Boston Workshops sold out! Free meet up this Friday in Boston though!

EDIT: Unfortunately both days have sold out, but there will be a free meet up with BOSFCPUG on Friday night. Bring your work and put it on a big screen so we can all see it!! Register for this free event by clicking here!! We may go out drinking late too!

I am finally I am coming to Boston as promised to bring my DSLR workshop there! The dates are the 17th and 18th July. The workshop is a full day from 930am to 6pm and is repeated on Sunday so there is no point coming to both! It’s taking place at RULE camera and is in association with the Boston Final Cut Pro User Group

You can book online for $99 and read more about it by clicking here or the image below…

BOSFCPUG Philip Bloom $99 DSLR Workshops
“Harnessing the Power of your DSLR”
DATES: Saturday, July 17th; Repeated on Sunday, July 18th
TIMES: 9:30AM – 6PM (Check-in at 9AM)

RULE Boston Camera
1284 Soldier’s Field Road
Boston, MA 02135
Venue Phone: 617-277-2200
Directions to RULE Boston Camera


    1. I agree with that…or within driving distance of Indiana. Chicago is about a 3 hour drive for me. I just realized that that Kessler Crane is based in Indiana, I thought that was cool to have a place like that based here. Debating whether to make the 10+ hour drive to Philly. Hopefully there will be something similar closer by soon.

  1. Hi Philip, I’m from Boston, and I’m looking forward to your workshop at rule! Just signed up for Canon Filmmakers Live, in Philadelphia a few days ago. In your opinion, will it be a waste to go to both? If I knew you were going to be in Boston a week later I probably would have skipped the trip to Phili. Thanks for your input. Best, Ryan

  2. Hey Philip – I’d really like to attend the Boston workshop and I was wondering if I need to bring an HD capable DSLR with me? I’m in the process of buying one, but will not have it in hand by then. If you have a chance, could you let me know if attending the workshop without a camera is a bad idea? Thanks!

  3. Sounds good Phil, can’t make this one but will be along to one of these soon so please keep doing them!

    Have just sent you a work email subject: Available for a UK shoot? If you get a chance to have a read please let me know your thoughts.

    Regards for now,


  4. Is it required to bring the cameras? I have both the 5D and 7D…

    i’m trying to figure out if this workshop fits my skill level. i have been using the cameras for months, and have learned a lot.

    I’d love to go if this fits, since i think this is the closest to Maine you’re going to be. unless you come to The Workshops.


  5. Yahoo! BUT – Do I have to be a Final Cut Pro user to benefit from this? Or is it a pure DSLR workshop? I’m a windows user of Adobe and Avid consumer editors. AND do I have to have a Canon? I’m a happy user of a GH1.

    I have to ask because you’re very canon and fcp centric.

  6. Hey Philip. I hope you had a grand American independence day! It would be radical if you brought your workshop to the midwest someday. Kansas City would be nice but anywhere in the center of the US would work. I know you’re a busy dude but what would it take to get you here?


    1. Hi Philip,

      Have you ever thought make a dslr workshop(specially on hd features) in Turkey? Now,it’s summer time in Turkey and there are a lot interesting locations to make a workshop.
      I know a lot of fan of you here.
      I promise to participate your workshop.


  7. Philip,
    thank you so much for putting on the Boston workshops, it was beyond beneficial and just honestly a real pleasure to be around some one with some much knowledge who is so willing to teach and help others learn. The tips on audio, color, and interacting with people where things i probably would have never connected to just by reading a book….must have been the accent.

    love ya! haa haa.


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