Buddypress social network on my site launched. Meet fellow filmmakers!

I am sure many of you are already on facebook and what not…but my web designer Piotr Godek from Odd Web Things and I decided to create a social network within PhilipBloom.net so people can easily message members within the site, talk to each other publicly, add friends, check what your friends are up to, participate in groups, promote events, show work..all the usual stuff but all directly within this site.

All you need to do is be a registered and please use real names. To use buddypress it’s really important that people use their real name as it’s friendlier and more open.

I will get a few moderators involved just to make sure everyone is polite and there is a always a danger of people being rude to others and I won’t tolerate it as there is no excuse. So if you are interested in being a moderator of a particular group let me know!

Hopefully interacting with each other will be useful and productive. Great discussions can be formed here and you can meet new people. If there are particular groups you want me to create let me know…

Obviously this is in it’s infancy so there will be a few kinks until we get it all running smoothly so bear with us!

Thanks and please join up!! Simply register as a user on my site by clicking members on the top right and then register! If you have already registered on my site use those log in details!