Filmfellas Part 3


Only one more to go of these, I think that Bloom fella doles out some sound advice here! Shame nobody thought about letting that wine breathe!!

Seriously though Steve and the lads have done an awesome job with this series. Personally I can’t wait till cast two as I hate watching and listening to myself talk!

This one talks about whether you should buy your own gear among other things.


[vimeo 2983719 640 360]

Here is part two if you missed that.

[vimeo 2831148 640 360]


  1. Glad to see this third episode.
    Let me comment on what you said in the last few second regarding the 16 year old kid. 10pounds is a lot of damn cash! Kid is one lucky son of a . .
    Anywho, you have a great point on him getting the experience before dropping mad cash down. How far back was it when you began making your own small films and or worked in video Bloom? Or I guess, how old were you is the question I’m leaning towards?


  2. Hi Christian, call me Philip!

    I made my first fucking awful short when I was 16 with my first video 8 camera. It wasn’t till much later that I got any good. But so much has changed from then to now. The tools are so much more affordable, am sure I would have made much more and got better a lot quicker had I been born 15 years later!


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