“A Day Out In London” – Filmed with the Sony Xperia Pro-I

Sony hired me to shoot their launch film using their very fancy new Xperia Pro-I, the I stands for imaging because this is the best camera phone I have used.

This is a proper camera that doesn’t rely on computation photography to get great results, instead, it uses the sensor and the optics. It has three 12 MP sensor cameras, a superwide, a 50mm and the main camera which is a 24mm full rame equivalent with a 1.0 type sensor (otherwise known as 1″) It also has either an F2.0 or F4 aperture.

You can learn more about what exactly a 1.0 type sensor is here: https://youtu.be/uw-KNmq5WRM You can record up to 4K 120fps 10 bit HDR. This is also the first phone to get a 1.0″ type sensor with phase detection autofocus on the sensor and it has amazing touch tracking as well as human and animal eye autofocus in stills and video. It has a 120hz 4K HDR OLED screen too!

My little film was made with a very early pre-production model, the image quality wasn’t final and the 50mm lens wasn’t working. The majority was shot with the main 24mm camera as it is the one with the 1.0 type sensor.

Stabilisation wise you have optical but also EIS in addition if needed. Everything was shot handheld.

No add ons were used at all, I used Re:Vision’s Smart Motion Blur plug-in to get rid of the high shutter speed look. The audio (nor the music of course!) was all recorded in-camera.

I used the new Video(graphy) Pro app which is really nice, it has full manual control and is the app to use rather than the Cinematography app. Ask anyone who knows me and they will tell you this TOTALLY autobiographical apart from one thing. Yes, I am always filming. Yes, it annoys who I am with. The unrealistic thing is I was on time to meet Elena at the cafe, I am ALWAYS late! 😂 Once I get a full production model I will do a proper video going through it all, until then please enjoy my little film.

It was a lot of fun to shoot and Elena the model was great, even if she has a cheese obsession!

Find out more here: https://bit.ly/3FoKmad

You can order it here: https://gopb.co/xperiaproi

Oh, the cat cafe is called Java Whiskers and it’s in Marylebone, totally worth a visit but you need to book! https://javawhiskers.co.uk

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