Hands on workshops! Free pint of Guinness!


The first official F-Stop workshops will be happening in Dublin in September, full information and booking details will be announced at the end of the week but this is what we have lined up…

  1. Dublin Saturday 5th September 9.30-12.30 ‘How to create the Film Look’
  2. Dublin Saturday 5th September  14.00 – 1800 D-SLR Cinematography
    Both at the Guinness store house!!!
    – booking will be through www.iop.ie (but is not open yet)
  3. Sunday 6th September – Urban Cinematography Master Class- 9.30-18.00  only 12 places

So yes, apparently you will get a free pint of Guinness, although personally am more partial to one of these…


Love to see you there. Should be a lot of fun!! If you fancy coming drop a note below and I I will let you know when booking opens. This will be the first of many workshops taking place in various countries.

P.S. Did I mention the free Guinness? Remember it only tastes like Guinness if it’s brewed in Ireland!


  1. So is there a recommended level of experience required for this course? I’m based in Ireland, I’m young and study film and television. No Camera experience beyond college work but very interested in D-SLR filming?

    Would like to know what you think?

    1. The DSLR course would be spot on for you Josef. It will cover all bases. Basically how to get the best from a DSLR camera. How to shoot with one…all that sort of stuff…

      1. I’m there!!..would love to know when booking opens i can be emailed at josefzhrehorow @ gmail.com

        Really excited!

        Thanks for quick response!

  2. Great news, the F-Stop Academy is a great idea and hands-on workshops can help with clarifying little details that can be missed otherwise. (plus there’s nothing like doing for teaching)

    I hope to be there, and maybe someone can find a pub that does good appletinis to go with the Guinness 🙂

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