Video review of the Sony A7s!!!

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Philip Bloom A7s V2 1

The review is FINALLY DONE! Only 4 weeks this time, which is pretty good! There is a lot in it. Featuring footage from Brighton, Richmond, Maidstone, New York and Detroit. Used it a huge amount, including actual proper shooting jobs and in a variety of situations!

There is a very small amount of flesh on display here, not mine. Just a bit of painted topless ladies who pose for photos in New York. Might be not safe for work…captured as part of the street filming scenes.

As always with my reviews, I take my time to create the content which in turn helps me form my opinion, rather than just shoot some footage then put a review out based upon a snap judgment. Pointless.  You need time with a camera and time to truly form an opinion worth sharing. Should you listen to this opinion? Sure! Why not? Just don’t buy anything based on it, not on any one opinion… especially mine! Check out other reviews and try before you buy if you can!

If you do decide to get one the if you use any of the affiliates here (which don’t cost you a penny more) then it help fund any future reviews! They really are so financially illogical as they take so much time but I do still enjoy doing them…it’s just they take all my free time and cost a fortune! Also any use of the Vimeo Tip Jar feature is also appreciated. This can only be done through the actual Vimeo page where the video is hosted here. 


Rather than move my “Evolving review post,” I have just created a new one here and added the actual video review. The problem is the way the Facebook comment section works – if you change the publish date of a post, then all comments go! That’s crap! Especially as there are a few hundred there. So do check out the “No longer evolving review” post for loads more thoughts, photos and info!! You can download original 4k clips there too.

Below is the 9 Second abbreviated version! 






Sony A7s 4K quick test for download purposes. Cine gamma 2/ S-Log 2 from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.


Processed with VSCOcam with 4 preset


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