Fujinon MK Cinema lenses with the RED Komodo & Canon RF

This video is all about my experiences using the fantastic Fujinon MK cinema lenses adapted to RF mount. The focus is with the RED Komodo but I also talk about the Canon RF cameras too.

It isn’t a review of the Komodo, I do give some thoughts on it, that will come at a later date.

Fujinon MK RF 18-55mm T2.9: https://gopb.co/mkrf1

Fujinon MK RF 50-135mm T2.9: https://gopb.co/mkrf2

RED Komodo: https://gopb.co/komodo

Canon R5: https://gopb.co/canonr5

Instal360 ONE x2: https://gopb.co/insta360onex2

Topaz video enhance AI: https://gopb.co/topazlabs


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