A superb, creative way that highlights how great convergence is…

This was sent to me today and I wanted to share it with you. It’s a wonderful way of showing how convergence is the way forward. But instead of video from a DSLR it using the RED ONE to use both for stills and video in an amazing way…


This is from Photographer Alexx Henry’s blog…

As promised, here is our experience with using the Red One Camera, chronicling our voyage beyond the still image.  Looking forward to our next project featuring living art portraits. Stay tuned… After the video, take a peek at the links to see the final results.

We’re very excited about all the possibilities with converging photography and motion. Big thanks to everyone who helped make this happen. Especially Pam, DJ and Chad over at Hallmark who championed the idea. It’s not every client who is willing to take a risk with something new and they deserve recognition for this.

Living One Sheets: Final Versions after the jump:

Living One Sheets: Final Version (may take a moment to load)

Concept #1: “Teacher’s Pet”
Concept #2: “Diplomacy!”
Concept #3: “Students Have No Class”


  1. The first season of The Tudors shown here in the states had an image of Jonathan Rhys Meyers as King Henry – a beautiful still portrait of him on the throne – then all of a sudden the eyebrow raised. If was startling everytime it ran, a great use of a similar technique.

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