Drip: 300 FPS test film

My first time shooting with the EPIC. I had just downloaded the new firmware which upped the FPS from 120 to 300 FPS albeit at a drop in resolution to 2K.

Not knowing the camera at all, with a little shoot coming up I wanted to test it out and get my head around the camera and workflow whilst I was at the Kessler Crane HQ. I had to shoot something to test it out so thought to myself “Why not throw loads of water at my mate Eric Kessler?”. So I did and here it is. Nothing original, but I have never done it and have never shot anything over 60 FPS before so a real treat for me, especially as Eric was the victim! ?

All shot with Zeiss CP.2 35mm.

Music Wigwam by Bob Dylan

More info on my site www.gopb.co/REDEPIC300FPS

Thanks to Eric, RED, Sarah, Chris, Theresa, Kessler Crane, Michael Sutton of Boston RULE camera, Wooden Camera.

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