Canon Filmmakers Live! DSLR workshops across the USA in March/ April 2011 STARTS NEXT WEEK

EDIT: It’s almost upon us. I leave tomorrow. It’s going to be the best workshops ever, please watch the little video above! There are a few tickets left so hurry! We won’t just be covering Canons despite the name! 🙂

I am very excited by this news. Myself and (my assistant Cristina Valdivieso and my great friend Jon Connor) have been planning this for months, ever since the first Canon Filmmakers Live event in Philly earlier this year.

Basically I am taking my DSLR workshop to 12 cities across the USA in 30 days. It’s going to be a huge undertaking but a very exciting one. A chance to share what I have learned shooting with all my DSLRs. Passing on my knowledge about everything from camera settings, to what you need to get going, to ways to get around limitations, sound recording, post workflow, timelapse and much more. It’s your chance to meet many people like yourselves, to ask my as much as you want and I hope to have a really educational and entertaining day culminating in an exclusive meet up where we can get to know each more socially over a drink or two and a bit of filming perhaps!

Although called Canon Filmmakers Live I will be covering other cameras too, like the GH2,  the AF100 and probably even the F3! But you don’t need a DSLR to come. Just a passion and a desire to learn.

The site is live and booking is already full steam ahead. Space is of course limited. The cool thing is each venue is superb and full of character. No stuffy hotel conference rooms here. A lot of them are proper movie theaters, so your chance to see DSLR footage on the big screen! For example we are at the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin!

For all the cities we are visiting go to the website and book your place and I cannot wait to see you there. Sorry if I am not coming to your city but we had some tough choices to make, cities I have already done workshops in like Boston and NY were sidelined for new places like Denver and Atlanta for example. I really wanted to do Portland but we couldn’t squeeze it in. We will be in Seattle so I hope you can drive up and join us there Portland residents!


  1. Living in South Carolina I could go to Miami or Atlanta with close to the same travel times. I’m looking for the most scenic place to visit (Love a huge city above all! Sky scrappers etc!) for of course filming and photography as well. What venue do you recommend Philip? Let me know so I can order and be prepared 🙂

    1. Miami is a magnificent place to shoot, we have art deco architecture in Miami Beach, beautiful people, a cityscape on the bay… needless to say a beautiful place to shoot, and warm pleasant weather, lots of rum drinks, oh and bikinis…

  2. Hello There!
    This looks like it will be quite fun.
    I’m plan to attend the workshop in SF.
    I understand that your planned age demographic is that of people over 21.
    I’m 17. Would you by chance know if the venue you are attending after permits those of us under 21?
    Thanks and see you there!

  3. Hi there,
    Not sure if this is exactly the right place to do this but I’m looking for a 5d shooter with sound kit near to Edwardsville Illinois who might be able to do a short interview with someone for a BBC project I’m working on. Please contact me @ with a CV if you are interested/ available.

    PS. Love the blog by the way Phil! Doing 2 part series entirely on DSLR for BBC (hopefully) HD transmission. Blog has been extremely helpful along the way.

  4. Hi Philip,

    I’m glad the fundraiser went so well, I hope their recovery is moving forward quickly! Thank you for the bonus of winning the spot in the Canon Filmmakers tour, I want to come and see you at the Dallas presentation…is there anything I have to do, or will my name be on some list, so I just show up? Thank you again and I’m looking forward to meeting and learning from you. I’ll bring my pimped out AF100! Woo hoo!


  5. Tough to read this blog entry and comments… the venetian blind banner at the top keeps scrolling the entire page up and down up and down up and down… anyway, looking forward to the workshop. Is there a forced limit on numbers? As mentioned the King Cat in Seattle could host a convention…

  6. I am really bummed that I had to miss out on this, I was pretty excited, but I had just started a new job and couldnt get off. I heard it was amazing, I hope that you do this again at some point.

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