Still some space in Brisbane and Adelaide! Sydney, Melbourne sold out!! Australian Video DSLR Workshop booking now!!

Booking for my Oz workshops is now live!!! More details here!


  1. Long time lurker Philip.. been following your exploits from back when you shot Kew Gardens etc (i know it well, i used to live on Richmond Hill, just near Rich. Hill Hotel!)

    Anyway, ..aha well that looks like Rode’s new condenser mic in the Aussie DSLR worskhops graphic. – that’ll be the one you were recently using (disguised) at the London mo meetup. Peter Freedman is a progressive guy, generally ahead of th curve, so it doesn’t surprise me at all that he’s brought out a new smaller mic, looks like designed specifically for DSLR’s etc judging by the size.

  2. Awesome news!! Good on the RODE guys – they really are doing great things for us at excellent prices… looking forward to seeing you in Sydney Phil… and hearing more about the new mic as well!

    How long are you in AUS for ??

    get miller to sponsor you for a bit longer so you can enjoy the beaches / sun and cold beverages even longer…

    take it easy


  3. Tasmania definitely has a market, when Andrew Lesnie came to Hobart in last May for a workshop, the venue was so full that a lot of us had to stand.

    Plus there is only an hour flight between Melbourne and Tasmania, scenery in Tasmania is quite unique.

    Kindly consider coming to Tasmania please.

  4. Phil, you’ll be very warmly welcome in Adelaide. Literally, very warmly – like, it’s usually 35° to +40°C then. But think of the advantages. You can bring more cam gear than clothing as all you’ll need is a couple lime green mankinis – for the chicks – on our great beaches. Easy.

    Are you hanging around in Adelaide a few days with that gap in dates between Melbourne and BrisVegas workshops? Can organize some parched-brown, late summer Aussie scenery for your camera if required. We can also organize spectacular sunsets, sunrises and even iconic kangaroo scenes too if needed? (coastal ‘roos here @ 0:40 –

    That’s pretty neat you managed to get Rick from Lucasfilm to come over with you too. Did you have to twist his arm much? 😉

  5. I “registered for interest” and got nothing after signing up, particularly looking at pricing.

    whatever the price may, be see you in melbourne phil!

  6. time to chuck 2 days of sickie at work! 😉
    let me know if you want any roads closed off in Sydney for your massive meet ups Philip, I’ll see if I can hook you up. Or we can just overtake the Opera House steps or Luna Park!

  7. hi philip,

    i am totally new to all this so curious if you could suggest some training to get me started so i could get the most out of the workshop in melbourne.

    cheers and hope to see you in feb

      1. already been going through those a nice fun intro.
        so can i take it that if i feel confident understanding whats going on in that series you would feel confident i could get a lot out of the melbourne workshops?

        i would just hate to have 95% of the workshop go over my head…. i’m prepared to not get 94% of it though.

        well need to go choose that new camera and get started me thinks


  8. Hey Philip,

    I study at SAE Institute, Perth. Our Alumni rep, Amy, posted in the first Australian workshop thread about setting up a workshop at the institute. If you’re interested we could definately set something up!

    Even if not for an organised workshop it would be awesome to have a meet in Perth!

    Let me know!


  9. Another Perth DSLR rookie that is disappointed you can not make it Philip. How does it work to get you here? Do we need a company or industry body to stump up the bucks or do you just need a show of interest and you guys drive it? I have 5 guys that would be there with bells on and would be happy to pay the $80/$65 bucks. I am sure it would get momentum although for this trip a bit late.

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