First hands on with the Sony A7RIII includes photo and video examples

Do check out my blog post from yesterday that goes through what the new camera does 

EDIT: Some native clips for you to download. All full frame 4K personal use only.

Yesterday myself and quite a few other people had a 45 minutes hands on with the new Sony A7R III as well as the same amount of time with the Sony A9 and new 24-105 F4 G series lens.

Photo by Sarah Seal

They had set up a few shooting places to test them out, by far the most interesting was actor Albert Tang smoking a vape pipe with two profoto flash heads. With this I used the 70-200 F2.8 GM. You can see full resolution examples on my flickr here

Crop of previous photo

You can also download them (no raws yet sorry as they aren’t supported by any software) here

I also shot very quickly 3 shots in video using HLG 2 which you can download here.

It wasn’t anywhere enough time to evaluate it but from my brief experience I loved the stills and much improved speed over the A7R II. The autofocus is much improved and the battery life is way better.

Video is so hard to say. I shot full frame and one quick shot in S35. They both looked great. All the shots are used the HDR Hybrid Log Gama 2 setting. It’s all I had time to use.




I hope to get my hands on one soon for some proper testing especially in video mode. Yes the lack of 4K 50p/60p hurts as does it only being 8 bit BUT the image looks superb and it has a lot going for it video wise plus the incredible stills. So far I am very impressed.

The 24-105 G F4 looked great. Autofocus was snappy, constant aperture felt true with no darkening as I zoomed in unlike the Canon one. Manual focus was OK, better than the usual focus by wire.  The below photos are with the Sony 9. Full resolution examples are here





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