Grading “Return to Dungeness” using Magic Bullet Looks

Grading “Return to Dungeness” with Magic Bullet Looks from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

Made for RGTV. Here is a look at the kind of things I did using Red Giant Software’s Magic Bullet Looks whilst grading my short film “Return to Dungeness”

I hope it is informative, it runs at 27 minutes. It barely scratches the surface of Magic Bullet Looks. But I will be going into much more detail in later videos. This will hopefully give you a better understanding of the software.

You can the finished short film “Return to Dungeness” here:


  1. Hi Philip, I have magic bullet looks installed in pinnacle 14. I realise I have not utilised the facility to it’s full potential so was keen to view your tutorial in relation to your ‘Return to Dungeness’ film. However, when I tried to view same the audio visuals were out of sync.Also,the version of magic bullet I am using does not permit editing of the tool chain so as to incorporate different looks onto one individual capture. Can you advise please?

  2. It looks like 90% of film making is done in post,I’ll have to save to get some better software,its not just filming and slapping it on a disc,this is prob a silly question Phil but have you filmed in Infrared and if so do you have any footage to show us,I know you did a review of the Canon XF105,that has this ability,oh and by the by I have family in Littlestone just down the road .

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