Video review of the BlackMagic Cinema Camera!!

ETHICS STATEMENT: BlackMagic supplied me a camera for testing and evaluation purposes. I have not been paid for this and will never be paid by a manufacturer to review a product. This was all done in my own time and it took A LOT of time for the readers of my blog. If you do decide after watching this to purchase the camera doing so through my affiliates makes these reviews possible as I can’t work when making these! Please read more on my ethics statement here. If you want to make a small donation to help me make these I would be very grateful! Please use the flattr button at the bottom of the blog. I appreciate it!

Edit. I have just checked out the just announced micro four thirds version at IBC. Looks great but it’s passive so no iris control through the camera or IS. You need a manual lens like the Voigtlanders.

The good news is with a M43 mount you can put on any lens with easily available adaptors for PL, M, Nikon, Canon. C mount (make sure they cover sensor). It’s a much more flexible camera lens wise and makes more sense than the EF version here to be honest!

I am currently sitting in a hotel room in Amsterdam for IBC finishing the edit of the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. It has been a mammoth task, making sure I cover as much as I can, pros and cons…I haven’t reviewed Resolve as I am still so new to it but it seems incredible considering it comes free, although the lite version does most of what you need and that is free for all on the Blackmagic site to download…

Without a doubt I have missed a few things, nature of the beast, also much of what I cover will change with firmware updates…also remember this is just my opinion and take it as such!

The review is a whopping 45 minutes long. Sorry it’s so long but so much to cover and to be honest if you are thinking of spending $3k on a camera 45 minutes is not much of an investment…but PLEASE do not purchase on my review alone. Check out Vincent LaForet’s one here and many others.

Remember that this is just a camera. No need for fan boy rants or disrespectfulness in comments. If I see them in the moderation queue I will delete them. This camera is just another tool for us to use. Is the best tool for you? Only you can decided, obviously it’s not the best camera in the world…how can it be for such a low price…but it is incredibly impressive. I for one will continue to use my C300 for the bulk of my work as the workflow is way faster, the image super sharp and the dynamic range just a stop less than this camera. It isn’t raw though or prores HQ…but as most of my work is documentary work the C300 is by far the best choice for me…yes for me…It is an expensive camera and way out of the budget of many. This camera brings huge quality to the lower end of the market, something which can only be a good thing. The big boys will see this, see the incredible features on offer and will HAVE to respond…

Review footage and Dungeness footage graded in Magic Bullet Colorista II and Looks available below with 20% using code bloom 20. Finland footage graded in Resolve

Music is once again from the brilliant Music Bed


Dungeness shot on the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.

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B&H Photo Video Link Below


Zacuto Rigs for the Blackmagic Camera from Steve Weiss on Vimeo.

So now you have watched the review here are a few summary points…


Price…it’s a bargain!

Comes with Resolve and UltraScopes

Image is very filmic

13 stop dynamic range

Raw and ProRes both terrific

Feels solid

Micro four thirds mount makes more sense

Image responds super well to sharpening in post if desired. Image itself is nice and filmic but I added +17 in premiere to footage in review to bring out the detail

The Bad

Canon lens mount not ideal for this size sensor

Micro four thirds mount is passive  so no iris control

Bad rolling shutter issues, not as bad as DSRLS but worse than FS100/ C300

Terrible ergonomics

Needs a rig

Screen too reflective (fixable with same stuff you use on iPad)

Cinema DNG eats up a lot of SSD space

Needs Cinemform RAW. Uncompressed raw Cinema DNG is overkill and not needed. Please license!

No XLRs, 1/4 inch jacks

No Phantom Power

No meters on screen (firmware fixable?)

No exposure aids other than zebras (firmware fixable?)

Low light good but not great

No IS support currently (firmware fixable?)

No F-Stop display on screen (firmware fixable?)


Pink highlights in ProRes currently. (firmware fixable?)


24mm Samyang Cine F1.4

35mm Zeiss ZF F1.4

Canon 70-200mm F4

Sigma 8-16mm F4.5

Tokina 11-16 F2.8 (just in Finland)

Heliopan Variable ND filter

Miller DS20

Miller Compass 20

Kessler Bloom Black Signature Pocket Dolly


24-105 Canon F4 IS

17-55 Canon F2.8

Sanken COS11

Sony UWP wireless

Miller Compass 20


So, although the cons list is longer, most of these are niggles whereas the pro list is shorter but massive plusses there. I hope you have watched the review, it covers all this so much better and in way more detail!

Night filming in Helsinki. Miller Compass 20. 70-200mm F4 (wish I had 2.8 on me!)



Handheld with Samyang 24mm F1.4. Heliopan Variable ND filter, Zacuto Targer Shooter


With the lovely Sarah Estela who shot all the C300 footage for the review.




Getting skin tones…very very white skin tones!!





The camera got a lot of looks from people as it’s so unique looking





Filming in Dungeness in Kent




Getting a wide with the Sigma 8-16mm





The brand new Black Bloom Signature Edition Kessler Pocket Dolly Mini