Sony FS100E to get FREE firmware upgrade this winter to enable 24p, 30p, 60p, 60i

Not sure if this is public knowledge yet. I couldn’t find it anywhere, but I just spoke to one of the main Sony Europe chaps who confirmed to me that Sony will be offering the NTSC upgrade to the PAL versions of the FS100 for free, probably around the Winter time but probably the 2012 part of it…2011 please, so we can do 60p snow falling please! 🙂

This is good news. It’s one of the main annoying things for me about the camera – the fact that it is not a world camera like the AF100/ 101.

It was also never about just being a world camera or about only Europe needing 25p. First off, we want the ability to shoot 60 frames per second for slow motion – that extra 10 frames makes a difference. Also, even though we live in a PAL country, we still can have US clients who want us to shoot 24p or 30p (or god forbid 60i), and of course many of us do travel where we may need to shoot at a different frame rate. All in all, great news! It makes the camera a much much better proposition.

I expect it will be the same the other way around, if you “NTSC” users want the PAL frame rates. Hopefully it will be free too!