Canada DSLR workshops this November

Currently these are going to be in Calgary and Ottawa but Toronto will be added. Unfortunately Montreal and Vancouver will not be among them as these are Vistek workshops and only where they have stores.

This is very much a beginners/ intermediate workshop…

For more info click the image below…I see what they did there with my name 😉


    1. I’m thinking the same thing. I wish Philip would come to Vancouver. Quick flight from WestJet though wouldn’t be that terrible. Looks like its around $120 each way.

      Just not sure how small the class will be, and if we will actually get some good knowledge transfer. The agenda seems a bit undefined. I’ve listened to him before and bought his DVDs (his 7D one was an eye opener for me), and wonder if I will actually get over my poor exposure control if I fly over the mountains to see him.

      Wonder who else from Vancouver is considering going?

  1. That’s funny, I was just thinking about this yesterday, wouldn’t it be cool if Philip Bloom would do a D-slr workshop in Canada.

    Great news, a shame you won’t be dropping by Montreal though, but Ottawa is close enough.

    Thanks for thinking of us Canadians! we love D-slr’s too!

  2. That’s awesome! I’m about an hour and a half away, and just stopped by Vistek on Friday on my way to Film the Tour de Lance at Mont Tremblant! Will it be geared towards beginners or be more advanced? I’d love to know more about your workflow.

  3. So Phil I’m a starving film student who has owned a 7D for a year now, I’ve got a pretty good workflow down and I know my way around the camera pretty confidently. Do you think it will be worth my while to come out to the workshop?

    I’d love to drive up to Ottawa and see you talk about some of the more advanced gear in your kit that I can’t afford/have never used (the kellser stuff, the zacuto rigs, etc) as well as about some of the artistic decisions you’ve made while working for clients/working for yourself, and how you made technical decisions to match them.

    If you think though that this will be more of a DSLR beginners’ course, or an I’mAStillsShooterShowMeHowTheVideoModeWorks workshop, I may sit this one out.

    I’d love to come out to an Ottawa DSLR meetup though, either way 😉

    1. I’m also in the same sort of situation, and was wondering what kind of content was going to be covered.

      I’d really like more insight into the editing workflow, and some of the technical skills you implement in your video, but like Eric, if it is going to be a beginners course, it might not be worth the cash I could be spending on gear (always the toss up, right?)

      So if you could give a little more detail on what will be covered that would be great and really help make my decision, as I would love the chance to meet you!


      PS – Eric, lets get a meetup going then!

      1. Asolutely! Whereabouts are you located? I’m in Kingston, ON

        Sounds like Phil is being a bit cryptic about the course contents. beginners/ intermediate/ technique….

        Still, sounds great. I’ll have to start sorting through the couch cushions.

        Wonder why the Ottawa course costs more than the Calgary ones?

  4. Hey Mr. Bloom,
    I recently bought the nex-3 and i have combined it with a m42 adapter and some nice old screw mount lenses. My question is, what lens combination would you like to see with the nex-3? I’m open to your suggestions…of course!!!!

  5. Too bad Vancouver gets slagged off (no offence Phillip, I know it’s not you). Anything past the Rockies just doesn’t seem to exist, too bad too, this is where the creativity is.

    Would have been nice though, but I’m just not giving my money to Calgary…..

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