2 free tickets to Adelaide and Brisbane workshops and news of Melbourne and other city meet ups!

COMPETITION NOW CLOSED!! Winners contacted directly

In association with Rode I am giving away 2 free tickets to the Adelaide DSLR workshop on the 22nd February and 2 tickets to the Brisbane workshops on the 25th and 26th of February.

To win of course you need to be able to attend and secondly answer a simple question. What was the first video I shot using sync sound with the Rode Video Mic? Answers to competition@philipbloom.net. First people to answer correctly win! Do say which event you want to win the ticket for, Brisbane state which day too..

Secondly I will be trying to have meet ups in these cities and more. Melbourne meet up is here on Sunday at 630pm at riverland bar (behind federation square downstairs on river!)


  1. Hey Philip,

    In regards to the meet up in Melbourne; are we wanting to go to somewhere to have a drink? or maybe somewhere a bit photogenic to break out the cameras?

    There’s some great places for either or around the city.

  2. Hey Philip probably the easiest would be out the front of crown casino on the yarra river. After the meet up there is a bunch of bars you can go to for a drink or two or 20. looking forward to catching up on Sat. The film makers intensive in Florida seems such a long time ago. Cheers mate

  3. Hi Phillip,

    I’m a bit gutted that I cant attend your workshop in adelaide tonight… I have greatly appreciated you sharing your info over the years and you have definitely influenced a few purchases along the way. i am here with a show which is happening down at the garden of unearthly delights at the other end of the city from your workshop venue.

    if you are still about tomorrow night i would suggest you come have a look and I’ll put a couple of tickets on the door for you.

    show is at 9.45 — tom tom crew — in the Umbrella revolution

    my number is +61414721072 – call or text me and i’ll make it happen

    if not – enjoy your stay in australia and hopefully i’ll catch one in europe or the US later in the year


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