Great entries for the Bloom Challenge 3

Honestly, I am so proud of you guys. No prizes, just a challenge to go out and capture your home, something that epitomizes it. So rewarding for me to see the work that is done here. Just a small selection here. Check out the rest on the vimeo group here! I will do these more frequently as it really made my day watching these!

Soriano from Manuel Hernandez-Stumpfhauser on Vimeo.

A very nice & mysterious church close to where I live. Each year there are many peregrinations, religious commerce and events.
Built in 1880.

Shot & edited for the third Bloom’s weekend challenge.

60D: Belle Glade, Fla from Jose Jesus Zaragoza on Vimeo.

Shot for Mr. Bloom’s challenge, a miserable homage to one of my own favorite songs/videos, ‘Streets of Philadelphia,’ by The Boss. Clips are overworked, but I think I like it this once. And despite their poverty, these people, my neighbors, are Palm Beach’s finest residents, no question about it.

Winter in Northeast Pennsylvania from Ron Andruscavage on Vimeo.

Shot at a state park a couple miles from home on December 14, 2010.

Canon T2i
Edited on Final Cut Pro
Music: Prelude by David Winston

Side Yard from chrismmurray on Vimeo.

Created for the Bloom Weekend Challenge 3, this is short experimental film created using a Nikon d300s and edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CS4. This is my first DSLR film.

The Sound and Light Show – Philip Bloom Challenge 3 – Canon 60D from Andrew Reid on Vimeo.

‘A technological sound and light show’ is how Roger Ebert described the original Tron. I thought the new Daft Punk sound track for Tron Legacy goes well with this Christmas market in Berlin under the shadow of the apocalyptic TV tower.

It’s not really about the people… it’s about the place.

Shot for Philip Bloom’s 3rd Weekend Challenge.

The 60D is a great camera but feels a bit dated against the technological marvel that is the GH2. Check out the EOSHD Canon 60D review

MUSIC by Daft Punk – Solar Sailer

Winter – 60D – Bloom Challenge 3 from Richard Steffens on Vimeo.

Winter in Tennessee – a short shot on the revolutionary HDSLR, the Canon 60D with the 50mm f/1.8 lens. The slow motion is true slow mo captured 60 fps – over double the usual frame rate. Edited in Final Cut Pro. Shot for the Bloom Challenge 3! Check out my web-site

Palos Verdes, California from Stephen Ling on Vimeo.

I’ve been wanting to do one of Philip Bloom’s weekend challenges for the longest time, so this here is my first ever submission. I wish I could have more time to work on it, but I’m heading back up to Northern California soon. Still can’t wait for the next challenge though!

I caught wind of this on Saturday night, having just gotten into California for winter break from snow-ridden and sunless Chicago. And lo and behold, December in my hometown greeted me with 75 degree weather and a cloudless sky. Perfect. So I whipped out the camera, headed to the cliffs, and shot this.

Camera: Canon T2i
Lenses: Sigma 17-70 DC OS HSM Macro f/2.8-4 and Canon 100-300mm f/4-5.6

Parallaxe from fcr on Vimeo.

A micro documentary on the analog camera and 8mm film equipment store “Parallaxe” in Amsterdam, shot as part of (yet contrasted with…) the DSLR Meetup Amsterdam.

Still a couple of rough edges in the editing.

[camera: Panasonic GH13 w/ Schneider 25mm/1.4 c-mount lens; music: J.S. Bach, The Musical Offering orchestrated by Anton Webern.]

Open Air – Philadelphia’s Italian Market from Samuel Hall on Vimeo.

Shot down the street from my house in Philadelphia’s Italian Market.

Created for Philip Bloom’s Weekend Challenge 3.

Filmed & Edited by Samuel Hall

Canon 7D
Canon EF 85mm f1.8

Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CS5
Color Graded in Adobe After Effects CS5

A Promise To Return
Bear McCreary
Battlestar Galactica: Season 2

Nebraska: A Bleak Mindset from Jordan Fountain on Vimeo.

Made for Bloom Challenge #3 | Shot on t2i with 50mm 1.8 lens
I wanted to contrast the cold barren outside of a Nebraska winter with the warm interior of our house.
Waiting for timelapses in 2 degree wind chills kinda sucks but it turned out pretty good so it was worth it.
Feedback is appreciated

Bloom Challenge 3: Where I Live from Andrew Gupta on Vimeo.

Video filmed and produced December 11th for the third Philip Bloom Challenge.

Filmed entirely within 100 yards of my front door in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia.

By Andrew Gupta



Working the Streets from Will Lyons on Vimeo.

On Friday, I saw a Philip Bloom’s awesome idea for a weekend challenge. Saturday afternoon rolled around and I had some free time, so I grabbed my camera, hoped on the bus, and headed downtown.

My goal was not to show all the typical tourist hotspots and the Asheville that is raved about in publications around the country. I wanted to show Asheville through the eyes of the people that play such a vibrant part of what Asheville actually is, but are never the focus. I talked to street musicians, vendors, performers, and homeless folk. I was drawn to the rich musical sounds that weren’t coming from the Warren Haynes Christmas Jam, or throbbing outside of the Orange Peel. While this film is somewhat “willy nilly,” I had a great time making it and meeting some new folks. All the folks I talked to love Asheville, that is for sure.

Shot on HVX200

Eden- around Mount Desert Island and Acadia national park Maine USA from f/8nate (nate parker) on Vimeo.

made this special for the Bloom weekend challenge numbah 3. read it on the blog friday morning- ate some bacon, promptly took a nap then woke up all frisky and inspired to super dreary overcast and dark skies. It kind of ended up coming off a bit like local tv news b-roll footy that they run right before the weather report with the local tire changing place sponsorship logo splashed luridly across the screen. but fun to do before the rains wash away all the snow. kept it at 1:30 to include on my Flickr stream
have a nice day-

5d mkii 17-40 f/4.0, 50 f/1.8, 100 f/2.8 IS

Amsterdam goes Bloom from iAWESOME on Vimeo.

Philip Bloom’s weekend challenge
December 11th 2010, Amsterdam

50mm fd Canon f1.4 (+ sankor cinelens)
Vivitar series 1 28mm f1.9

Original upload:


  1. Here’s our Toronto unofficial entry – shot on 5D Mark II with a skater dolly:

    Great work by everyone here and thanks to Philip for setting the standard for us all to reach to.

    Personal props to partner in crime Dave Cain wielding the 5d.

    Mike Edgell / Producer / Writer /Director

  2. Very awesome stuff. I wish i could have done something, but it’s finals week :'( It’s over tomorrow 😀

    Me and my buddies wanted to do this, and we’re still doing it, so you’ll be getting a late late late entry just so we can see what you think Captain Bloom.

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