Food p*** on the ex1/ letus extreme

Am always asked to post some of my footage ungraded and even uncompressed. Well uncompressed in unlikely but here is some stuff I shot last week UNGRADED! It was done for a production company just outside London called Media 14,  They hired me to shoot movie theatre food for new HD plasma screen going up in one of the big cinema chains in the UK. It was hard work, lots and lots of products and we still didn’t get them all done. Looks like another day is in order.

So yes, this is ungraded in all it’s underexposed glory (on some shots) but it still looks nice!

We used a handmade turntable, lit it using 1 rifa 55 with eggcrate at 55 degrees and a dedo bounced off a reflector.

720 Version click here.


  1. On the hamburger shot for future food shots, I’d mix a little sugar in water and shoot spray on the vegetables just before the shot. Makes things shine.

  2. Nice stuff Philip! I also shoot alot of food and we also spray (not candy) with a glycerin spray. You can use what the other poster said, or believe it or not, any clear sex lubricant (Liquid KY product) will also work well if mixed with water, a light spritz before you roll does wonders. Especially for fried foods and vegetables.

  3. Apart from the KY and water tips, I think a backlight would have added some extra sparkle here.

    Like many others I love the photographer’s art in your personal films. I hope you find time to keep making these little gems to remind us all how simple, non-commercial images can be life-affirming.

  4. thanks. I had a backlight up, but strangely the black material reflected the light as it spun round showing up the black quite badly so it wasn’t used. it being velvet the way it was brushes changed the way it catches the light.

    It was first time filming food like this. We all learnt a lot and I would certainly bring extra “tools” next time!

    This edit was purely for you guys. It is a commercial project that will end up with lots of price graphics and split screens.

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