We have a winner!! 5,000,000 visitor gets a free Z-Finder thanks to Steve Weiss of Zacuto and NOW a copy of Pluraleyes thanks to Bruce Sharpe!





Rubbish Critic but lovely bloke 😉


It’s  a big number and to celebrate it Steve Weiss of Zacuto, one of my site sponsors and of course my co-presenter of “CRITICS”, has generously agreed to donate a Z-Finder V2 to the lucky person! My number one choice for accessory for your HD-DSLR and runner up as product of the year of 2009 (7D won that!).

Bruce Sharpe of Singular Software has just donated a free copy of auto sound/ video syncing software for FCP and Vegas worth $150! Thanks Bruce!

IF you are the lucky one send me screen grab and your IP, location and IP address and I will be able to corroborate it with my stats! So please don’t bother doing a photoshop screen grab cheat! If the 5,000,000 person doesn’t claim then the closest person to that gets it so if you are 1,2 or 3 out email me the screen grab and details still. philip@philipbloom.co.uk. The counter display is at the bottom of every page.

Thanks for reading my blog and visiting my site. I feel very lucky to have had such a great loyal return readership from such a great bunch of people! Honestly, without the great feedback, comments and emails I get from I wouldn’t keep it going as it’s exhausting (I do it all myself)…but I really enjoy doing it and it am really happy that people think of it as such a great resource.

Of course if for some reason this all goes t*ts up due to 6000 people claiming to be 5,000,000 and my tracker software failing then I will give it away to the 10,000 comment on my blog which is also coming up very soon.


EDIT: It was a bit of a cock up. Many people couldn’t connect due to everyone hitting refresh 😉 There has been some real problems working out exactly who was the winner. I made a mistake and awarded it to Josh Bray who did get 5 mill but due to a stats quirk he wasn’t actually the real winner that was David Spitzenberger wins the Zacuto Z-Finder V2 and a copy of Pluraleyes. I told Steve Weiss of the cock up and he had very generously donated another Z-Finder to Josh who for about 4 hours thought he had won…Thanks very much Steve and enjoy your Z-Finders guys and David enjoy Pluraleyes, it’s awesome!


  1. Hope you have something like WP-Cache or Super Cache running on WordPress – this could get ugly… (imagines 10,000 visitors all refreshing the homepage at the same time).

    Just got my “Critics” hat from Zacuto. Now I just need to order that Z-Finder before my wife starts noticing all the boxes arriving on doorstep.

  2. Ok, so your website is telling me right now that I’m visitor #660. And the winner of the Zacuto is reserved for visitor #5,000,000?? Are you crazy, man? I’m glad you added the the caveat about coming up short, but I think a better contest would be to guess how far short of 5,000,000 you’ll wind up. Sorry if I’m sounding like a total prick, but it doesn’t seem at all realistic. Maybe a month-long competition to reach 5,000,000 visitors? Anyways, good luck. I hope I’m proven wrong. (Wait – the counter on your page just went backwards, now it’s saying “653”. Am I looking at the wrong counter?? It’s red and on the left side??) Ugh. – Cheers.

      1. Ah, gotcha. Did I mention that I’m a total plonker? I’m listed as visitor #4,981,562. Stellar numbers, man! How long did it take to accumulate that massive number? Kudos. I’ll keep checking back and hopefully snag that righteous Zacuto “lobe-scope”. Great site. Nice one, Philip.

  3. Hi Philip, first of all, thanks for being such an inspiration and lead the DSLR revolution. it makes a huge impact in how this little babies will develop in the future,,,,thanks to you!

    just one question, is it just one z-finder up for grubs?

    ps. ill see you in the broadcast conference in earls court in Feb! ( cant wait)

  4. Wow, just read the 10000 comments thing.

    You have your word press set to automatically require moderation for every post as well. You must get a lot of auto generated emails.

  5. Shoot! Closest I got was 5,000,085. We must have put the hurt on the server because for the longest time I was getting database connection errors. Congrats to whoever got it!

  6. Congratulations Philip, its amazing how long it took to hit the 5000000 mark, less than 1 hour, and even the database connection showed up an error when I tried to see the site. Keep up the good work. By the way do you know the dates you will be attending NAB?

  7. Congrats on 5 million, that’s very impressive indeed. I Wish I’d gotten home from school earlier, only 4500 visits off, that Z-finder would have been pretty handy for the upcoming Canon contest. Anyways, thanks for keeping up on this blog! I’m a long time lurker / first time poster, but as a broke-ass film student, your posts are very insightful and inspiring to me. Oh, and I absolutely love your work ;).

  8. Great idea of this contest, it was fun trying to get inside and then seeing a databse error, what a great demand you have for your site.

    Though I just wanted to tell you that what I have learned about Dale videography on your site is much more valuable that a z finder, I’ll kelp coming back for sure, price or no price.

    Kind regards,

  9. Wow, the prizes seem to be getting better and better.
    Wonder what the 1millionth visitor will get?

    Time to keep revisiting more and commenting more 🙂

    Thanks Philip!
    You don’t only just teach, but give too. You’re like Santa and Jesus tossed together!

  10. Phil, Congratulations on reaching 5,000,000. It’s really amazing to see how your site has evolved in just the year that I have been following you…wait that sounds a bit creepy…you know what I mean. Anyways, I can’t wait to see what you have planned for this year.



  11. Well, I am visitor 5,016,609 which we all know is very significant! As everyone knows, 5,016,609 is the exact number of grains of sand that are required to make the lens that goes in the Z-Finder! It is also the exact number if blinks between reading this blog and then getting on a plane and flying to the Zacuto head office. It also happens to be the exact amount of times you can wrap a thread of cotton (of the right length) around the PluralEyes CD. Not forgetting the famous ‘is this movie ever going to get finished’ incident which took exactly 5,016,609 takes. It also happens to be bigger the 5,000,000 which is always good.

    There. No better reason for 5,016,609 being better than 5,000,000!

  12. Big thanks to Philip and Steve for the very generous gift. I was totally ready to concede the winnings without fuss but because you are such good guys, I now have an early birthday gift on its way. You guys rock and have a fan for life! Congrats to David on being the true 5,000,000 visitor!

  13. Notice they had never been to the site before, was probably looking for a site on canon artillery and miss spelt boom!

    I suppose they could use the z-finder as an elaborate way of looking at their sat-nav, could get a mate to do it and call them the navigator and every time they look say up periscope.

  14. Hi Philip,

    So I way up all night, all morning, watching the site for two days. In the end I grabbed 6999998. and 7000002. Who’s the lucky Bastard! And what ya throwing at them?

    Since your site has taken off last summer, since your site was redesigned, I haven’t missed a beat! Not one article not one video, not one comment.

    You need to come to NYC (enough of the Mid West, West Coast stuff), you need to have the nest DSLR meeting in Central Park! Bring Len with you, I gotta buy that guy a beer and see what on his mind.

    I’m gonna be number 8,000,000 or with my luck 8,000,001.

    All the Best,


      1. Sounds good!

        When are you coming to the Big Apple with this road show of yours in any fashion? Permits from the parks department are free for all parks including Central Park, but your gonna need one. You just need some one here to organize it, yours truly. So When Ya Coming?

        Don’t you pass through New york every time you fly to the Ranch? Spend another day, Bring the family, just come!

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