The first ever Hallo-weekend DSLR meet up at Cedar Point and competition with great 1st prize!



What the hell is a Hallo-weekend? I know what Halloween is, but apparently these are the weekends leading up to Halloween! I went to Cedar Point last year, and it was a lot of fun as you can see from my Flickr Slideshow below…

This year on the 30th of September, MR. Eric Kessler and myself welcome you to join us on the rides for a slightly offbeat DSRL meet up at Cedar Point amusement park near Cleveland in Ohio. Bring your cameras and have fun. There are loads of lockers to put cameras in when you want to go on the really fast rides! I will be there with my Sony NEX5N!

We will be there all evening. Meeting point wise, stay tuned and will put the exact place to meet up here. But do come! It will be a blast. So much cool stuff to shoot!

Confirmed attendees are Me, Eric, Cristina, Jon Connor and maybe Karen Abad and Tom Guilmette. Worth going just to see Tom!!!

Join the facebook group here!!

Eric wants there to be a film competition of the best video from the meet up. No more than 90 seconds in length and the winner that Eric and I choose will win (Eric’s words, not mine!) a Cristina Valdivieso (my assistant) and a Kessler Crane baseball cap. I think he may well change that to something like a pocket dolly as not sure Cristina is cool with that, but she would be a great prize!! 🙂



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      1. I’m not sure yet. I’ve been living in Seattle for the last two years (working for Microsoft), and I’m moving back to Cleveland that week, arriving that day. Depends on how I’m feeling at that point! Would really like to meet you and see who else in the area is a DSLR nerd.

  1. Hi Philip. This will be my first attendance of your meet up. Just curious if we are only restricted to bringing a DSLR. I was thinking of bringing an AF-100 only if it’s okay. Thanks!

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