´t be very historic… unless it´s a 24-105 l is at f1.4 for 500€ that ships with a 5 d mkIII and ron howard 😉

      they used the term “historic” already for the ron howard project… wich could either mean, it´s some epic state of the project or just the inflationary use of the term (what is sooo new on taking pics as inspiration? of course… you can send your own… wooohh… marketingshit).

      but on the other hand, i don´t find this is a big announcement. it´s not even on there site? i only found it here and on

      so here´s my thougt: it´s a philip bloom signature printer with shallow dof!!!

  31. Ok my guess:
    It ‘ll be called the Canon 8D
    Ron Howard will anounce it. His project is called Imagine8
    Imagine 8!
    À new dslr camera that is to be used for this project.
    Capable of filming without moiré, aliasing…
    Perhaps full frame
    And why not 8K
    And affordable
    With a superb datacompression so you can use an ordinary USB stick to store
    And an multilayer multicam compatible track based 64 bit editing software that can import export with all final cut, adobe, digidesign software included for 250€ extra


  32. Canon is showing the new cameras at Paramount Studios. Probably one of the cameras will be a S35 format.

    By the way, I had one of the first XL1’s. With the normal zoom and the wide zoom, that’s all you needed. Great camera at that time. I made tons of money with it.

    As for 3D. I started working in 3D in 1984, shooting slides and projecting with 6 Ektagraphic projectors, with AVL computers. Was originally an art form, but also produced some shows commercially. If you do it right, it can be impressive.

    1. AFAIK Canon was in the film business for decades, producing regular/double 8, Super 8, and 16mm film cameras. I doubt they will go into the 35mm film camera biz now, so that means they will stay in the digital camera business, and not the film business. AFAIK.

  33. all very excellent guesses. if canon is making a really big deal about this, hopefully it means they’ve addressed multiple issues.

    1. good full function pl lenses – fully motorized, all functions remote controllable.

    2. a new high bandwidth codec, fully 3d capable and easily imported and edited in final cut os x. ( at least 100mbps. cheap hardware now does this easily)

    3. full frame 4k sensors, single in the standard cam, 2 in the 3d cam. might as well have a continuum of products with similar technology – sony didn’t do this, as their 3d cam uses 6 small old school chips instead of 2 full frame.

    4. full 4:4:4 10 bit raw capture option, in camera to a 2chip raid hi speed sdhc.

    5. a joint camera project with RED – wins over prosumer market (canon) plus gains pro market influence (red),

    canon’s large marketing powers and economy of scale could make a scarlet type cam for half the price, without stealing the technology from red. problem – both groups makes sensors and lenses!

    6. i can’t believe ron howard has run out of movie ideas! he’s too brilliant for that!

    7. steve jobs last wish – “eyelife” showed canon and red how to do proper small sensor 3d in a regular pair of eyeglasses and stream it to the icloud so one day anyone could watch anyone else’s life at anytime, in the present or the past. oh, sorry, i guess that’s the eyephone 5.

  34. Note the following from Film and Digital Times:

    Canon U.S.A., Inc. just announced the opening of the Canon Hollywood Professional Technology and Support Center in the Sunset Gower Studio lot at 6060 Sunset Boulevard in LA. Canon sources say, “the office will serve our film and television production clients and will provide a local site for support, research, service and training in Hollywood’s thriving entertainment industry.”

    It doesn’t take a Wall Street analyst to figure out that this looks like a major push by Canon into major motion pictures.

    “We want to offer a one-stop shop where our clients can come to ask questions and explore our various products with the help of our highly qualified technical and engineering staff members,” said Yuichi Ishizuka, EVP and general manager, Canon Imaging Technologies and Communications Group.

    On-site repair service will include two state-of-the-art camera body and lens adjustment rooms using Canon’s advanced calibration equipment, local spare parts inventory, and an experienced repair staff that will provide fast turnaround.

    Canon’s new Hollywood facility will also house a research and development center to “assess market demands and expectations for new professional imaging technology and look to build them into future product generations. This represents only one of many initiatives and investments that Canon has planned to solidify its commitment to the film and television production community.”

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