1st of new series of 3 day practical shooting masterclasses with myself and Nino Leitner

Finally!! After a few teases that these were coming, it’s great to announce the first of a series of 3-day practical shooting masterclasses in various European countries. The first one is in London at an amazing venue, Wotton House Hotel on October 28th to the 31st. A bit of classic old England for you (don’t you dare mention Downtown Abbey!)

wottonhouse_2 wottonhouse_1

We haven’t done one of these in a couple of years. In the past we have done a few over the years in Majorca, one in Las Vegas, and one in Key West. We plan to potentially do another in Majorca next spring, but this is most likely the only one this year due to my filming commitments on “The Wonder List.” I am squeezing this in between filming in Cuba and Bhutan.

The focus is on corporate and commercial filming, with the vast majority of the 3 days being actual filmmaking.

Day 1, among many other things, will consist of shooting exercises with other members of the small class, which will challenge you and be invaluable when it comes to the main shooting on day 2.

Nino Leitner
Philip Bloom

At the end of the first day you, will be split into small teams, and then you start planning your short film with guidance from the many tutors over a few drinks at the hotel into the early hours. After breakfast on day tw,o you start filming your masterpiece in the amazing grounds of the hotel with your team.

On day 3, you mould your film in post, again with guidance from the tutors which is then followed by a screening.

All of these masterclasses have been enormous fun and come highly recommended from previous participants.

Space is incredibly limited, and it’s strictly first come first served. The price for the 3 days is £950. The hotel is extra and we strongly recommend staying at the hotel, or you will miss out on a huge part of the experience which is the socialising where much of the ideas and planning for the films are done. You book the hotel directly for four nights. Arriving the night before it starts for welcomed drinks and checkout the morning after the last day, potentially with a celebratory hangover from the screenings and get together.

Click here for more info about the workshops, experience level, what you need to bring, and booking info! Looking forward to seeing you all there!


I do very few workshops these days and you can see a BTS video from one of the last ones here.

Philip Bloom #LakeWorkshop BTS from LLoyd & Colman on Vimeo.

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