Belfast meet up on Saturday!


I have been to Belfast many times over the years but not for some time. I am back there on Friday and Saturday for a shoot, so naturally it would be a good opportunity to get the video DSLR locals together for some networking like I try to do in every place I shoot or do a workshop in!

The meetups aren’t specifically for DSLR shooters, all are welcome. It’s purely a social thing. Meet in a nice bar have a few drinks and chat. It’s been decided to meet at the Queen’s Film theatre bar at 8pm (i will do my best to get there at that time as have to offload RED EPIC rushes first!) then if it sucks we can move on somewhere else. But at least it’s a place we can meet, sit, chat, gather etc…



  1. I’m just a beginner.. thinking of getting a video DSLR for fun really.
    OK if i come along..?
    location wise, Belfast is not exactly short of options.. Whites, Duke of York, Spaniard, Cloth Ear all great on a Sat.

    Crown is beautiful but can be touristy.

  2. Looking forward to it Phil, I’ll be there with a couple of other guys. A quiet bar location on a Saturday night in Belfast is a hard call, I’ve never visited the QFT bar, but it might be the best option for getting to sit and talk.

  3. I’ll definitely come along to that! The QFT should be quiet, but the Crown is well worth considering. Quiet is a tall order on a Saturday in Belfast.

  4. Glad you liked my suggestion of the Queens Film Theatre. It’s a great space, dedicated to independent film and theatre. The gin may not be up to scratch, but we could all head down to Muriels after!

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