Four Corners: Postcard from Miami Beach

A couple of mornings and a couple of evenings of filming down at Miami Beach by Ocean Drive with the Sony FS700 and the beta firmware for 4K raw recording with the Odyssey 7Q.

Shot at 4K at 50p, slowed down to 25p in post for slow motion. Also a few shots at 2K 200FPS upscaled in Davinci Resolve.

4K ProRes Proxy version of around 4GB is available for download for plus and pro members below.

The raw is uncompressed Cinema DNG. There are no other options. There is no ProRes 4K as of yet. Hopefully soon as the raw it creates massive file sizes. Way bigger than the Sony raw option. 12 minutes = 512gb! OUCH! Terrific quality but that’s too big for me. I cannot handle that size data.

Blog post with review coming shortly.

Initial colour correction in Davinci Resolve which was giving me some grief with the Cinema DNGs from the Odyssey. Audio wasn’t linked and a shots just wouldn’t play properly. Beta firmware don’t forget.

Graded with Magic Bullet Colorista II 10% off with code bloom10 at
and FilmConvert 10% off with code bloom at

Sigma 18-35mm F1.8, Tamron 24-70mm F2.8, Canon 70-200mm F4. Metabones EF adaptor and Speedboster.

Michael Cameneti “Forgotten”
Courtesy of The Music Bed

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